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  1. please please please do not give the science team more than 2 pages.  they are the fucking worst

  2. ^^^What he said

  3. Science team rules!!!

  4. Don’t you want to see Land draw/trace the porno science team?

  5. Really wish we had Dodson/(insert almost any other regular Marvel artist here) as the rotating team. I’m not a fan of Land’s "art" and I wish he would either go porn-face up some book I’m not reading or start drawing faces/bodies rather than tracing them.

  6. greg land = pass

  7. Oh what a surprise….more cheesecake.

    Why dont we call this ‘Uncanny Cheesecake’ and not try to do a good X-Men story.

    Let me know when the entire creative team if off this title (including Fraction)

  8. TheNextChampion proves his worthiness for a Darwin Award yet again.

    Anyway, as much as I dislike Land’s art the preview pages looked like some of his most consistently solid art (consistency being exactly what Land needs to make his art decent). As for the X-Club… I NEED MORE! Fraction is kicking ass on this book (especially moreso than Brubaker and just about any writer ever known for writing an X-Book) and getting past the Land arcs is absolutely worth it when Dodson comes back around.

    And TNC, why are you even bothering to comment on this book? You seem to like absolutely nothing about it. What can you possible accomplish? Nothing.

  9. @Cutty and Kory-what?  Science team is cool!  I can’t wait for them to come out wearing matching costumes and high-fiving each other.

    I love this book.

    @TNC-You aren’t reading this, so how do you know its not a good story?  Comments on books you aren’t buying are fine, but you’re just trolling right now.



  10. @drake: We had this discussion on the forums and on the last issue. I read this in the LCS when it comes out to see if it’s any good. Every time I get disappointed.

  11. anyway, art aside, I thought the Land issues were much better than the Dodson ones storywise, and it looks like they’re getting back to some of those plotpoints.  Plus Uncanny is gonna come out bi-monthly for the next 2 months, so it should really get moving

  12. @ cutty

    bi-monthly or bi-weekly?

  13. bi-weekly.  i’ll be backing away slowly now

  14. I don’t mind Greg Land’s "art" too much, but I wish he’d put some guys on his covers for a change. Way too much cheesecake for me!

  15. Greg Land is terrible, and with the sales on the book continuing to slide there’s no excuse for Marvel to keep him around. Bring in another artist to rotate with Dodson. I don’t care who it is. As for Fraction’s writing, it’s a bit hit or miss. His plots seem a bit scattered but I like what he’s trying to do in general.

  16. If I wanted to read Uncanny, and no other xbook ever, will it make any sense?  Or should I just not bother?

  17. Greg Lands art sucks donkey balls!?!?!?!…..Science team is soooooooo awesome. I would love 2 see them star in their own arc. Did Marvel change their name from "Fringe Science Team" to just "Science Team" because of the FOX TV show???????

  18. @Magnum Ya it will make sense, I’m not really reading aby other x-book and its making sense to me, for the most part.

  19. @Magnum240-I agree with Guardedmarman.  You should be able to understand whats going on here.  It stays away mostly from the rest of the books.  There are hints of the involvement of characters in other books (like X-Force) but thats it. 

    That being said, this book is doing a crossover with Dark Avengers in the Summer.  I’m not looking forward to having to pick up that book, but its all being written by Fraction so I’m giving it a shot.

  20. Can I jump in on this?

  21. @ed9121993 Yeah i would say so, the last arc just wrapped up. Collosus freed a bunch of captive russians and beast and angel formed a science team to find out how tomake more mutants

  22. My only problem with the science team is that Beast already tried this in messiah complex. He went around to the smartest and most experienced scientists he could find and came up with nothing. So now he gets some other guys together and hopes for better results? I like the story but that little point just bugs me.

  23. @parker  yeah but i never read that, plus this is a different approach, these guys are working together. it’s not beast just chatting with T’Challa for 10 pages and then leaving.

  24. I dropped Legacy since I just don’t care what is going on in that book anymore. This is going to be my last xmen book and I really have little interest in it but, I do enjoy the art.


