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  1. We are in the home stretch.  Oddly, I’m most looking forward to the Superman strip.  Not because it is good (it isn’t), but because I want to know if the "I GOT YOU!" word balloon was really misplaced.

  2. I hope we finish off the periodic table in Metamorpho. I really do like the halogens and noble gasses.

  3. 4 issues left! Can’t believe it. Bring on the Periodic Table.

    @stuclach Looking at it again, I’m certain you’re right. It just doesn’t follow logically for him to suddenly figure it out in the midst of being tackled without any indication to the reader. 

  4. I want to see bunch of lions and apes beating on each other.  Bring it Sook.  Bring it.

  5. @redlibertyx: I hope he shows the other side too. Cause in the strip Metamorpho did say:

    "Hold on babe, we still got another side of the chart to do".

    I have a feeling a good amount of the strips here are going to be action packed. Cause last week a lot of them seem to set up for something big.

  6. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and I’m curious on what you guys think.

    Does this concept work for other companies? Like would this work for Marvel, or Image, or even Dark Horse? I don’t think the legacies of the characters in other companies are as experimental like DC characters. Like if I read a Punisher strip, an X-Men strip, and an Avengers strip all in one comic….I think I would be more annoyed. Then you add in the majority of ‘blah’ coloring/inking by the company. This would probably not work as an art showcase like this is.

    So does anyone think this could work for other places? Or should this always be a DC staple?

  7. @TNC-It could work anywhere.  It doesn’t really have to do with the legacy of the characters all that much I think.  I mean, how many people pickin this up really cared about Kamandi, Deadman and Adam Strange before this?  I knew of them, but would not have thought of them as characters that I wanted to read about.  Its a credit to the creators that this idea even worked for DC.  If handled improperly, we could have gotten a bunch of Wonder Woman-type stories.

  8. @drake: I just don’t think Marvel characters work for this type of thing. They are much different then what DC does with their work. A Spider-Man strip would be boring because splitting a story up in 16 parts would break flow for me.

  9. @TNC-Hmmm, I don’t really understand your arguement for why it works here and not with Marvel.  How would a 16 part Spidey story flow differently that would make it not work? 

  10. @drake: Cause Spider-Man is free flowing and him in action is hetic at most. If you slow him down to 16 strips then it would be boring to read. Like the first four parts would just be him flipping in the air and fighting some guys. Then the next four would be the same…a simple fight with thugs turns into something boring and complex

  11. @TNC-well…they were able to do it with the Flash. and if they can do it for him, they can do it for anybody

  12. I think this format could work for just about any character in just about any setting.  If they can make Hawkman on Dinosaur Island fit in this format and still be interesting, then just about anything could work.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Marvel roll out something similar in the near future.

    @TNC – I think the bright colors of Spider-Man would look beautiful in this format.  Just imagine a John Romita Jr. Spidy that is roughly a square foot in size.  I think you are correct that these strips could be boring (see the Superman strip), but I think that is more dependent on the writer/artist team, than the character.  If you had me writing and Philip Tan doing the art in a strip featuring the most compelling character on earth, it would still be awful, but if you had Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely do a strip featuring the Smurfs it would probably be enjoyable.


  13. @TNC,Drake,Stu Well, actually look at the general consensus of what strips are great: Kamandi, Deadman, Strange Adventures, Metamorpho, Hawkman and Flash. While we all disagree about the other’s I haven’t heard Batman, SUperman, Wonder Woman or Green Lantern compared to these other features. And those are 4 of the 5 name DC characters. I think the format works for characters who aren’t given the spotlight. TNC has a point in saying Spider-Man wouldn’t work in only 16 pages. Not just because of motion, but because we’ve seen with these other strips that it’s not character specific enough (Batman), too novel (Wonder Woman), a bland story to fit the page requirements (Green Lantern) or just plan bad (Superman). Now, this isn’t to say that with different teams these strips wouldn’t be better regarded, but it is a bit damning that the best strips here are the second- and third-tier characters.

    This could easily work at Marvel (as long as it featured characters who don’t regularly get featured), Image or DH. Heck, IDW could put out one featuring a short story of each of their licensed properties. In all honesty, they just need to make sure the story is long enough for 16 pages (and vice versa short enough); that they’re written as strips and not as 16 pages of a comic; that the art, story tone and coloring are varied enough that each strip looks the same. 

