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  1. When the TV, internet, and radio died people resulted to enjoying more hobbies in the outdoors. Climbing trees is the new facebook.

  2. @Ruo21-what are you talking about?


  4. I agree laganjasmoka, I agree.

  5. Hahahaha! 😀 Yeah this issue’s probably going to be insane

  6. @Ruo21: Dude I was on this bitchin Oak Tree this morning! Awesome.

  7. I didn’t fully enjoy last issue’s twist but if any can make it work its Kirkman. 

  8. What’s with all these multi-word Walking Dead solicits??? Where’s the fun in that?


  9. Shits gonna go down.

  10. Just read the first trade of this and LOVED it. I’m definitely going to hop on this book ASAP.

  11. "tainted meat" 😀

  12. I’d love to see a Vincent Locke guest cover.

  13. Great issue! I just finished reading it. The last panel is an amazing. I did notice a typo though. It says on the back to flip over for TWD #63 when its obviously issue #64.

  14. YES! two badass moments: Dale reveals he’s been bitten and Rick’s line at the very end. SOOOOOOOO GOOD

  15. badass issue of course, god i hate the suspense of issues but i cant imagine going back to trades. Loved the tainted meat idea interested to see how that works out for our hunters.

  16. The flip issue idea is just incredible. It sold me on Chew for sure, though Viking didn’t really do it for me. This is such a great marketing strategy, and I hope Image decides to do it with some of its other books. Why just the new titles? Why not hype up something like like Proof or Elephantmen?

    And I  say they just send out Carl to deal with those hunters.

  17. @HAilScott:

    Now THAT sounds like a plan. l:) 

  18. @SteenAR
    Speaking of the first trade, man I miss Tony Moore on this. Obviously I’ve been fine w/ Adlard for the entirety of the run, post Moore, but sometimes things just remind me that I think he’s a lesser artist. That moment where Andrea asks Rick if he killed the kid, his face was so over the top. He ought to have had a "GASP!" word balloon. And, not that I dislike the character, but Dale needs to go solely because his death would mean I’d no longer confuse anyone w/ Rick. Next: one of either Glenn and Maggie; I like them as a couple, but same problem (though her hair is grown a bit, so it’s not a big deal anymore).

    … Oh, this was a 5-er for me (like almost everything this damn week), in spite of my complaints. I really liked fleshing out whatsisface with the Hulk Hogan-stache, since I felt he was getting to be the "tough, uncaring guy" stereotype a bit much for my liking.

  19. I personally think Adlard is way better suited for this book than Moore. I love Tony Moore’s work, in fact he’s probably in my top 10 current favorite artists, but Adlard’s stuff is TWD to me.

  20. Ehh, I think Adlard has become TWD, but it just can’t compare to Moore’s detail and design skill. Moore pages are vibrant, even in monochrome while Adlard’s are more utilitarian; like it’s just there to get the job done. Further, and I admit that the case can be made that the timeline would allow for Adlard’s zombies to look more decomposed, but Moore made the zombies look more human, more realistic.
    Now, maybe it’s because I recently read all of TWD to catch up (about a year ago; around #50), but even so, just under 60 issues later and the artist of 6 issues has stuck in my mind more than that of 58.

    I’m not calling for Adlard’s blood or anything (like I may or may not have when certain Tan’s have worked on certain New Avengers and Green Lantern books), but what I’m saying is that if Terry Moore suddenly did an arc, or even an issue, I’d be one extremely pleased comic-reader.

  21. when was Dale bitten? before he walked out into the woods right? That must have been 2 issues ago?

  22. Excellence! Not the best issue of TWD that I’ve ever read, but certainly better than the past handful or so. Too bad about losing Dale, but that whole scene was great. Can’t wait for the next two. 4/5.

  23. @AlexG – I think it was last issue.

  24. clarification please – i can’t remember what makes people zombies in this book?  At some point did they find out everybody carries the zombie "gene", they just have to die?  Or do you have to be bitten?  And when you’re bitten, how long does it take, I can’t think of any examples


  25. @cutty – Two ways (1) bitten, most obivous and painful, or (2) die and then you come back

  26. @captbastrd I think everyone has mistaken Glenn for Rick, but now that wont be a problem b/c glenn has no legs hahahahahaha……but i’d definatly pay an extra if they could get Moore back on this book, no offense to Adlard i just want a change

  27. Um Glenn is asian yo. Dale’s the legless one.

  28. @JoeNY
    Not any time it’s a close up of their faces.

    The exact cause has been left intentionally unknown, though chubby mullet scientist guy claims to know the cause. As far as what causes it to spread, BrikHed is on the money.

  29. Heh heh….Tainted meat.

  30. Awesome stuff as usual. What a twist! TAINTED MEAT! lol. Will be good to find out if eating a man who is infected will infect you, if you eat him before he dies/zombifies …. you never know when that stuff will come in handy.

  31. I’ve felt like this was in a sort of lull for a few issues. This brought it back in incredible form. Great issue from beginning to end.

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