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• Wolverine has to track down a boy on a rampage before he does the unthinkable!

Story by Paul Cornell
Art by Alan Davis & Mark Farmer
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, Matt Hollingsworth, & Mike Deodato

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. The first issue was pretty solid in my opinion. A slightly different tone by Cornell and, of course, the plot is incredibly bizarre. Of course I’m staying for the Alan Davis art too.

  2. I usually don’t like Wolverine. But, him, alone, in his own series without having to grunt at anyone else? Loved issue 1. So much so I picked up a variant in the store today.

    So, I’m someone that can’t stand Wolverine who looks forward to Wolverine #2. There’s your endorsement.

  3. This was a weird issue…..I mean a REALLY WEIRD issue.

    I honestly don’t think Paul Cornell knows how to write Wolverine cause I have never seen this type of Wolverine before. He says things that makes no sense and suddenly has catchphrases. He randomly drinks a hobo’s concoction with no set up and no explanation (he even says so!) The alien plot is pure Cornell since it’s bizarre and has no explanation so far (just like his Doctor Who episodes). All of this with the great art by Alan Davis really made this issue stand out. Seriously I cannot stress just how bizarre this issue is and this series as a whole so far. But that’s why I’ve fallen in love with it.

    5/5 (POTW)

  4. Reading this comic is like watching a movie with the mute button on. Alan Davis makes it look beautiful but the story is completely unappealing.

  5. I have to agree, this is just weird. But its growing on me. I feel that a fresh new take on Logan is needed. Besides, we can read any of the other books that Wolverine is in to get the usual treatment.

  6. What the hell just happened? Why the hell did he just drink a homeless dude’s weird chest butter? What the hell was that gun doing to Wolverine? What the hell….

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