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This story does not feel like it organically grew out of continuity.  It appears to be an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of “Dark Avengers” by hoping that some fan interest will extend to a “Dark X-Men” team.  I don’t fault Marvel for trying to make money, but I just hope the creative teams can make this “brand extension” interesting and entertaining.  Namor is finally on an X-Men team because there’s talk of a “Sub-Mariner” movie, and what better way to raise Namor’s profile for such a project than to make him a member of one of Marvel’s flagship teams?  This issue is an ok start (I especially liked the joke about Wolverine’s popularity), but if a number of developments don’t take place in this story arc, I and I believe most fans will be disappointed.  I do not want to see Emma and Scott break up.  I just hope that Emma, true to character, has a fiendishly clever plan to undermine Osborn.  Likewise, I can’t believe that Mystique will serve Osborn meekly without trying to make him pay a price.  I hope that the strong characters of Emma and Namor create some friction, but that they are ultimately on the same side.  The art in this issue is serviceable.  Dodson is not a bad artist, but going from Land to Dodson feels like going from Abercrombie World to JCPenney World, when Abercrombie World is so much sexier.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I couldn’t disagree more.  So far this series seems like a logical development of the X-Men’s role in the Marvel Universe.  It’s something Jimski has talked about on the podcast — why do the X-Men always reside in their own little corner where they aren’t affected by other things.  I think this series works to correct that.

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