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  1. I only wish that Wonder Woman wasn’t so hard to read. I feel that, that specific strip brings down my opinion of the whole package a bit. But to break up the monotony of our discussion on what strips are good or not, what’s your dream lineup for next year’s Wednesday Comics?


  2. I like the one with the dog in the hot air balloon, and that tiger guy and all those big rats. 😀

  3. @Simmons: Me too!  Too bad he hasn’t had his own series in decades!  I’d definitely HAVE TO check it out if they did!

  4. @miyamotofreak  I don’t know if you meant characters or creators, but i’d like to see Aquaman and maybe a Lois Lane strip could be interesting.

  5. Same as usual, I’ll be back on track with you guys next week.

    I would love to see a Plastic Man strip if they do this again. Have Mike Allred again do the art duties for that.

  6. I’m losing interest in this already. I’m hoping this issue pulls me back in.

    I would vote for an Alfred story and a Jonah Hex story for the next one if they do it again.

  7. Dream strips? Oh boy… Here we go

    60s Style Batman story (Allred art?!); Epic Superman/Lex story, iconic Wonder Woman in costume and fighting her rogues; as well as continuations of some of the current strips like Kamandi & Strange Adventures. Kon-El strip (Dan Didio?).

  8. dream strip = doom patrol.

    runners-up – legion, jimmy olsen, golden age stuff in-period (ie jay garrick, alan scott, dr fate…)

  9. dream strip = watching TNC slowing disrobe

    I don’t want to be totally negative but why am i buying this?

    Say something positive, say something positive…. i like the Kamandi strip, i suppose


  10. Dream strips: Doom Patrol sounds awesome. Morrison returns to it with Frank Quietly art.

    -Jonah Hex sounds awesome again. Not sure about writer, maybe just give it to Kyle Baker. (Loving Hawkman)

    -Spirit with Darwyn Cooke back.

    -Contiuation of Kamandi and Strange Adventures.

    -JSA with James Robinson and Mark Buckingham.

    -Clark Kent/Superboy with Bill Willingham and Chris Samee 

  11. I hope they do a Wednesday Comics volume two next Summer!  They should make it bigger for $4.99, I’d pay it for like five more strips of something.

    I would definitely be down for an Alfred story too!  How about Batgirl? Batwoman? The Joker? Lex Luthor? I’m not really into Jonah Hex but I think he’d fit right in too.  And Superboy would be cool too.

    Shit, they might as well just keep doing it every year.  Screw digital comics.  I’d rather have these anyday.

  12. For my dream lineup I’d like to see anything by Darwyn Cooke, I think he could do it really well, also I’d like to see a Dr. Fate but I’m not sure by who, Jonah Hex would be nice, and I think a Lois Lane/Jimmy Olsen page would be a awesome.

    I do find that I might wait for trade on this though, because I’m afraid that if I stick with it, I’ll just double dip and get the trade/oversized special hardcover for this series. I’m not a huge fan of newsprint, but the art is keeping me from just straight up tradewaiting.

  13. @edward: Hey there…..slow down….I got a webcam for that.

    Thinking about it more, I really really want a Plastic Man strip. In fact, where the hell is Plastic Man? I know he’s in JLA right now but where’s the on going for that guy?

  14. @TNC: what?

  15. Dreams strips for vol 2 if it comes out: 

    WWII Wonder Wonder kicking evil Nazi butt

    Black Adam & Isis done like the Flash/Iris strips

    Green Arrow & Green Lantern road trip strip

    The Shade

    Krypto the superdog

    All Star Squadron/Freedom Fighters

    Aquaman, but only if it’s the Brave and the Bold cartoon version 



  16. OH MY GOD!! Is it Wednesday yet?

  17. Dream Strip:

    Challengers of the Uknown

    Kirby’s New Gods

    Ambush Bug

  18. Dream Strip:

    Conor and Josh reenacting the strip tease scene from True Lies.  H@WT!!

  19. @drakedangerz My mind… I need bleach. And wet naps.

  20. Dream Strips:

    Mr.Mxyzptlk & Bat-Mite by Evan Dorkin

    Robin The Boy Wonder written by Chuck Dixon & Scott Beatty and drawn by Dean Trippe

    Doom Patrol by Mike Allred

    Batgirl written by Terry Moore and drawn by Jamie McKelvie

    Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson written by James Robinson and drawn by Cliff Chang

    Aquaman written by Paul Dini and drawn by Phil Noto

    Inferior Five written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Amanda Conner

    Man-Bat written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz

    Captain Marvel written by Joe Kelly and drawn by Kevin Maguire

    Mister Miracle by Jim Steranko 

    The Creeper written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Jill Thompson





  21. @WintheWonderboy: You win. I would love to see a Mxyzptlk/Bat-Mite strip in the worst way

  22. Quite enjoyable.

  23. I’m joining the outcry for an Alfred story, great call.  I’m fading fast on this series, though.  Too bad, I was so jazzed on the concept.

