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  1. Back to routinely amazing.

  2. Agreed good sir.

  3. jumping on now after catching up with all the issues and the 4 HC trades…i just couldnt wait anymore to find out!!

  4. zombie car!!!  braaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!!!

  5. @drake: It runs on blood

    and if you want premium it runs on blood and guts.

  6. Wow, they are really working hard on the solicits recently. 😛

  7. @Wade-haha, Kirkman doesn’t need solicits to sell his books!  The beard does all the taking

  8. The last few issues were intense. Damn I can’t wait for this one.

  9. How needs a chainsaw? When you have an El Fucking Camino!!!

  10. if this cover and solicit is anything like last month’s the car will be a remote control car and the zombies will be miniature trees.

  11. It has been a kick ass pace since WD hit 50, and god damn I fuckin love this book

  12. Good as always but damn was this a fast read.  half the book was full of action so I guess thats why it goes by so fast.

  13. yeah after finishing, im 9/10 times satisfied, but i always think…"man, couldnt they just do a weekly?"


    always a quick read. UNTIL NEXT MONTH WALKING DEAD! 

  14. always a blazing fast read.

  15. While I think the action is needed in this comic I love the issues that are full of character development.  I miss the days when they were safe and sound in the prison and most of the comic was talking.

  16. love love love it!!

  17. Again, just routinely awesome.  No real complaints…just not STANDOUT great.

  18. I love the "Holy shit!" moments this books pulls on me.  So good.

  19. I swear Walking Dead is comic book crack =| why can’t I f***in’ kick this comic?

    The fact that it’s black and white should bother me… but it doesn’t.

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