  25. @TheNextChampion   IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE BOOK, STOP READING IT.  I hate to bust out the caps lock, but seriously. 

  26. And science team rules, though I’m mostly hoping to see what’s up with the Sisterhood.

    Plus, yeah, you can pretty much pick this series up with any issue, it’s not that hard to figure out.

  27. You guys think the Sisterhood will get into a battle of the sexes with the Science Team?  That would be awesome on so many levels and I can see Fraction going that way

  28. In my earlier post I might came off like I was being overly negative.  I’m fine with the science team, they’re just not my favorite part.

    A couple issues back, I stated that I didn’t like this book, or what Matt Fraction is doing.  But I went back and read some X-Men trades from the last few years, and I’d like take back what I said.  I think they’re building towards something big with the X-Men books, and I’m excited to see where things go.  I’m totally sticking with Uncanny for the foreseeable future.

    And yeah I agree with ohcaroline, if you want to read this book, just pick it up when a new story arc begins.  They do a good job of telling you who’s who, and with a resource like wikipedia, it’s easy as hell to get into a book, even a book like Uncanny X-men that has convoluted continuity.

  29. @drakedangerz  Huh, I just noticed the science team is all male. 

  30. @parker That’s a good point. Beast did already take this approach, and they made a huge deal about it by putting it in every X-men comic. Maybe the real difference this time is that he’s actually getting help, rather than getting the cold shoulder.

  31. Too many people smiling!

    Decent issue.  Too many plots going on though, so I was sort of confused.  But overall I enjoyed it.  I yelped when I saw that page with Psylocke.  ^_^

    And I thought Northstar was evil?  Last I saw him, S.H.I.E.L.D. was trying to deprogram him from being that crazy killer that The Hand turned him into.  Did something happen to him afterwards that I’m not aware of?

  32. I like this book, but I must admit that it is getting a little hard to follow. I am a bit of a reformed X-addict, so I always get a little nervous when X-Men interweaves four or five different plots at the same time.

  33. X-Science Team assemble !!! Formation ….. ASS 2 ASS !!!!!!

  34. @drake  Apparently Northstar and Aurora showed up in Secret Invasion?  It was referenced in this issue.  Maybe in the X-mini I didn’t read.


  36. GOD the art was bad this issue, everything from the interchangeable people to Beast’s lion face

  37. I’m imagining if Greg Land had drawn the first storyline where Madelyne appeared:

    Cyclops: It’s a miracle, she looks just like my dead girlfriend.

    Everybody else: Dude, so do half the women in this comic, what’s your point?

  38. @ohcaroline-haha, good point.  Also, I’ve been told that Mike Carey delt with Northstar in the SUPERNOVAS arc of X-MEN.

  39. fine ill grant you that a lot of the chicks look the same.  i had a hard time telling the girls apart in the sisterhood group.  but land is far from the first artist that had everyone looks the same.  the story was really good to.

  40. I really don’t like the sisterhood and I have no idea who that was that they put into that dead body (which I’m assuming was somebody close to Wolverine from his time in Japan? but then after finding out the body was stolen he went to Canada to recruit Northstar but didn’t seem to care anymore?)

    Go science team though!

    This book is kinda hit or miss with me.

  41. What the hell is the deal with the rapid hate for Fraction?!?! There has been MUCH WORSE done in this title, like Claremont’s later years, almost everything in the 90’s and especially Chuck Austin. Are you guys saying that Fraction is worse than all these examples?

  42. @cman   I’m assuming Psylocke, with the purple hair.  I think Kwannon was the Asian girl she switched bodies with at some point? 

    Interesting that Cyclops wasn’t in this issue at all.  Both Psy/Kwannon and Madelyne have a messed up romantic history with Scott, so I have to wonder if he’s the target of this in some way.  Though they’re also going after people with psychic powers, so that could be the connection. 

  43. Decent issue. Needed more Science Team, though. Not terribly excited for the ongoing story arc. Oh well. I’ve never been a big Land hater, sure it’s not original, but his art on Sojourn was quite enjoyable.  

