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Will Munny:
I ain’t like that no more. I ain’t the same, Ned. Claudia, she
straightened me up, cleared me of drinkin’ whiskey and all. Just ’cause
we’re goin’ on this killing, that don’t mean I’m gonna go back to bein’
the way I was. I just need the money, get a new start for them
youngsters. Ned, you remember that drover I shot through the mouth and
his teeth came out the back of his head? I think about him now and
again. He didn’t do anything to deserve to get shot, at least nothin’ I
could remember when I sobered up.

Ned Logan:
You were crazy, Will.

Will Munny:
Yeah, no one liked me. Mountain boys all thought I was gonna shoot ’em out of pure meanness.

Ned Logan:
Well, like I said, you ain’t like that no more.

Will Munny:
That’s right. I’m just a fella now. I ain’t no different than anyone else no more.

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