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  1. This arc should be very interesting, but I have to be honest and say that TWD hasn’t been impressing me as much as it was a year ago. Of course, it’s been solidly 3 or 4 stars, I just think it’s been missing something lately.

    Either way, as I said, this should be good, I’m excited for the new shake-up.

  2. Either someone has blood on their shoes….

    or a zombie had an accident at a Home Depot.

  3. I think Chew # 1 is in the back of this issue.

  4. @doddzilla-That’s next issue

  5. Carl own this book.

  6. @drake and dodd Preview for Chew #1 was #61.  Why would they have another preview when #3 will be coming out next month?

  7. @rockingeek: Fuck yeah he does!

  8. Soon there will be no one left in this book but the Zombies … & I’d still keep reading.

  9. @vadamowens-They are putting the entire first issue of Chew into the next issue of TWD, not just a preview

  10. @vadamowens – how cool’s that!?

  11. @drakedangerz- Its this issue. Check out

  12. So, $2.99 for two full comics? Hard to beat that value! Anyone know if Chew will be in colour or black & white?

  13. @WadeWilson-a 48 page black&white comic book for 2.99…

  14. It’s in black and white but I think you need the color in Chew. Nice of Image to throw that in there though. 

  15. I was gonna buy CHEW in trades, but now that I’ve read the first issue I really don’t care about it.

  16. Yeah the color REALLY adds a lot to the art and makes it more fun.

  17. Dodd pwned you all.

  18. I liked this issue but Walking Dead has lost a lot of its fun and shock.

  19. This issue was a 5 for me, but it was more of a ‘better than it’s been lately.’ then a ‘Really really great.’, y’know? I think this sets up some nice things for next issue, but I don’t feel the same way about this book that I used to. Nowhere near dropping it though. 😀

  20. I stand corrected.  My apologies gentlemen.

  21. Another great issue! CHEW was the big surprise here. I passed on picking it up last month, because the premise seemed TOO weird, but it was well done. I’m going to find issue #2, and I’ll definetly stick with it for the first arc at least to see where it goes.

  22. That’s right.

    Next time listen to me.

    JK sarcasim 🙂

  23. Jesus, that last page was brutal.

  24. All we need is zombiesexuals….dudes who like to nail zombies…then we will have it all. Rape, murder, child molestation, cannibalism…and finally zombie bangers….

  25. @brianlittle – I don’t think it has lost it’s "fun and shock".  It can’t be like that every single issue or it would just get old.  Things have to be set up like he’s doing right now.

    For me, this issue was a 5 until the last page and then it dropped to a 4.  He had to go this route at some point and I’m sure it will be good, but I didn’t think it was coming now.

  26. I hope Image contiues doing the free 1st issue thing. I wont be picking up any more of Chew, but it’s a cool way to promote.

  27. I love love love TWD and all things Kirkman but I think TWD has been moving slowly lately but that only means it’s gonna get great soon, I’m stoked! Micchone makes the book for me Rick has fallen off but Abraham is cool to

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