  14. @Prax-You do a far better job of backing up your arguement than TNC 😉

    I still think that this would work for top characters though.  I think one of the problems may be that DC is afraid to take as many chances with those strips.  With Superman, they have it featured in the newspaper.  So they want it to look flashy, to give people what they expect from a comic.  Same goes for the other main characters you listed.  Nothing really different in terms of using the whole page layout to their advantage.  Deadman and Metamorpho have had some really interesting layouts that really take full use of the format, and I think that that is something that should be considered in order to make other characters work.  Making one big Superman splash page just doesn’t cut it.  

    I have several ideas in my head of a few cool Spidey layouts with webbing all over the place.  Now if only I could actually draw 🙁

  15. Well a comic strip with Romita Jr. art does sound tempting.

    I don’t know, there just seems to be better artists working for DC then Marvel. I don’t think Marvel has enough good artists to put into a thing like this. Unless you want Greg Pak or Clayton Crain in a Marvel strip.

  16. @PraxJarvin – I would argue that Flash is an A lister and that his strip has been interesting.  It would be interesting if they tried to put out something like this without any big characters as anchors.  I don’t think it would have had nearly as many pulls.  I think the big names are ripe for this treatment if they are appropriately written.

    @drakedangerz – I would love to see those Spidey layouts.  I would also pay to read a Doom 12 parter in this format. 

  17. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Spidey CURRENTLY a Newspaper comic strip and has been so for over 30 years?  So much for it not working in that format. 

    The question is why wouldn’t Marvel work in a Sunday Comics format and there is really no legitimate reason why it couldn’t,

  18. @TNC Marvel doesn’t have good artists?! Salvador LaRocca, David Finch, Stuart Immoen, Dale Eaglesham, Sean Chen, Terry & Rachel Dodson, Mitch and Elizabeth Breitweiser, Oliver Copiel, Steve Epting, Jim Cheung, Mike Choi, Billy Tan.

    @Drake Oh, I don’t doubt that they could be better. Or that a Spidey strip could work. But I do think it would mostly be really pretty Spider-Man fights. Which is cool, but I can see Spidey going the same route as GL here. It’s a stock rehashing. 

  19. @Stuclach I noted that Flash was one of the best. It may not be clear but I said "4 of 5 the name DC characters" have mediocre to bad strips. 

    @Hawkboy It’s only circulating in 8 papers at the moment. As well, doing a daily (or is it Sunday only) 4-5 panel strip is a different beast than creating a full page strip. Some of the stories in that strip are week-long affairs. And the art, from what I recall, is more in line with 60s Marvel art than say a JRjr or Todd McFarlane. As well, Stan Lee and Lee Lieber have been writing it for the strip medium for those 30 years. My biggest issue with a majority of the stories in Wednesday Comics (including some of the great ones) is that they’re not strips. They’re pages. It’s a subtle difference, and I’m not suggesting every one should end in a cliff-hanger. But some of the strips lack closure from the first panel to the last.

  20. @everyone Leaving aside whether or not it would work, who would you guys like to see in a Marvel version of this?  I like the idea of a Spider-man and Mary Jane book, Ant-Man or Wasp would be fun to read, a Jarvis strip could be funny, KaZar could be cool…  That’s just off the top of my head.

    Also, I hate to say it, but i’ve actually enjoyed Wonder Woman the last two weeks.

  21. @magnum240-as stuclach stated, I would love to see a Doom version of this.  Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Franklin Richards, The Thing & Hulk, Runaways, and Iron Fist would be very cool ones to me.

  22. @PraxJarvin – I thought you were referring to Hawkman.  I guess that is pretty indicative of how far the Flash has fallen in my opinion over the last few years (or how biased I am towards Hawkman).

    @magnum240 – I would love to see a Doom strip from Remender and Leinil Yu.  Imagine the fun Remender would have with that character.  Imagine the size of Mr. Fantastic’s chin if Yu drew him on a page that size.  Colossal.

  23. @stuclach Hawkman is definitely not an A-List character. I’m pretty even Green Arrow ranks higher than him. (DC’s top Seven being Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Maritan Manhunter and Aquaman/Green Arrow depending on one or the other’s death.)

