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  1. Anybody else feeling this being their Pick Of The Week?  Looks good…

  2. I finally read the first two issues this past week and really loved em both.  Definitely looking forward to this on Wednesday!

  3. Surely my pick of the week. Masterwork! Look at this fuck up mind blowing wicked awesome cover, I can’t wait to read this!

  4. Now that’s a cover!

  5. 1 can’t love it. I’m returning for now but i don’t think i ll be happy with new harry potter

  6. Really like this title. It is NOT Harry Potter! Not even close. What book are you Potter people reading?!

  7. @ greekst

    What are you babbling about?


  8. See you in in trades, little buddy…

  9. Damn… iFanboy really needs one of those 2 minute-ish windows to edit comments…

  10. I really hope this series goes the distance, I don’t know how many Vertigo cancellations I can take.

  11. I’m lovin me some vertigo dis week.

  12. i think this will show where the books going and if i want to follow

  13. Its gonna be cool to see how they weave classic lit into the story.

  14. After this book, I think this story will be fleshed out just enough to see if I want to continue.  I’ve had some genuine light fun with this book.  Not been so impressed that I wouldn’t be willing to drop it though.

  15. The book has been decent so far, but Gross’ art has been really sloppy in my opinion.  Maybe that is how it always looks?  I read American Jesus (Mark Millar wrote it and Peter Gross was on art) and his pencils looked pretty good.  The coloring was really good as well.  Maybe Gross needs a good colorist to make his art shine?

  16. I got my books and when i got home my copy seemed screwed up. The printer seemed to be missing pages. did anyone else get thgis

  17. I got goosebumps reading it. Its so perfectly written for me.

  18. thank buddha these guys teamed up again to write the best comics this side of cerebus!!!!!!! 

  19. The progression of this story has now sunk its tendrils into my mind.  Unless they completely fall off the wagon, I’m on board for the tenure of this run.  Good stuff.

  20. This title is here to stay… no doubt in my mind.  People should gobble up the first 3 issues before it gets too far ahead.

  21. dragging along for me. ill pick it up later if it picks up

  22. Tommy must take the doorknob to various locations around the world where different stories were written, and he must bring the characters from those stories to life(using the doorknob) to fight his enemies.


    I love any story that can get me to think like this.

  23. It still clunk in places, but that was the best issue yet. It’s sinking its fangs…

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