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Who is Voodoo? Is she hero, villain – or both? Learn the truth about Priscilla Kitaen as she leaves a trail of violence across America.

Discover the new DCU through her eyes, because the things she sees are not always what they seem…

Written by RON MARZ
Art and cover by SAMI BASRI

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%


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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. This looks awful. I doubt I’ll be buying it.

    But I *will* start following Ron Marz on Twitter again on Wednesday so I can watch him melt down and freak out over every negative comment on sexism that this is primed to generate. That should be good for some lulz.

    • why is the *will* have stars beside it?

    • meant to write. Why does the *will* have stars beside it?

    • Consider it like italics or bold type.

      Normally I don’t follow Ron Marz’s twitter feed because I find his tweets tiresome, especially when he trolls his own followers to start arguments.

      However for this I’ll start following again because I anticipate I’ll enjoy his reactions to the inevitable negative comments.

    • I think this *looks* great when it comes to the art. The concept I’m not sold on but Marz is a solid writer and good with female leads so I think it will be good.

      I don’t use twitter and whenever my attention is drawn to accounts like that of Ron Marz I’m reminded that it’s best to avoid a lot of comic creators’ twitter feeds. He also came across somewhat poorly in his iFanboy don’t miss Shinku interview when he complained about the difficulties of creator owned comics instead of selling us on the book. (I bought it anyway and enjoyed it and it sucks another issue hasn’t come out.) Marz is one of those guys whose soap-boxing I choose to separate from the work.

    • I’ve been reading topcow stuff in trade and really enjoying it. This book is in my top ten of the new dc books I’ve been looking forward to. However I will admit he can be a bit angry on twitter but to me that’s half the fun of twitter

  2. Loved Sami basri’s art on power girl, I’m half tempted to pick this up for that alone

  3. Probably not going to buy this till some reviews come in. DC has stretched the budget this month in a big way. That said I have tried lots of new things and have been enjoying most of the books so far.

  4. YAY RON MARZ WEEK FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Interested because of the art and the character.

  6. Why the hell not?

  7. So far Wildstorms introduction to the DC universe has been mas o menos. I really hope Voodoo stands out. I’m not completely familiar with Ron Marz but I loved the character and I love Sami Basri’s art. I’m also hoping to see some more Wildcats get involved with DC proper.

  8. Sexy or sexist. The coin is spinning. Which side will it fall?

  9. “Is she hero, villain – or both?”

    Is she that DAMNED annoying caped woman who keeps popping up in all the other books????

  10. Whatever, this is a good team in my book. I’ll be buying it. 🙂

  11. Loved Samurai Heaven and Earth. Loved it. Hope this is half as good.

  12. Just wanna say, Voodoo is by far my fav WildC.A.T.S. character, and her relationship with Spartan was the most interesting part of that story.

    Also a fan of Ron Marz and Sam Basri, so this has plenty of potential.

  13. One down and all the rest to go. This book was absolutely Fantastic. I was a little unsure after reading Grifter but this book assured me that the daemonites are going to be an interesting villain and that this is a great way to introduce the wildcat characters to the DCU. I am looking forward to seeing Voodoo’s role in the invasion.

    Sami Basri is becoming one of my top artists to watch for, I think I would buy any book he draws.

  14. Artwork was so nice! But I put it down to wait for reviews.

  15. Honestly I only bought it because it reminded of showgirls, but it was a great read and I’ll be picking up issue 2. *starts watching showgirls*

    • Exactly what I thought. I always figured Elizabeth Berkeley was an alien, and I love Showgirls, all that was missing was the cheeseburger scene and the doggie chow discussion. I’ll keep reading.

  16. Beautiful art. Decent story. I’m intrigued by the last page though. I’ll stick with this for a little while and see where it goes.

  17. I really enjoyed this book, and didn’t know what to expect.

  18. Fantastic book; the only bad part is how most people have already made judgments about it without even reading it.

    • I agree. The art was wonderful, and it was probably the best Ron Marz book I’ve ever read. Really loved it.