    @Magnum Hmm… I would say you’d have to pick stories that lend themselves to pulps so:

    Daredevil (A noir-ish take), Spider-Man (with JRjr type art), Luke Cage: Hero for Hire (Bendis?), Captain America (Pre-Bucky WWII story), Fantastic Four (Kirby-esque), Havok and the Starjammers (A fun, sci-fi romp), Silver Surfer (to finally do something with the character), Nova (With DnA), Ms. Marvel, Iron Man (Cold War story), Black Widow (Cold War story… maybe a double story with iron Man.)

  24. @Prax:

    LaRocca-His work looks like crap. If he’s not referencing to a celebrity for his male leads then the faces look like silly putty.

    Finch-Did you see how inconsistent his arc on Ultimatium was?

    Immoen-2nd rate Mark Bagley at best.


    Dodsons-You’ve been reading Uncanny X-Men right?


    Eaglesham, Breitweisers, Copiel, Epting, Cheung-Forgot about them. So there’s five strips you could do right now.

    I would like to see a Captain America strip with Brubaker/Epting. Or a Namor story with Peter Milligan and the Breitweisers.

  25. @TNC Have you seen LaRocca’s run on Iron Man? No more celebrity references and the characters look awesome. I’ve been a fan of his since X-Treme X-Men. Not a fan of his celeb faces. Didn’t touch Ultimatum with a stick, I’ll take your word for it. Immonen?! Two words NEXT WAVE. You’re hating on Chen? See late Heroes Reborn Iron Man, DR: Fantastic Four. The Dodsons have been doing excellent work on Uncanny. I never understood they hate lobbed at them. I can understand not liking Tan or Choi. 

  26. Art is not my strong suit, but let me help you out PraxJarvin:



    Tommy Lee Edwards


    Jae Lee



    Sean Phillips 

  27. Also McGuinness, Kubert, Churchill, Adams, and Romita.

  28. *sees above posts* Jesus, how did I forget all of these names? I must have brain damage or something.

    Okay so Marvel does have more then enough artists to do a version of this. I’m sorry, I just didn’t think there was enough quality talent wise to do a knock off of this.

  29. @PraxJarvin – You think Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman all outrank Hawkman?  You are probably right, meaning that I am even more biased than I thought.  

    Speaking of Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman, I would love to see them got a shot in Wednesday comics Vol. 2.

    I also really like the your Daredevil suggestion. I think a story that focuses on his rogues and includes enough action (while completely ignoring his whiny/sad recent history) would be excellent in this format.  The Silver Surfer idea is also solid.

    I am going to stay out of the artist discussion because art isn’t my forte and certainly isn’t the top consideration for me when evaluating a book.

  30. I think a Marvel Wednesday Comics would be pretty awesome — so would an Image version. I don’t know what properties Dark Horse actually owns on its own that it could use, since I tend to think of them as the "licensed property" publisher.  I actually think it’d be really smart if the smaller publishers, like Boom! or Red 5 collaborated on a similar project to show off their lesser known but no less awesome properties. Atomic Robo, for instance, would be perfect for this format.

  31. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    This series introduced me to Deadman, and now I hear Guillermo del Toro plans to make a film version.

  32. Highlights:

    Lions have got the turrets! Spanish Metamorpho telling us to Suck it! Hawkman up against a T.Rex! Best strip of the week with Flash had a great homage to other comic strips!


    Wonder Woman….of course. Sgt. Rock/Demon and the Cat….slow moving and bored to tears by it.

  33. Oh god. Did you SEE that Kamandi logo? I think inappropriate thoughts about that logo.

  34. You know them. You love them. You can’t live without them.

    Prax’s Patent Ratings:

    The Great: Kamandi (Lions! On TURRETS! Awesome strip. My third favorite strip this week.); Deadman (It’s been knocking it out of the park.); Metamorpho (There are two Gods and their names are Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred.); Strange Adventures (Just an awesome story. Can’t say more.); Supergirl (Cute, fun and awesome.); Flash (Beautiful! Fantastic!); Hawkman (Awesome one-liners in this one. But I’ve been expecting this since we saw the preview, so it lacks a bit.)

