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  1. YES! I cant wait. I am SO digging this!!

  2. fo sho.  The one-shot and first issues were fantastic.  I am really excited for this series

  3. Looking forward this. An event I can get behind. But please, more Havok!

  4. Cosmo from Gotg vs Lockjaw…..thats what needs to happen.

  5. I couldn’t get that enthused about the first issue of this, I think I’ll wait for the trade.  Maybe by the time I’m caught up with Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, which I plan to do before too long, this will mean more to me.

  6. Nova and GotG don’t really have much to do with the war currently.  If you want to read some great stories go read all of the Empeor Vulcan X-Men stuf.  Nova and the GotG are just getting involved in the original X-Men story.

  7. I would actually say to avoid the Brubaker Empeor Vulcan story in Uncanny. The minis after that were good, but the Uncanny stuff was just way too drawn out. A 12 part story that could have been made better by being a 5 or 6 issue story.

  8. I’ve actually read all the X-men stuff, I just don’t have much interest in following that story anymore. 

  9. Sounds like a good old Silver Surfer saga with all his old enemies and allies waging their war on each other I think I’ll consider of getting me a copy of this comic book.

  10. This was amazing.  Talking heads, but quite possibly one of the best issues I have read so far this year.  I mean, it was great.  I am so onboard for this book.  Havok got some spotlight, and Gorgon was bad ass.

  11. This was excellent. The only reason it wasn’t my POW was ’cause Rachel Summers basically wasn’t in it.

  12. are they putting Nova of Gotg in the main book???? i hope they do! Pweeeezzzzz

  13. Loving this–so much packed in one issue–why did Praetor switch from Mohawk to Fauxhawk?!

  14. @AlexG-Thats what I was thinking!!!   Its really disappointing.  If anyone pulled off a mohawk, it was him.  And possibly Storm

  15. @diabhol It’s funny, that’s a reason I actually rated this issue higher. :-p

    I thought this issue was pretty run of the mill. The action seems a bit flaccid and there is a sense of "fill in the blanks" going on here. I don’t feel that this is a big deal yet. And while I enjoy all parties involved in this crossover, I really was bored until Havok and the Starjammers showed up.

    Also… after Yost did some needed reconstruction on Lorna’s character, we get this very odd portrayal. I’m not a fan of the Lorna/Crystal friendship. It makes no sense. (It’s based tenuously on the Magneto is Lorna’s father premise, that has been confirmed and rescinded several times recently.) They met maybe a handful of times when Quicksilver was on X-Factor in the 90s, but that’s pretty much it. Lorna wasn’t even "related" to the Inhumans until the past 4 years. ::sighs.:: It’s just there for plot expediency and it’s one of the few problems I’ve had with Abnet and Lanning.

    However, the most unintentionally funny moment of the entire issue was Lorna telling Crystal she doesn’t have to marry Ronan, when (during Chuck Austen’s run) Lorna almost forced Alex to Marry here against his will! Talk about being two-faced. :-p 3/5

  16. @PraxJarvin.  i dont think Chuck Austen’s run should be considerd in continuity.

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