    • Absolutely agree. Everyone’s making a fuss about her being a stripper but refuse to see if that is being used to develop the character.

    • “probably the best Ron Marz book I’ve ever read.”

      Wow, that’s quite a statement.

    • “fuss about her being a stripper but refuse to see if that is being used to develop the character”

      I like the part of her character where there’s boobs. Also that part where she takes her clothes off was very telling about her boobs, which showed a lot about her personality and her boobs and stripping. I wish they’d expand on her back story and her personality and really delve into her other lady parts but stay faithful and true to the boobs they’ve established.

  19. Just a dud for me, not good. Disappointing from a good team working on a good character. I don’t think I’ve seen a first issue ever get less done when it comes to characterization. Plus, well just literally nothing, like no content at all. Kind of shocking. The last 6 pages should’ve been the first six pages.

  20. LOL I bought it just to see if it was as bad as I thought it would be. It was worse.

    For what it’s worth, you can guess 95% of this story based on the “Voodoo is a stripper with huge boobs” premise.

    Everyone saying it was a “good story” (or even “decent”), you need to explain to me what the story was besides:

    a.) Voodoo has boobs
    b.) Voodoo strips
    c.) Voodoo finally does something other than strip and have boobs at the very end but it’s all because she’s a stripper with boobs while she’s stripping and showing her boobs.

    I remember Ron Marz getting all high and mighty when the preview art came out. He was all “There’s a reason she’s half naked! It’s integral to the story!” or some such nonsense. I think it was integral to his goal of making fanboys hard.

    • You seem to be the one obsessed with the stripping and the boobs.

    • I for one am obsessed with stripping and boobs, and I still found this to be a dull book. I will say, really, the semi-nudity and whatnot is really tame, not sure why it’s being focused on in reviews.My only problem with the bulk of it being in a strip club is that not much interesting or entertaining happened in that strip club.

    • The semi nudity *is* really tame, and my complaint is that instead of writing a compelling story, or showing us anything about her personality, Ron Marz wrote “BOOBS!” over and over and had Sami Basri draw it.

      I’d love to see this script. Seriously.

      The real shame is that DC seems to be giving women a few books of their own here and there and it’s all about their ladyparts instead of giving two rips about their personalities or about writing a decent story that doesn’t focus in on the sexual aspects. I, too, like boobs but I like it when material written for my demographic doesn’t treat me like a walking hard-on.

      What have I learned from reading Voodoo? Priscilla Kitaen’s personality is boobs and Ron Marz either hates women or can’t write.

    • Ron Marz writes a scene that takes place in a strip club and that implies that he may hate women? That’s a bold leap. I have a hard time understanding the outrage against some of racier DCs books. I’ve been trying to ignore it and I guess I should continue doing so. I suppose thine heart doth not bleed enough.

      On the book itself, I think Voodoo is intentionally a flat and mysterious character at this point. Marz is setting Agent Fallon up as the entry point for the reader. I loved the art and the story is interesting enough that I’ll keep reading for now.

    • A) Voodoo is an Alien, some sort of shape shifter. In the beginning she’s posing as a stripper to learn about human males, and yes she has :gasp: boobs! Most strippers do.
      B) She’s seems to be on the run from from some sort of government agency.
      C) She has no qualms about killing, and comes off as disconnected from emotions, almost alien…

      Why is she here? Why does she need to learn about humans? Why is she on the run? All questions that will presumably be answered.

      Hey! I looked past the boobs and found a story, but then I’m also not an uptight prude. For the record, my wife quite enjoyed this one too.

