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So far, so good. Despite rumors that War of Kings would be epic and sweeping, it really isn’t. It is certainly much more contained than Annihilation, which was truly far-reaching. And I think that I like this better. To date, this is really the story of a new Kree-Shi’ar war. What’s novel about this iteration is that the Kree are lead by the Inhumans (whom they don’t trust), and the Shi’Ar are lead by an utter psychopath. I am sure that things will escalate when the Nova Corps, Darkhawk(s), Quasar, and others get involved, but for now, this is just a fun back and forth between galactic powerhouses.

The art is good, but not great for this issue. My major gripe is that none of the X-Men look like I have grown to know them – especially Polaris, who appears as a generic female superhero with green hair. Still, the cosmic scenes are above average.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Nice review!  I’m enjoying this arc too, but I can’t wait until the Guardians show up!

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