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  1. I’m hoping for great things from this book.  I love the cover, it has both Lilandra and Crystal farting in Vulcan’s face

  2. I’ve never read Inhumans, or guardians of the galaxy, but i do LOVE nova. Will i be completely lost on this one?

  3. Ah, another event book. Hear nothing but good things about Nova and Guardians but this puts me off.

  4. @Fvckstick   I only read Guardians and Nova and i was lost until i read that free War Of Kings saga issue and the one shot and even with no knowledge of the inhumans i think i understand whats going on.

  5. If this is even close to as good as the secret invasion one shot, then this will be amazing

  6. The Secret Invasion one-shot was a prologue I think

  7. These guys know their epic space battles and if the Inhumans 1 shot was a taste of what we can expect then I’m on board.

  8. oh man i cant freakin wait!! i totally forgot this was coming out!!

  9. @Fvckstick-Second what Aquaman said.  Pick up the War of Kings Saga if you can (Its free and came out like 2 months ago.  Your store might still have copies or maybe has it for free) and then the prologue issue.  Thats all you should need to know.  I picked up the saga issue, and then was just blown away by the prologue.

  10. FINALLY…an event I can sink my teeth into.

  11. The War of Kings Saga CAN be found for free on

  12. Thanks Bowser!!!  And I hope you get Peach one day.  You deserve some happiness in your life 😛

  13. This is my POTW right here. I’ll be shocked if something else beats this out.

  14. I’m totally breaking my rule about mini-series for this.

  15. The InHumans and their monarch Black Bolt is an awesome group of Super Freaks from the World of the Marvel Universe. I beginning to think this comic book is a awesome addition to my comic book collection.

  16. Secret Warriors is a contender for my POTW, and we’ll see if Ult. Wolvie v. Hulk delivers, but this is the frontrunner for sure.

  17. For those who have seen the various variants at the Marvel website, I ask.  Which cover do you prefer, main cover, Yu variant, or Lim variant?

  18. I prefer the Lim variant.  But I’m a sucker for his stuff from back in the day on the Silver Surfer, and Infinity Gauntlet.

  19. yeah i got the freebie mag, i just never got around to reading it. What is the prologue issue called ?

  20. @Fvckstick-Secret Invasion: War of Kings if I recall correctly

  21. Lockjaw is a skrull!

  22. This was awesome.  Would have easily been POTW if not for Locke & Key.  But damn, I am so excited for this book

  23. Great issue. Look forward to this event. Though, two odd things… 1) I thought they had decided to drop the whole "Lorna is a Maximoff" thing now. Guess plot expediency overrules logic sometimes! 2) Even if she is Magneto’s daughter… how the hell could she know Crystal’s daughter do well? Sure she was a on a time with Pietro, but I don’t think Lorna ever met Crystal more than once! 

    Anyway, those minor quibbles aside. Great issue. But more HAVOK!  

  24. This was freakin great. I really felt like there were some serious stakes here, with the dismemberment of a certain Starjammer, and the death’s of some other characters. S#!+ got effed up! And it’s nice to see cosmic stuff as far back as Brubaker’s Uncanny and Son of M, and Silent War all mixed up with the repercussions of Secret Invasion and Annihilation. Yaaay continuity. And is Black Bolt left-handed or right-handed?

    @PraxJarvin – I’m sure one could say that Lorna and Luna had some quality time off the page. At least that’s my thought. And that wouldn’t be an absurd ret-con, especially compared to previous X-related ret-cons.

  25. the ONLY thing about this that was unfortunate is that it seems to pretty much render the end of X-Men Kingbreaker pointless, but that in no way detracted from what I thought was a Kick ass book. So…Ronan…doesn’t look good for him does it?

  26. @Alex i think Ronan is going to come back and kick some butt.  this was a great issue and i was sad that it ended now i have to wait a month for the next issue.

  27. @AlexG-yeah, I’m not reading Kingbreaker, but doesn’t it deal with the Starjammers escaping?  So yeah, it would make it pretty pointless to read what happens.


    @Praz-indeed, more Havok!!  I saw him dressed up for the wedding and didn’t realize it was him unti lhe mentioned how he couldn’t believe that he and Vulcan are brothers.  Step it up Summers!

  28. Loved it!

  29. I only liked it…probably because my internal hype meter was set TOO high…that said, very good first part, and I figure it only goes up from here.

     So long as it ends with Vulcan getting absolutely spanked…

  30. I thought it was great as well, but I think I’m going to drop it and wait for the oversized hardcover that they are bound to release with the Nova/Guardians/War of Kings issues.

  31. Well, I am already buying Nova and Guardians, so it wouldn’t make any sense for me not to buy it monthly…=)

  32. I kinda felt like Ronan and Black Bolt got taken out too easily. I had a total fist pumping moment when they sprang into action and i know they couldn’t have won(otherwise what would we have done in the other 5 issues) but they honestly got rocked as soon as they started fighting. The only person you see holding his own is Karnak.

    I know it seems small and petty of me to complain about that but i feel like they built up Ronan in annihilation(he takes out guy who was hunting Heralds for cripes sakes) and Black Bolt in everything else for them to be beaten in 2 or 3 panels.

     okay my rant is over. the rest of the issue was really good

  33. This was complete, unfettered cosmic awesomeness! The art alone was worth the money. Regarding the writing, there were more HOLY CRAP moments than I could count. These guys haven’t let me down yet on an event, Marvel should sh*tcan the rest of their entire line, clone A&L and put out more of this stuff.

  34. @TopGun I was a bit mystified as to why it seemed some of the guests weren’t doing anything. Sure not everyone is superpowered, but I didn’t see Havok use his plasma blasts or Lorna do anything remotely interesting. I realize they only had so much room, but when you put that many powered people in a room together… you have certain expectations.

  35. @PraxJarvin – My thoughts exactly. I would’ve liked to see all the heroes fighting the good fight but just not being able to win. On the last page when Black Bolt was standing there i kinda thought, "oh now you’re standing. thanks"

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