  24. I thought this was, once again, excellent.  I’m glad Metamorpho finally changed things up a bit.  Kamandi and Strange Adventurs continue to rule.  Hawkman took a weird turn.

  25. Not sure how I feel about this issue on the whole. I want to say 4/5. Anyway… We’re getting a little more stratified here. More strips in the "bad" category this time around, but the great strips are getting better.

    Prax’s Patented Ratings

    The Great: Kamandi (Beautiful. Best of the issue.); Deadman (Hitting it’s stride); Metamorpho (Changing things up again. A bit less novel, probably fourth best this issue.); Strange Adventures (Second best, continues to wow); Flash (Brilliant. Third best of the issue); Hawkman (There we go. Worth it just for the last line.)

    The Good: Supergirl (Continues to be lighthearted fun); Metal Men (Continues to be lighthearted fun)

    The Mediocre: Batman (more of the same, unnecessary/overplayed Bruce’s shadow is Batman trope); Green Lantern (The noses and foreheads in this book are annoying me. Hal looks a bit like Harrison Ford here); Demon & The Cat Woman (Enjoyable, but I think we missed a step here.)

    The Bad: Superman (So… this is Returns?); Teen Titans (Jaws!? That Ashton Kutcher/Costner EMT movie!?); Wonder Woman (Really cool layout choices, but I ultimately got bored and stopped reading); Sgt. Rock (Enjoying it for the Art isn’t doing it any favors. Sorry, Joe.)

  26. Enjoyed this one more than the others. Maybe because most of the stories are gearing up for their second act but the wonder woman one is still terrible

  27. @Prazx-yeah, Superman is really getting more and more confusing.  Its now staring to look like the writer doesn’t really have a grasp on the character.  Also agree about Sgt. Rock.  I love the art, but not much new happens every week.  It needs to progress beyond him getting beat up and his team walking around.

    Hawkman’s last line was fantastic

  28. Great as always. Didn’t like wonder women at all when I first read it but when I read the second issue I left wonder women until the end and came back to it later in the day and something clicked, I’m really enjoying it now.

    I think WW reads so differently to the others it can be jarring after reading something like Metamorpho say.

  29. I’d love to see a Jonah Hex strip drawn by Darwyn Cooke, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen, GL Corp, Ambush Bug, Superboy, and an Arkham Asylum strip.



    Ben Caldwell has annotations for the wonder woman strip. 

  31. sorry I don’t know how to link things.

  32. I’m still loving Kamandi, Deadman, Adam Strange, Metal Men, Flash & Hawkman.  I find the rest to be a little boring.  They better pick up in next issue, or I may drop this series.

  33. Metamorpho turned around well in this issue. I actually even enjoyed this issue’s Wonder Woman chapter, which is a first.

    I’m digging most things, except for Titans. My favs so far are Supergirl and Kamandi

  34. I’m still really enjoying Kamandi.  The Batman part is still fun too.  Superman’s story slowed down a bit but the art is looking amazing.  The Green Lantern installment seems to have gotten a little more interesting, but the rest of the stuff seemed to be lacking a little bit this week.  Not lacking enough to drop it or anything, but it just seemed like the first three issues were a lot more fun for me (in my opinion).  I hope things pick up a little next week because if they get worse, I’m gonna spend my $4 elsewhere.

  35. I think Kamandi is amazing. I want to read the old originals now as well as the Prince Valiant stuff it appears to be mimicking. I still believe that the Deadman/Green Lantern two pages are the single two most complementary pages in terms of art and storyline.


    Now, if I were to put together the next Wednesday Comics, I’d have to go with the following strips: 

    Green Arrow

    Captain Marvel

    Swamp Thing (It’s a DC property, yeah?)

    Anthro (We had a Kamandi comic, why not the exact opposite?)

    A Lois Lane/Jimmy Olsen page like the Flash/Iris Allen page.


    A Justice Society of America (But with the funny, like Supergirl)

    Elongated Man 

    The Rogues (by Geoff Johns if we can grab him from writing the entire damn DC universe)

    Doom Patrol


    The Forever People 


    Brave and the Bold (Batman and GL team-up maybe?)

    Artemis (under Sensation Comics banner) 

  36. @redibertyx Nice list.

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