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  1. Oooh! The preview for this looked pretty compelling and at $1.00 I am excited to jump on this.

  2. Mike Carey was speaking about this at the Bristol Comic Con this weekend, and they handed out an ash-can which looks good – heavily influenced by the Harry potter phenomenon, although he promises it’ll take in a much wider range of literature.

    Worth a look, I reckon! 

  3. Hmmm, I have no idea what the description is trying to say, but its 40 pages for a buck!

  4. At first I skipped the preview for this.  Then I read it and was pretty interested.  $1 for 40 pages solidifed the fact that I would give it a shot.

  5. isent this suppose to be vertigos next big thing?

  6. The previews looked fantastic, and I’m super excited for this. Hopefully it’s great and truly is Vertigo’s "next big thing" as the premise seems like it could go quite a few places.

  7. If my shop gets this; I’ll get it a try. Hey it’s a $1, all first issues (no matter what company) should be a dollar.

  8. Never heard of this til now, but it sounds AWESOME!

  9. Yea, I caught wind of this while I was browsing around a week or so ago. I read the preview, and I would pay full price for this. I really hope it is the next big thing. God knows I need another monthly title to pay for 😉

  10. while I hated the stupid preview being in the end of 100 Bullets(it diminished the ending but giving the illusion that there were more story pages to come). I did actually like the look of this book

  11. I think the concept is intriguing and the 1 dollar pice tag is cheap enough for me to see if the excecution is good enough.

  12. The concept is just so wonderfully perfect! I forgot to ad it to my pull-list. I hope my LCS doesn’t sell out, I wont be able to get my books till saturday. 

  13. I read the preview in the final issue of 100 Bullets, it was nice. You can’t beat that price.

  14. Why cant new series or #1’s always have a $1 price tag? Think of how many new readers could come in if they see that price.

  15. @Aquaman: i’m sure they hope every new title is the next big deal. i’m looking forward to the Greek Street series far more than this. Peter Milligan > Mike Carey.

    does vertigo really need to publish another book about the weird existtentional nature of storytelling? haven’t they done that already with Sandman and Fables?

    do something new Vertigo, found the next Y-the last man or Scalped. stop going back to the meta-physical well.

    having said that, yeah, i’ll buy this

  16. I’ll buy this comic book due that the this saga is getting so awesomely famous.

  17. This doesn’t sound like something I’d be into, but 40 pages for a dollar? They can try to win me over.

  18. My goodness that’s a huge sollicit!

  19. This is the first Vertigo book I have ever got on with the first issue. It says it is the first part of a four part story, will it be an ongoing after that?

  20. Yeah it’s ongoing.

  21. I will be purchasing this book based on an interview in Comic Book News of all places.  I had read the solicit when it was first put out and was like "Maybe I’ll try the trade if the iFanbase talks it up."  Then after the interview, I couldn’t wait for this book. 

  22. I’ll check this out, even though it will more likely be two bucks or at best a buck fifty up here. 😛

     @edward – I hear you, it seems Vertigo is trying to recapture some old early 90’s glory or something by the number of horror-fantasy books they seem to be putting out (not just the Fables series, but Madame Xanadu and even now this and Greek Street).   But still, if it’s good, then who cares.  It’s when they start putting out one bad fantasy comic after the other that we should get worried.

  23. @CGPO: i agree if it’s good than who cares.

    However, these stories about fictional characters coming to life and exploring the nature of storytelling just seem self-serving. a way for the author to make little digs at other’s characters and pat themselves on the back for "getting" it, understanding the structure of storytelling…. and Vertigo keeps doing it


    anyway, i’m down. Vertigo is still leaps and bounds ahead of most publishers

  24. @edward – "anyway, i’m down. Vertigo is still leaps and bounds ahead of most publishers"

    Agreed, they’re easily my favorite publisher.  I’ve always seen Fables kind of as Sandman-lite, and sad that Vertigo is kind of milking its popularity (spin-offs, going on after the main story-line ends, and has anyone noticed you pay more for a Fables and Jack trade then any other Vertigo trade with the same number of issues?).  And this has of course led them to produce more fantasy-esque stuff as I listed above.  It would be nice that they put out some more stuff outside that box, like Scalped and Unknown Soldier.  And I’m sure they will.  Also, I really don’t want to see Willingham and Sturges writing anymore books.  Seriously Vertigo, they write enough stuff. 😛 

  25. Oy, that description IS totally long, but I’m actually really, really excited about this. Aside from a few issues of SANDMAN, the first FABLES trade, and the first HC volume of Y, I’ve never read much Vertigo. In fact, this’ll be the first time I buy a single issue of an ongoing Vertigo title; I sure hope it’s awesome!!!

  26. I was a big fan of Crossing Midnight, here’s hoping Carey gets to stick with this for a while. There’s no excuse for not picking this issue up.

  27. I thought the first issue was pretty good. I will be picking up the second issue for sure.

  28. Well my store didn’t have this. Oh well.

  29. Considering I gave this a 3…’s weird that it’s rated 7…

    This was okay. I didnt find anything special on it. It rips off, I mean a homage to Harry Potter

  30. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If you dismiss this as a Harry Potter ripoff or homage, you’re missing the point entirely. Not calling it perfect, but that’s not what it’s doing.  

  31. @Paul: Well then I clearly missed the point. Cause all I saw was a knock off of Harry Potter and Fables.

  32. did not have in my shop!! No comicfortress! whhyyyyyyyy??


