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Let’s start off by saying that the second installment of Moon Knight’s come back is not as fun as the first one. Sure he is still wearing white, acts like batman, and fights bad guys; but the best parts are in future issues. There is some action in the end, but it’s not that fun.

The main reason I bought this issue (shame on me) was the cover. Sentry is a character I’ve grown to like and I wanted to see the classic “Batman vs. Superman” fight. Well if you’re like me you’ll be disappointed because this issue is just a setup for what’s to come in the future. During Sentry and MoonKnight’s meeting, some cool things do happen; just not the ones you might think.

Opena’s art is good, but only in batches. The scenes that take place during the day were a lot more crisp and well done than the darker scenes. The beginning of the book was better artwise than the end, which could be a deadline issue. The darker colors could have had something to do with this also. 


Interesting things to come in the future

Great art from 1-4, 9-14, 26-27


Bleh .. been there, done that

Superman vs. Batman story

Art from 5-8, 15-25

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average

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