    The Good: Batman (Really stepping it up at the end here. Tired of the overused DKR shadow punch, though. It still doesn’t strike me as BATMAN though.); Metal Men (Decent. Stalling a bit.); Demon/Catwoman (If just for the awesome Stelfreeze panel of the Demon);

    The Mediocre: Green Lantern (Really cant groove to this for some reason); 

    The Bad: Superman (So last week’s word ballon was in the right place. Also, apparently the moral of this story is that Clark doesn’t doubt himself. Yawn. Boring.); Teen Titans (Tim Drake doesn’t doubt himself just because Dick is in the room. Also… why has Tim’s text box been blue this whole time? Why not red or yellow?); Wonder Woman (Standard sized panels really showoff the great art. A shame the story doesn’t shine);  Sgt. Rock (Groan at the hackneyed dialogue); 

  35. @Stuclach Yeah, I hate to seem like I’m coming down on your favorite, but Hawkman is far from a top-tier DC character. Certainly important. I consider myself pretty well versed in DC, but I never encountered/heard about the character until I started picking up JSA in 2002. Everyone else, I mentioned I knew. (Thanks that really good set of DC trading cards from the early 90s with the grey borders!) So yeah. I would say unless they were a key player on Superfriends. (Not that Martian Manhunter was, but you get my point.)

    @TNC Wow. Umm. There’s no easy way to say this but… that’s not Spanish. It’s Latin. Algon is the Metamorpho from Roman times. 

  36. This Kamandi strip has become a very fitting tribute to the creativity of Jack Kirby.  Reading that strip makes me proud to be comic book reader.

    Mr. Gaiman and Mr. Allred are having more fun playing in this format than I have ever seen from any creators in any format.  They are a perfect match for a project like this and it shows.

    The concept/approach in this week’s Flash strip was one of the coolest things I have seen done with this format.  Very interesting method.  It really conveys the sense of confusion and disorder that Barry seems to be experiencing.

    @PraxJarvin – The only strip I disagree with you on is Supergirl.  This strip just felt too damn verbose. Up until this issue I had planned on reading that strip to my girls, but they would fall asleep listening to the solar flares explanation. 

    In the next issue I get to see Hawkman hit a T-Rex in the face with an nth-metal mace.  How could I say no to that? 

  37. I….I knew that was Latin….*shifts eyes*

  38. @stuclach As we all know Kamandi is a Jack Kirby classic BUT I would have to say more than anything this strip is more of a love letter to the great Hal Foster via Mr. Kirby’s wonderful characters.


    @praxjarvin I’m not sure I agree with you on some of your points here Prax (Though for the record you and I usually see eye to eye).  A strip is a strip and these Wednseday comics aren’t something innovative, or new or really any different then the Spider-man daily. 

    One only has to read some Caniff (Probably the greatest of all the Comic strip creators) to see you don’t need to end on a cliffhanger to have a good weekly, or daily, strip… and Caniff did both with all his great stories. I’m not sure, but wasn’t Spider-Man was both daily and weekend at the strips height as well?  And whatever the circulation is now, It’s been going for over 30 years so Marvel Characters DO work in that format.  All you need is a good writer and almost any character can work weekly or daily. Now excuse me I haven’t finished reading my Judge Parker for today…  He’s no Rex Morgan M.D. but he’s okay!

  39. @Hawkboy Again, I never said it wouldn’t work for Marvel. As well, I conceded not every strip needs to end on a cliff-hanger. But say, the Batman story here doesn’t move at the same pace as any of the others. And it’s because it feels like it’s supposed to be something read in one sitting, not over 12 weeks. I was just saying that from this experiment of DC’s the best strips have been the ones for second- and third-tier characters, for many of the reasons Stu and Drake had mentioned. Think about doing Bendis’ USM in strips. It wouldn’t work, or it would end up looking like Wonder Woman!

    As for a strip being a strip… this is a page long strip. There are slightly different dynamics at play. Think about a Peanuts strip, it has to work differently over a full page instead of just 4-5 panels. Pacing, storytelling, design and how it will or will not continue change because of the change in format. Sure they share a majority of the same conceits, but there are different considerations that need to be made in the design and construction.

  40. What’s better than a lion operating a turret on the back of a Jeep?  Nothing.

  41. OK, the Flash page was better than a lion operating a turret…but nothing else!

  42. Did anyone catch Mole Man from Marvel comics in the Flash comic? I swear towards the end of the strip I see him in one of the black/white homages in the background.