  33. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    They directly address the fact that the story-within-the-story is a knockoff of Harry Potter, which is a trend within YA publishing in the real world. This parody is only one aspect of the story. The Fables comparison is tenuous. There are countless books about superheroes or mercenaries. No reason there can’t be another book that explores fictional characters come to life. Especially when the concept and execution are entirely different.  

  34. @TNC I don’t think they’re trying to fool anybody with the Harry Potter similarities.  At least they’re not trying to hide the springboard for their idea, that would be sad.  Otherwise I agree with you, good but not great.  Good enough that i’ll pick up the first trade for sure. 

  35. Even if they do address the fact this is a knockoff of Harry Potter; the original story here just isnt interesting enough for me. No real deep look into the chracters, and the action that is in the book is drawn out and written poorly. I still would want to try this would in trade eventually. But in my eyes it was a poor first issue….which is rare for a Vertigo book.

    Even still the art (except for the fighting bits) were pretty good. Given that this was talking heads most of the issue.

  36. I’ll give Vertigo a lot of credit here.  I picked it up just because of the pricetag, and now I’m most likely in for at least the first arc.

    They’re doing the same thing with Greek Street in June.  What a great business model

  37. you know, it’s also a play on the fact that A. A. Milne based the character of Christopher Robins on his actual son in the Winny the Pooh books. Agruing that this is a simple derivative rip off of Harry Potter is pretty myopic.

    @Paul: i realise that there are numerous Superhero books in the comics market but a feel like sighting Orsan Welles’ story about the scorpion and the bear – that’s just the nature of things. However, does it not seem like the folks at Vertigo are recycling the Fictional character becoming self-aware concept? Animal Man, Fables, Sandman and i’m sure there are other titles i’m not aware of. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just a thing

  38. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I think it goes with the territory of cognitive science and god science being hot button issues in today’s culture. I just look at meta fiction as another branch of science fiction (literature or the communal concept of literature is another frontier like outer space or alternate dimensions). You can do it well or you can do it poorly. Personally, I think it’s interesting stuff. I don’t know if this particular story was something that could have been done previously because the magnitude of the cult around Harry Potter is pretty rare. 

    As for it being a "pat on the back"….All writing is a pat on the back. I’d hope that writers think they’re clever and that they have some kind of insight worth sharing. Otherwise they’re wasting my time as a reader. If you look at thins kind of story as another kind of speculative fiction or fantasy, it’s just saying "Did you ever think of this?" Which is kind of cocky, but a lot of the time it’s kind of worth asking.   

  39. I just think it’s weird Vertigo is doing two comics with almost the same premise. Except that Fables is about classic myths/stories going into the real world. While this comic takes a look at a certain type of story that’s merging with the real world.

    But then again I guess you could say all superhero books are kinda the same thing. You just need interesting characters and stories to make them unqiue.

  40. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    A fable and a "classic myth" are two different things.  

    Your second graph is right on.  

  41. @Paul: Doesnt Fables have both Grimm Fairy Tales and classic mythological character in them? That’s what I was getting at.

  42. I enjoyed it.  $1 well spent.  I’ll give the next issue a shot

  43. Well, this was pretty good, even if I was a little taken out by the main guy going along with everything that was happening to him at the end so easily. But I’ll definitely be getting issue #2


    Just to comment on your saying this is about a fictional character becomming self-aware, I know it’s too early to tell, but my impression was that it wasn’t just a fictional character becomming aware of himself in his fictional setting (a la Animal Man), but a fictional character becomming so believed in that he somehow becomes corporeal in the real world. In which case, I guess the Sandman comparison is pretty apt. Then again, I might be dead wrong about the concept.

  44. This was really, really great. 4 or 5 stars all the way, I’m leaning 5 right now.

    Can’t wait to see where it goes.

  45. Shakespeare was doing the metatheatrical thing long before Sandman and Fables.

    What a bunch of hacks.

    I’ve read Sandman and Fables and this story did not feel the same.

  46. I’m in love with this book.

  47. I started reading this DEAD-TIRED last night after a long day and it actually managed to pull me out of how tired I was and had me riveted.

    I LOVED IT!!! 

     Can’t wait to see where it goes next! l:D

  48. I quite liked it.  Anyone complaining about the whole Harry Potter thing is just looking for something to complain about.  I think it’s fitting as this title would be a great vehicle for Carey to look at the whole Potter phenomenon and the idea of something being believed in so much that it becomes real.  It reminded me of John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness, which is about a horror writer whose books sell more that The Bible and thus his books start becoming reality as more people believe in those.  So really, you could complain that this is a rip-off of Carpenter’s movie, which I’m sure has also been done before, rather than using the Harry Potter excuse.  The Harry Potter-esque character is merely there for us to relate to, seeing as those books have sold so many and the boy in spectacles is also a common character (it even states that, citing Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic and even Gaiman will say he took that type of character from somewhere else).  It isn’t so much where Carey gets his ideas from, but where he goes with them and this looks quite promising.  I’m definitely in.

  49. dug it. dug it a lot.

  50. what the fuck does a peace symbol turned on it’s side mean?

  51. Art was very uninspired.  And the villain?!!  C’mon, that was ridiculous.  Dropped.  Painful.

  52. This was simply amazing.  I’m really glad my LCS re-ordered issue #1.  I picked it up this week and was blown away.  It really has nothing to do Harry Potter and everything to do with the meta-narrative that society creates to explain the world.  That particular topic gives me a mental stiffy.  I cannot wait to see where this book goes. 

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