    I will say, I never, in all my years, thought anyone would have the balls to resurrect Revanche.

  44. lot of people being whiny and bitchy, but all things said and done, it’s a good book, so says me!


  45. I think this book has been great since Fraction started. I haven’t actually looked forward to Uncanny like this in a long time.

  46. I’m sold on Fraction. It took some getting used to but I’m enjoying Uncanny again and I was so close to dropping the book.  

    @ohcaroline Isn’t Kavita Rao on the science team now?

  47. I rather enjoyed the writing in this issue.  However, with the Greg Land art (I’d say "awful Greg Land" art but that would be redundant), I had to rate it a 1 out of 5.  Dear Marvel: in the future, please provide copies of the scripts for all Greg Land books, so I can read the story without having to look at that.

  48. @Phoenixtorn  Yes, I wrote that before the issue came out.  I actually laughed when she showed up because I was like, "Wow somebody noticed there were no women on the science team!"  Not that she’s out of place, it was just kind of funny that I’d been thinking on the same lines.

  49. Maybe that’s the point, bringing back women who had a romantic attatchment to Cyclops? Could Jean be next?  Lee Forrester? Oh wait, she aint’ dead.

     @Jim- I agree with you. The Land art was distracting as always, with all of the women plastered with post-sex smiles on their faces, even during the heat of battle.  I’m no fan of Dodson, either, but I’d kill to have him do the art by himself and kick Land to the curb.

  50. I tried but I’m dropping this now. This issue had way too many mutants I don’t know or like.


  52. PraxJarvin – Why do you think it took balls to bring back Ravanche? I found her mostly forgettable and don’t care (naither happy nor unhappy) that she may have been brought back.  I think it’s kind of surprising that if anyone was going to be brougth back that it would be Revanche, but then again, that may not be what actually happened.  We’ll have to wait to see how this unfolds.

  53. Seriously, I am LOVING this book now (Land art aside). No one has done anything as fun or as interesting with these characters since the early 90s. The "science team" is a lot of fun, but it’s a small part of the book as a whole. Also, there is Northstar decently written. What’s not to love? Loads of fun.

  54. My god! That ending revelation may just have reassured my faith in Matt Fraction. Returning ______ to her original ______ is a move fans have been calling fir fir 15 years. Finally!

  55. Revanche did not return in this issue.

  56. @rwpos Revanche was a pretty despised character during her tenure in the X-Books in the early 90s, while she is a forgettable character, her ties to Psylocke make her pretty important. I’ll be honest, at times I forget Psylocke wasn’t always an Asian Assassin (Damn you, Acts of Vengeance!) because it’s been…. 12-15 years since her "British" body died. To bring back the Revanche subplot is a ballsy move because it’s an obscure, continuity laden (way back to Psylocke’s eyes in her British body not being her own from the mid-80s) subplot. It’s exactly what the X-Men is always pegged for: Obscure plot points and resurrections.

    @Theswordisdrawn We actually have yet to see that, while I’m rather certain you’re right, there’s no telling what having your consciousness forcibly transferred back into your original body after years (even comic years) of necrosis will do, she may even have a split Besy/Kwannon (Psylocke/Revanche) personality for a time. Either way, bringing back this plot point is a bit of a surprise, a nice nod to continuity, but I’m sure new readers are going "Who was the chick in the Manga outfit with the helmet on her head and why is she suddenly in a new body? What’s this to say? It’s her original body and… ::head explodes.::"

  57. @praxjarvin yeah when the ending happened i was so glad i had a base knowledge of x-men lore from reading AOA and the onslaught saga

  58. Is Revanche the same as Kwannon?

    I’m one of those fans who would rather see Lee Forrester back than Psylocke but it’s probably just as well my tastes aren’t driving comic books.

  59. So that’s why I wasn’t understanding the ending…..I knew Psylocke wasn’t always Asian from different things I had heard, but that’s the only body I’ve ever known her in.

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