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  1. Ooh, Cloak and Dagger! I wasn’t going to bother with this, but I’m in.

  2. Yeah I’m super excited about those two as well

  3. I’m not really sure I read Emma’s action in the last issue as a betrayal —  Anymore than Scott running a black ops team behind everybody’s back?  Really?

    We’ll have to wait and see what happens in this issue, but I’m hoping this series is more subtle than the hype is making it out to be.

  4. Much like Scott and Xavier did, I think that Emma and Scott just have different ideas about what is best for mutant-kind right now. Agree that what she did SO FAR isn’t really a betrayal.

  5. it just occurred to me that we’ll more than likely see an X-Force vs. Dark X-Men fight somewhere in this crossover.

  6. X-Force vs. Dark X-Men is doubtfu since the x-force book would be involved

  7. I really liked the utopia one shot and I’m super excited to see cloak and daggar back in action.

  8. @oh_caroline You seem to really be taking this Cyclops/X-force thing to heart.  Is it just that you’re shocked that he could do that?  Or that you have certain expectations that he’s not meeting?

  9. I loved the first issue, hopefully this one holds up.

  10. I’m impressed with Fraction right now. Uncanny 512 was an oversized issue published on the same day as Utopia part one, another over-sized issue, both quality books, all the while maintaining a solid run on Iron Man and taking over Dark Avengers for two issues. The man is writing a lot of books and thus far it’s all been top-notch stuff. He deserves some praise, I think.

  11. Yeah guy ain’t bad.  If a DC person is paying Marvel $4 to read his stuff, then it goes to show.

  12. If you liked the last issue of Uncanny you should get the trade of fractions Five Fists of Science. Steampunk goodness

  13. @vadamowens  Yeah, it really bugs me in that (1) I don’t think such a radical character shift has been justified within in the story; Scott was always against killing and suddenly he’s all for it.  (2) I hate the way it pushed Emma onto the sidelines.  I feel like she and Scott were being written as co-leaders of the X-Men in Astonishing and then suddenly he’s running a whole team behind her back.  I totally don’t blame her for the Cabal thing.

  14. @ohcaroline I think Scott is pretty justified now. He’s turned into a realist now. His people are not long for this world and he’s going to do whatever it takes to keep them alive.

  15. Well I had no plans to buy UXM, but since this is a crossover with the avengers I’m in.

  16. @RoiVampire That’s all good and well but I have yet to see the conflict addressed in a convincing way on the page.  Scott just shows up with a plan and if anybody questions him about it he yells at them.  That’s not what I call an interesting moral dilemma. And that doesn’t address why he’s lying about what he’s doing, particularly to Emma.

  17. (I’m talking about in X-Force specifically.  I think the other books to address it have been a little more subtle but they haven’t tackled the issue head-on.)

  18. SHIT! My LCS was sold out and I hadn’t planned on putting this on my pull list ahead of time.  I just thought they would still have some!!!!

  19. okay, so maybe she IS a traitor.  But Cyke is suspiciously blase about it.  Hmmm.

  20. he’s a tactical expert.  he’s playing the game and developing a strategy for his next move.

  21. . . .and admiring the other guy’s strategy. 

  22. I’m not seeing what’s so confusing with the dynamic between Scott and Emma.  He doesn’t trust her, therefore he doesn’t tell her.

  23. I think Cyke is in on it with Emma and Osborne?  I am still on board although I thought part I was better regardless of the art.  I really like how they are making good use of the city and parts of the NorCal Bay Area.

  24. I feel this issue is setting up more of the story but I want MOAR ACTION come on I needed that fight between Colossus and Venom to be HUGE! But it wasn’t.

  25. I don’t feel as though this one held up to Part 1.

    It was still a decent 3-star book, but after being pretty impressed by the first part, this one kind of falls flat. A lot of the dialogue was odd and difficult to get through, although I typically enjoy Fraction as a writer. The art was fine, and I’m kind of wondering why Cyclops was pretty okay with most of this until the end. I’ll still be checking out the next issue, but this one definitely doesn’t give me the same feeling Part 1 did.


  26. @vadamowens  Because the notion that Scott doesn’t trust Emma enough to share leadership of the team with her completely invalidates the point Whedon was making in ‘Astonishing X-Men’, in my opinion.  I’m not saying that the subsequent writers were bound to follow that, but I am saying that Joss put a lot of work into portraying them as learning to trust each other and it saddens me to see his work ignored and trashed so quickly.

  27. That said, re THIS arc, I agree that there must be more with Scott and Emma than meets the eye.  He knows something that he isnt’ telling, I think.

  28. @ohcaroline yeah scott is way to calm about his significant other being on norman’s side. I think he and emma might be playing this together

  29. @roivampire I agree that something is amiss about Scott’s stoicism. 

    @caroline I realize that Joss tried to get that accomplished in his run, but there’s always been that splinter in the back of everyones mind about when Emma will turn back to her evil ways.  I guess that’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if she did betray them.

  30. I never really read a book w/ Dodson doing art, so I never noticed that, while a very good looking comic he makes, every background character looks like a mannequin and everyone is shiny.

    … Has Cyclops just been sitting, watching TV in costume all week? Before the 1st panel w/ Cyke, I thought, "he should have some stuble, show that this is a rough time for him" (even though he’s laughing about it… I don’t think I’d ever see an ex and think, "Hah! Dating that guy behind my back was a brilliant move!" [I know Emma & Cyke haven’t necessarily split, nor does she appear to be cheating on him in any way, but it was the closest analogy for a real life relationship I could muster]) They had him clean shaven and jovial, but later showed him in the stuble, so I’m just imagining him sitting there, drinking, never removing the costume, cursing at Emma on the TV.

  31. Yes, jovial.  That is until the kids start yelling behind him and he has to turn around and tell them to can the snappy banter in a drunken rage.

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