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  1. The Great: Yadda friggen yadda

    The Good: Mumble, fricken fracken

    The Mediocre: Blah, bloody blah. oh for fuc…!

    The Bad: Sigh… you know, whatever

  2. You sunk my battle ship!

  3. he he

  4. I want Gorillas with guns in this!

  5. clever

  6. I want Metamorpho Sudoku!

  7. You know what would be a great strip?

    Grant Morrison writing Jimmy Olsen. I love his Olsen in All Star Superman and continuing his adventures with this comic strip would be a great thing.

  8. @TNC – That may just be the best idea you’ve ever had. Fund it!

  9. How about a Vicki Vale feature in the next one?

  10. I want the Aquaman from the Supergirl strip to have his own feature. That’d be awesome.

  11. DAMMIT! I knew I should’ve said Metamorpho Periodic Table of Elements! BRILLIANT!

  12. I just learned the Periodic Table thanks to Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred! That was the best strip of the week.

  13. @TNC-Indeed.  That was sweet sweet comic goodness

  14. @drake: It was goodness, but epic fail on my part. Apparently I gave this a ‘2’ by accident on the stars.

    *plays ‘Wha-Wha’ music*

  15. @TNC-haha, just un-pull it and do it over again.  I think iFanboy needs to make it easier to change your rating on a book, cuz I have done that at least 5 times already.

  16. So sad that this is almost over.

  17. That misplaced word balloon in the Superman strip was unfortunate.  I wonder if they fixed that before it went up on USAToday?

  18. Huh? What misplaced word balloon???

  19. @magnum Trust me, the misplaced word ballon wasn’t the only problem with it. 😉

  20. It’s that time again (I don’t care what Edward says!). I want to note that I’ve given this issue a 4/5.

    The Great:Kamandi (It was colored a little too dark, but this was fantastic. My second favorite.); Deadman (Awesome stuff. Coming into its own); Metamorpho (Brilliant. Just brilliant. My favorite); Strange Adventures (I love the comedic conceit and play with time.); Supergirl (Hysterical!); Flash (Awesome Silver Age fun); Hawkman (It’s dino time!)

    The Good: Batman (A step up. This felt more together. However, I feel it lacks a distinct Batman feeling.); Metal Men (Getting a little boring now, but still a solid story); The Demon and Catwoman (Finally hitting it’s stride);

    The Medicore: Green Lantern (This seems a lot like Spider-Man and Man-Wolf); 

    The Bad: Superman (Watch Superman doubt himself and fail! Misplaced word ballon a bonus); Teen Titans (I really wish Robin would get over it and stop doubting himself); Wonder Woman (tried reading it, stopped); Sgt. Rock (Looks so good);  

  21. @Prax: I’m pretty sure the catchphrase for Batman is "Gimmie some sugah baby" 🙂

  22. @Prax-By ranking The Demon and Catwoman above Green Lantern, you insult me.  Have at thee!

  23. @Prax: Yeah, how is it the Demon/Cat is better then GL at this point? GL isn’t as good as it should be but it’s way better then that story.

  24. @TNC I guess if you like unsubtle rehashes of Man-Wolf, with banal dialogue and hasn’t moved forward in 8 issues, I guess it’s better? I like original stories that try to do something different. I’ve consistently placed Demon/Cat ahead of GL throughout this run. 

  25. If you are referring to the "I GOT YOU!" word balloon in the Superman strip, I don’t think it is misplaced.  I think this strip pretty clearly shows that he just figured out that the aliens who are able to project "words" into his mind are also projecting doubt and a sense of rejection/isolation.  SHOCKER!  Apparently, Supes is a bit slow on the uptake in Arcudi’s opinion.  I’m fairly certain the "I GOT YOU!" is Superman telling the hideous alien that he has figured out their game and is about to throw down Kryptonian style. The big smile on Superman’s face is a dead giveaway.

  26. @stuclach He’s smiling? I thought he was crying out. If is in the right place… that’s some really lazy writing. "I’ll just have him figure it out after being tackled."

  27. @Prax – I could absolutely be wrong, but there are only like 5 balloons on that page, so it would require some really, really lazy editing to have that turn out wrong.  Right before he gets tackled he thinks: "It started in Metropolis, with that first alien.  When he spoke to–" I think he figured it out right there.  He then gets tackled and shouts out "I GOT YOU!".  Again, I might be wrong, but that is how I interpreted it when I read it.

  28. @Prax/stuclach: I don’t believe it’s an error either. I totally think that Superman is smiling because he knows what the aliens are doing to him. Considering that:

    A) There are only five word balloons (that would be ridiculous of an error with only 5 balloons)

    B) We only have 4 issues to go so he’s gotta have the upper hand.

    But we’ll know on Wednesday

  29. @prax: no, mate, i was just joshing. i like your commentary

  30. Paul Pope is owning this. I want a full series of Adam Strange. Wonder Woman is a tad verbose…and by "tad" I mean, it’s almost unreadable.

    I’m also amazed at how well the painted look (be it digital or not)  of Superman is reproducing on the newsprint. Very contrasty, nice range of value. 

    that’s it. 

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