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  1. Issue one was damn good. I’ve always wanted to read Moon Knight for some reason. I’m glad Marvel gave us a good jumping-on point with a hell of a creative team.

  2. I can’t wait for Crazy Batman vs. Crazy Superman!

  3. Nice start in #1.  So.. revealing my lack of non-DD/Conan Marvel U knowledge.. That’s the Sentry?  It’s one of those reveals that didn’t resonate with me.  Hoping I get a little background info that makes me realize the importance of this fight here in #2.. and any followup here on that would be much appreciated.

  4. @JMS74 Simply put… he’s an insane Superman. "Man with the power of 1000 exploding suns." As it stands, the character has been more or less the punchline to many a recurring joke. That is to say, most times he ends up being handily beaten because of his emotional insecurity and he flies off into space to cry. Litterally this has happened 5 times since 2004. 

    Looking forward to this. Should be a good time. 

  5. I might pick this up if I can find issue #1.

    I like the character Moon Knight, but I buy almost all my comics based on the writer. I don’t know this writer.

  6. Cant wait for this issue. Opena’s art and Huruwitz’s way of writing the character were spot on. If each issue can be as good as #1, this will be the best run of Moon Knight ever.

  7. Oh wow, the Sentry’s in this. I’ve got to pick this up….


    I’m kidding, can’t stand him. Does anyone other than Marvel enjoy a Sentry appearence? He pops up, I lose interest.

  8. Thanks Prax.  Two people who are nuts in a fight is a fine start.

  9. Conor’s potw forced my hand in picking up the first issue.  I’m really glad I did.

  10. @Zeppo  I love the Sentry

  11. I want the Sentry to go batshit crazy and start killing everyone. That can be Marvel’s version of Irredeemable, The Mighty, Absolution, Jughead, etc….

  12. I really love the zombie variant cover to this issue. I hope the comic shop I go to has it.

  13. This was great, again. Never really read Moonknight before. I tried some stuff from when he was up against the thunderbolts but i couldn’t get past the art. I’m really digging this though. 

  14. can’t wait to pick this up and I love the back up issue, helped flesh out the character, and also that free moon knight saga helped flesh him out to.

  15. Ozymandias?

  16. First issue was almost my pick… this one made me think about dropping it.  I don’t know why, but nothing in this issue grabbed me.  I miss the dumb-action-movie feel the first one had.

     Also, gotta love the ad for Vengeance of Moon Knight #2 that was in there.

  17. The Sentry made a Watchman reference.

    And I really want Norman Osborn to just go back to being the crazy Green Goblin. Let him throw a pumpkin bomb for fucks sake.

  18. I really enjoyed this issue. The whole sentry thing was pretty stupid, but other than that I thought it was really good.

  19. This was probably the best I have ever seen the sentry be written. This whole issue was amazing, Jerome Opena makes most other artists just look lazy.

  20. Um… why were they referencing watchmen? *twitch twitch*

  21. I debated between giving this a 4 or a 5 the whole way through. I feel in the beginning it was a solid 4, with a great characterization of The Sentry (although he was a little too lucid for my tastes), and then in the middle it ramped up to a 5, but then fell back down to a 4 again by the end. Still, one of the biggest surprises of the Autumn, methinks. 4/5.

  22. The artwork is better in this one than in the first issue, in my opinion. I like how they made a refference to Watchmen. I gave it a 4/5.

  23. I actually thought the art on this issue was a little lower quality than in the first. There were several panels during the Sentry fight that I didnt think looked quite right.

  24. The Hood hunting Moon Knight. I like this idea.

  25. Did the Sentry and Moon Knight have a 50 word conversation in under 3 seconds flying over the river?

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