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The focus on this issue is horror.  There’s quite a bit of discussion about the various types of horror, and their pros and cons.  There’s also a bit of plot threatening to ravel.  But something about this issue just doesn’t hold up with the previous two.

Ah, originality!  There are no cool techniques played with in this issue.  No “I never thought about that” moments.  This is just a comic telling a very basic story about a person.  Part mystery, part meta-deconstruction of storyteling.  And it’s a very good story, but it’s not the deep mental massage of the first two issues. And, that’s a shame. 

I’d continue to read this story for the plot alone, but this comic has been something I haven’t just read, but really looked forward to.  I hope the series doesn’t lose that urgency, and turn into a mere story, instead of an investigation into truth.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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