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Well, I do have to say I enjoy Dodson art a whole measure more than
Silvestri and his band of merry inkers, but that’s about all I can say
positive for this issue.

This is a pretty short crossover and I’m
really worried that it’s going to be a lot of set up issues.

the first part needed it to give the story a structure, but this issue
felt like Johnny Narrative again when Norman introduced the team.

like seeing Mimic again as I became a huge fan of the version of him
that showed up in Exiles, but I always thought he was a stronger
character here. The last time I remember seeing him in regular
continuity was when he was taking orders from Onslaught.

I like that
characters like Cloak and Dagger and X-Treme are getting some ink in
the book, but nostalgia for C-listers is not worth the price of

There wasn’t nearly enough action this issue, but I like the
dynamic that Norman set up.

I’ll wait and see, but if get another 3
pages of introductions I’m going to Dark Reign my foot up someone’s ass.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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