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A mysterious super villain has weaponized Antarctic. Vibranium to sell to dictators, madmen and terrorists across the globe. To stop this WMD, the US military unleashes the enhanced black ops agent Venom!

First stop on his hunt: The Savage Land! But who’s hunting who? Venom soon discovers that death stalks these jungles; Kraven the Hunter stalks these jungles!

Rick Remender (UNCANNY X-FORCE, PUNISHER) and Tony Moore (PUNISHER, The Walking Dead) give you ringside seats to the grittiest, down-and-dirtiest brawl of the year! Venom vs. Kraven the Hunter!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Tony Moore, Danny Miki & Crimelab Studios
Colors by John Rauch
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Tony Moorec & John Rauch

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. when i saw that article today about issue 3 i thought i had somehow missed this. 

  2. I wqas going to drop this until I saw Fowler on drums. I mean, alternating issues.

  3. I am buying this for Remender/Moore DESPITE the Venom character. Make me like Venom, sirs, and you will have arrived.

  4. Having just read the first hree volumes of Fear Agent I’m thinking I might need to grab this…

  5. That is one heck of a gorgeous cover. Remender/Moore team has done it again!

  6. Loved issue #1, and have been eagerly wait for this since!!

  7. Subscribed to this directly from Marvel, just based on the fact that Remender is writing it, so I’m in for at least a dozen issues or so.

  8. @player1  Good plan. I think I may go that way as well. Help save $$

  9. I am estatic that Venom is getting some love and I loved last issue.

  10. I didn’t hate the first issue….but I didn’t really like it either. I can see this being a setup to go one of two ways since the suit bonds to it’s host if it’s on him for too long. I mean according to them he can only where it like 20 times in all anyways but they are either going to have success with him as a hero and find a bullshit way to re-write what they said about the limitations of the suit or it’s gonna bond with Flash and we’re gonna see a new Venom (villain) that (sadly) isn’t Mac Gargon. Damnit I just wanna see him eat someone again and complain about getting bits of flesh stuck in his teeth!

  11. @al2mrt i HATED gargon (except in dark avengers). But i agree that last issue was just ok. I’ll give them the first arc to wow me. If not, i’m out.

  12. absolute garbage. Art was decent, I like the cover, but Remender can suck one. I’m droppin this crap like 4th period french.

  13. I love Fear Agent and Uncanny Xforce but this is not for me. Gonna have to drop this and go finish the stack of Fear Agent comics I just got. Again, nothing against the creative team, I just do not care so much about the character and would rather spend money on something else. Oh well, gave 2 issues a try.

  14. yea i’m not sure about this book….

  15. I’ve only recently gotten back into Marvel (with Spidey, Venom, and Fear Itself). I left during the clone saga in the 90s, came back for some Ultimate stuff, Punisher, and the odd trade (Civil War). That said, I don’t see why everyone seems to dislike the new Venom so much. I was never a huge fan of the original Venom (Brock). He was an okay villain and I loved his powers but he grew stale very quickly from overuse. I lost interest in Venom completely when Marvel kept trying to make him into the violent anti-hero. It just didn’t work. However, using the suit as a metaphor for alcoholism and addiction is great and I like Flash Thompson in the suit. I also like that the suit can change from the military to the monster based on how much control Flash has at the time. It’s a great concept and I’m looking forward to where Remender takes this one!

  16. Such mixed reviews!  This is like the Platonic ideal of Trade Wait.

  17. I suppose it boils down to what sort of flavor you like for Venom. I happen to like him as the struggling hero here but I agree with @al2mrt in that there aren’t many possible outcomes since they’ve set limits on the use of the symbiote. The way I see it, they can: 1.  rewrite the rules so that Flash can continue to use the suit. 2. turn Flash into a new villainous Venom when he loses control of the suit or 3. find a way to get rid of Flash once the limits have been reached and have a new military person take over the role. Personally, I’d like to see #3 since that way Venom could completely be revamped every year or two and keep the stories fresh and exciting.

  18. missed the first issue but did like this one, this series has loads of potential!

  19. I love the symbiote!  The symbiote has made for some great Spidey stories over the years; from the Secret Wars stuff, to the FF getting it off of Peter, to Venom, then Carnage … its been fun!  This is a great addition to all that.  Though I have to say, the art is what’s keeping me around for this run and Moore’s homage to McFarlane in this issue is great, might just put it on my wall next to AMS #300…

  20. This series is fun and is adding new dimensions to the over-played idea of Venom.

  21. Horrible story all over the place! I think there is some potiental for a good story but Remender cant get focused.

  22. Tony Moore’s art knocks it out of the park

  23. Kraven’s crazed eyes near the start of the book = perfect.

  24. @Dietz82: Maybe you haven’t read much Remender before, but Rick is quite focused. This story is right in his wheelhouse, and he tells it well. I just recently read a bunch of Punisher by Remender and the style and tone is similar. A good writer of consistently excellent material. Maybe you just have to experience it in larger doses. It reads quite well in trades, and once you are used to the pacing, in issues also.

    The timing of the sound effects and overall pacing of this issue, including the variety of voices, and the back-and-forth cuts, was extremely well handled. Don’t believe the naysayers.

    If you like Remender’s writing, Moore’s art, the two of them together, good lettering which supports and enhances storytelling, Venom as a character, Flash as Venom or the possibility of Flash as Venom running into Peter as Spider-Man, try this series. I dug what Remender and Moore did with Punisher and I’m digging this.

    This was a damn fine comic book magazine. 5 out of a possible 5 thumbs turned up in approval.

  25. Having read a bunch of Remender now, I would call this a bit disorganized/unclear compared to other stuff I have read. Just dropping in Kraven without any preamble did not work for me. I did not understand why almost anything was going on. Sure I pieced it together, but it wasn’t a satisfying puzzle  to me.

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