  43. @praxjarvin granted, given the Peanuts example you are right of course but I did mean Adventure strip as opposed to a gag strip and I should have been clearer, sorry.  So having said that an Adventure strip whether it be full page or not is essentially the same thing.  Again I cite Caniff for examples on how it was done with great success both ways. I do disagree with you though as I still believe if you write a strip WELL you could do any character in this format.  You just have to understand it is a different format and work from there. 

    And as you’ve pointed out the Wonder Woman team is having trouble with this idea and is failing.  I certainly don’t believe that Wonder Woman as a concept can’t work in this format.  It is interesting to note that more successful strips are aping classic strips a bit more closely in their story telling style.  Kamandi is essentially an homage to Prince Valiant, Adam Strange owes much to Raymonds Flash Gordon (Maybe even more so Buck Rogers?), heck I even get a slight ‘Apartment 3-G’  feel from the Flash!!!  I might be off on this one but Metamorhpho reminds me of an old Adventure strip from the Beano!!!  Again I might be off on these but it’s what I get from them anyhow.  Your mileage may certainly vary and I always like your take on things whether we agree or not.

  44. If anything Wednesday Comics introducing to readers like me (who are only in their early to mid twenties) the idea of a full page comic strip since the last time one was regularly printed full page was in the late seventies (Prince Valiant). It’s a brilliant and nifty format and I kind of thing it should be on the rebound. I mean it’s perfectly natural that they were going to copy the styles of successful story and format ideas, since this format hasn’t really existed and is explicitly trying to capture a "nostalgic" feeling.

  45. @Hawkboy – I am ashamed to admit that I am completely unfamiliar with Hal Foster and Prince Valiant.  I know they exist(ed), but not more.  Of to Wikipedia for some enlightenment.

  46. A late note on the ‘Marvel artists’ conversation between Prax and TNC.  Does it even matter who Marvel has in their stable?  Virtually none of the artists in Wednesday comics are DC artists.  I’m sure Marvel could assemble a similar level of talent.

  47. @magnum It’s about 50/50, no? I agree with you, though. I was just illustrating that marvel has a body of artists, to pull from, which TNC didn’t think was the case.

    @hawkboy Very valid points. Of course Valiant did influence Kirby in doing Kamandi and The Demon, so I can see that. I have to admit to being perplexed by your making a distinction between gag and adventures strips and then being okay with lumping a strip and a page-long comic together. I’ll refer you to Benoit Peeters on why there is a difference. Or issue 1 of Comic Book Comics.

  48. @praxJarvin  Hey Prax!  Well to clarify what I mean is, if an adventure strip can work daily it can work in a full page.  It’s all down to the writer.  There is no huge difference between the two formats that is so drastically different to prevent a character working one way but not the other.  As I said it was done all the time wit Terry and the Pirates and such.  Also, while I’m sure Foster was an influence on Kirby I was really meaning the Kamandi Strip by Gibbons and Sook is a direct homage in it’s total style to the Prince Valiant strip.

  49. Well considering what I read as my pick this week; Strange Tales #1. A Wednesday Comics for Marvel can certainly work. Hell just use the same team from the comic to do their version of it.

    How awesome would it be to see a Spider-Man strip done by Jason for 12 weeks?

  50. Wonder Woman has really picked up the pace over the last couple of weeks. It hasn’t intrigued me so much since the first issue. I’m losing connection with Metamorpho since they’ve almost completely separated themselves from the story for the sake of this silliness. Now, it isn’t horrible, but I was one of those people looking forward to a Metamorpho story and not just fun and games. I know both of these are unpopular opinions. I don’t care.

    Supergirl and Kamandi are still my favorites, but I think this week’s Flash page was the single best page so far in all of the issues. I’m *this* close to buying another copy to frame

  51. @Noto I totally agree with you on the Flash page. While I have really liked some of the pages so far, that one seems the most suitable for framing.

  52. the flash strip was pretty awesome this week

  53. How cool was the Flash this week.  I’ve never seen anything like that.  In the beginning of this series, I thought the Supergirl strip was one of the weakest.  But it’s becoming one of the strongest the past few issues.

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