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Moon Knight impressed many of us with last month’s amazing first issue. With it being Moon Knight, who doesn’t particularly have a great track record with everyone (even though I’m a huge fan of all his series’) no one really knew if this series could sustain how good it was. I’m saying right now, that this will be one of the best series’ to come out of Marvel for a long time.

Moon Knight is to me, one of the most mentally unstable and morally complex characters Marvel has in it’s lineup. In one sense, he is much like Batman, but in others, he is much more of a Punisher character. The personal battle that he must keep control of is constantly interesting, and consistently provides insight into how rough the character really has it.

One of the most important things that I believe should be taken from this series is that what Bushman says to him, is what his subconscious is really thinking. To me, this is so incredibly important to understanding who he is in the sense that he has part of him wanting revenge and death, and the other part wanting punishment but with justice. The need of Jake Lockley to surpress the urges of Marc Spector is amazing. In my opinion, truly one of the best man vs. himself character conflicts in comics.

Another thing I loved about this issue was the reintroduction of the side characters. First off, I love the Profile. I’m really excited to see him back in this, I think he adds emotional depth to all the characters that he looks at because you really see some of the things they are going through. I also really liked Frenchie and Rob in this. Frenchie seems to have slipped into sort of a depression/alcoholism, and him doing that will setup a great dynamic between him and Rob. Frenchie is also a person that is rarely seen as being like this, so it shows something about how serious the situation they are in has become. Marlene and Crawley were also featured in this issue, but rather breifly, so I wont discuss them, but I was still very excited to see them in there.

Now, to the parts that I didnt enjoy as much. First off, the whole Sentry thing was not the best decision in my opinion. It was kind of a stupid ending to the first issue (which was it’s only flaw) and the beginning of this issue kind of had the feel that Huruwitz wanted to get him out of there as soon as possible. To me, it seemed that Marvel insisted that the Sentry be involved just so they could sell issues, and Huruwitz didn’t like it, so he rushed him out real quick. So, that whole part was a downside, but I’m willing to forgive that. I can understand it, I just hope Marvel doesnt try to invigorate the series with these kind of things all the time.

The only other thing I wasn’t as much of a fan of was the art. Now, the art in this issue was still very good, and definitly deserves a 4 in my review, but it just seemed to fall short of the art in the last issue. The art in #1 was so great, that, in my opinion, it’s hard to live up to and that’s probably the reason I didn’t like this one as much. Either way, it was a solid looking book, just not as good as previously.

All in all, this was great, and cemented that Moon Knight was definitly back for good this time. I’ll definitly be reading this series for as long as it lasts and I don’t see myself ever being able to put it down.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Good review.  Cool to hear from someone who has a lot of history with this character.  I’m coming into this with ZERO Moon Knight experience and so far, so good.

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