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‘The Five Lights,” part 2 of 5.

The fallout of Second Coming is still taking its toll on the X-Men. Marvel can’t tell you anything else until the end of Second Coming!

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Whilce Portacio & Leonard Kirk
Cover by Terry Dodson

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. I hope this arc is as fun as the first part.  I may have to start buying X-books on a regular basis.

  2. Been a good book, but I wish Dodson were doing interiors instead of Portacio.  Portacio makes these characters look so ugly.

  3. I have to say, despite my bad reaction to Second Coming, I’m really coming around on Fraction’s Uncanny. The Kitty issue and this one have felt a lot more steamlined and have a direction. Uncanny always seemed to be meandering between Messiah Complex and Second Coming.

  4. @prax: Agreed. Everything between MC and SC just kind of felt like killing time. Uncanny is really starting to feel like it has some direction now.

  5. Portacio and Kirk? interesting…

  6. I am starting to think Namor has a thing for blondes. I may be late to that realization.

    I thought last issue had a very clunky story, with Hope going up to Alaska so Cypher could do an internet search there that Cyclops had already done. And then Angel and Iceman were overwhelmed by a single, sick girl jumping off a building. On a plus note it didn’t have a ny of the characterization clunkers that Fraction is becoming notorious for (to me anyway). That may be forward progress, but I would still like to see someone else take the X-reins.

  7. …so they jumped the fucking price? Are you fucking kidding me? This might just steer me away from ALL x-books for awhile

  8. Does anyone know if Coipel is doing a backup in this one too?

  9. @raboogie Unless it’s specified, I doubt it.

  10. Portacio = no pull. 

  11. @RaBoogie- I’m wondering if Kirk might be doing a backup here.  maybe just switching off on scenes.

  12. @mikeandzod: if that’s how you feel about $3.99 books, I’d prepare yourself for no longer be reading comics about a year from now.

  13. I liked it. It seems like marvel is in kind of a semi-rebirth for me. Producing a lot of books that do exactly what I want the books to do. Nothing ground breaking, but going to the tried and true formula that makes me happy

  14. Man this is the fugliest book of the week. How can Marvel let this art on one of their flagship titles?? I didn’t buy it because as I flipped through it it just looked terrible.

  15. @ResurrectionFlan Thank You! I keep feeling like I’m the only who feels this way.

    Marvel and the X-Men have a thing for great cover art, but terrible and I mean terrible interior art.

  16. I’ve read Xmen a long time so I know Emma’s past. Despite that, didn’t it seem like she suddenly ratchted up the b*tchiness? she’s been somewhat rational the last few arcs, this seem a bit overly intense to me. The butta face depiction didn’t help either.

  17. I love that I now know that Namor is a sushi connoisseur. It’s almost as great as knowing that Magneto is hip to man’s casual wear fashions.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really don’t care for Portacio drawn faces. They look kinda cringe worthy and unemotive at times.

  18. Portacio needs a serious lesson in foreshortening too!

  19. I could have done with a lot less Portacio and a lot more Kirk.

  20. DrakeDangerz pointed out to me there’s a coloring error early in the book where it looks as if Tony is drinking champagne. Among some other odd art quirks. (Why is Colossus suddenly Asian!?) 

  21. I also speculated that the reason Emma turned into a super bitch is because Tony didn’t want to sleep with her. After that scene where he switches gears and talks about team-ups, the claws came out.

  22. So the entire mutant community goes through hell, Cyclops helps save everyone and in return Emma nails Namor. Makes perfect sense.

  23. @Ramulux  Because the art sucked so bad I couldn’t tell if that was Shaw in statis or Namor post bang.

  24. New drinking game:  Drink everytime Emma sez "quite frankly" or "darling" in this issue.  You will not finish the book.  Also how many years has it been since kitty and colossus have been teen-agers?  Really, you need emma to come and tell you kitty and colossus are thinking ‘i love you’ barf….ugh, lame. 

  25. @kryptogrowl I thought that was Wolverine at the end. It didn’t make sense, but nothing else did and it was the character it most looked like. I got a Emma is wandering around thinking about all the guys she could be boffing instead of Scott vibe to the book, so maybe at the end she was mulling over a Wolverine sandwich. That was a trainwreck of Portacio art. I may not love him, but he is much better than that. He must have done it while commuting on his bicycle…

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