  21. Oh get over it!! If you don’t like it don’t read it. To me I like sci-fi, fantasy, and well comic books. These are the places things come to life that really do not happen in real life. If there is a writer and artist out there that want to go and draw and write about fully clothed and not perfect people let them do it and see how long that book lasts???? Boring, because that is real life and going to strip clubs and picking up a gigaloo or hooker is treated as wrong in this world and punishable in a court of law in most states. So here in comics; if a writer and artist have fun and are good at doing the nudity and thats what they do then thats what they do. You can always find another comic out there that you can read I am sure.
    So if really need be go the 13 and under kiddie section for comic books and that should make it easier for anyone and as for the rest of us adults if its to hot for you stay out of the kitchen.
    Oh shit I gave this a 4 out of 5 I am all in and I guess I am a great big freaky pervert for reading and liking this!!

    Just sayin’,


    • Defensive much?

    • The if you don’t like it defense is le cop out.

      You know only half through the comments but no one mentioned that the character of color here, Voodoo becomes a WHITE MALE at the end of the story! Like Yoikes, Scoob! Not only does the book make the lady show her boobs, and not just her but every other woman, sans Detective Deena Pilgrim who kicks some underage doofus from the comic book mulit ethnic gang trying to sneak into the club, (really? and yeah I runon sentence, so what, say something about it,) the took away her ethnicity!

      Like they made Voodoo a white man! A white man!

    • Not defensive at all really, just stating my thoughts and thats all. The end it is true it turns into a Male so that there should answer many questions on what we are dealing with here. A changeling of some sort and one that does not care how others react??



    • Fishy, you’re the one coming off as being really over the top here and in the other threads about anything racy. Has DC released too many books about scantily clad women? Hey maybe, but you’re reacting far more immaturely in response. Why does an image of a female body offend you so much?

      Granted Starfire’s characterization was offensive in the Red Hood book but you’re becoming so blinded with rage, you’re missing the point that its part of Catwoman’s characterization and always has been. Youve made a blanket judgement against this book without REALLY reading this book or you’d have seen that Voodoo left the strip club behind and changed form at the end. Unless youve gotten a preview of the next book, you really have no idea where this is going to go next. Keep in mind, this isn’t a Comics Code Authority book…its a book aimed at more mature readers, you certainly dont have to keep following it, but you also dont have to barrage every single thread that has decided to do a racier theme, with all this venomous rants….if its not for you, dont read them! This is an industry that focuses on men and women both in skin-tight spandex, if you’re that offended with the human body, perhaps superhero comics aren’t for you… There are certainly plenty of other options out there for reading.

      By the way, where’s your outrage been for books with over the top graphic violence? Where’s the outrage for two characters in the Batman titles who actually go in and remove human faces? Where’s the outrage for the terror porn that has evolved from disfiguring women?

  22. almost as good as the art-house film “Species” starring the incredibly talent thespian Natasha Henstridge

  23. Basri’s art is awesome. One of the few books of the relaunch to have appropriately looking, non-90’s, modern styled art, IMO. Story was alright. Possible pick up for issue 2, mostly based on the art.

  24. I liked it. I didn’t know anything about this character, and was even having some Fishyboy feelings, particularly with the opening splash page, but I thought the twists at the end of the story and the final splashpage made it pay. Am definitely on board to see another issue. Also, thought it pretty honestly portrayed a strip club, er, not that I’d know…

    Look, if it ends up just being a good girl artbook I doubt I’ll stick around. But I thought issue 1 was a little more than that, so I’m on board at least for another issue or two. Will be curious what the IFanboys say about this during



    (BTW I like to listen to the podcast and say “ratings” with Conor out loud.)

  25. Ratings

    • I gave it a two. Ha and I dig your comparison to Species that is funny, but I don’t think it’s almost as good as Species. It’s maybe half as good as Species in my opinion. That had Dock Ock acting in it!

  26. People who hate this book hate our freedoms. And boobies.

  27. in the last panel of the fight the female agent has, is there a woman in the shadows in the alley in the background.
    Wonder if she’ll know Grifter.
    Enjoyed the book, i am intrigued.

  28. The art was fantastic, but beyond that, this book did nothing for me. Glad the book has its fans, but I will not be returning to this series, but was glad I tried it. Simply to have found Basri’s art, was worth the 3 bucks.

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