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  1. This book has been spinning its wheels for too long.  #500 set the new status quo, hopefully this one gets it back up and running.  In Fraction I trust

  2. Oh wow another Hellfire group, that is totally making me want to buy this issue…….





  3. Less GL pencils, plz!

    …I’ll be picking this up anyways, tho.

  4. dropped.

  5. That’s Pixie?  Who the hell approved that growth spurt? 

    I agree. Less Greg Land.  I’m no Dodson fan, but he’s miles ahead of GL.

  6. apparently they aged pixie from little kid to budding supermodel over the past 6 months.  she’s definately getting a push to be the next kitty pryde

  7. I’m pretty sure that is the Pixie from Earth 2…

  8. So tired of the X-Men and have been for the past year. I miss house of M.

  9. I keep hearing Whitney Houston singing the theme to ‘The Bodyguard’ looking at this cover. 

  10. Cyclops sure has a wide stance in that there cover …

  11. Last issue was POTW how? lol

    Seriously this just is a lame attempt at storytelling by Brubaker and Fraction. To me, it’s easily Fraction’s and Brubaker’s worst comic out there today. But hey, they got a lot more to offer us so it’s not too bad to skip this title.

  12. @NextChampion – take it easy, they’ve got one story in the tank and it was a setup issue.  These are two of the best writers in comics today, give it a chance

  13. @cutty: Brubaker has been on this title for Months now (maybe years? cant remember)…I think I’ve given him more then enough chances.

  14. I absolutely hate Greg Land’s art but I really want to like X-Men again so I’m bearing through it…

  15. @NextChampion – I agree with that 100%, Brubaker’s run has been awful, but Fraction is on the book now and I think he’s a little more suited to writing the X-Men.  There’s a new status quo, I’m willing to give the book a clean slate and see what happens

  16. @ Aerodynamics: Nice one, dude.

    The Fraction story here was merely serviceable, but the Land art was great! I feel like I live in Oppositeville: Everyone loves Tony Daniel, I can’t stand him; everyone hates Land, I love the guy’s dynamic line work.

  17. Pro:  The last page with Nightcrawler + Wolverine.  Pure awesome.

    Con:  Wolverine beer jokes.  Okay, we get it, he likes beer.  But you don’t have to mention it every other page in Uncanny AND Astonishing.  Geez!

  18. I loved all the art in this book EXCEPT that last page.  Wolverine looks like those beers have taken a toll on his middle, and his costume looks like something someone would wear to paint in.

  19. I always feel i should like Matt Fraction a lot more than i really do. I mean, on paper he’s one of those writers that i should love, but i can’t think of a single book of his that has lived up to the hype. Cassanova was pretty good and Five Fists of Science was nice bit of LXG-Lite fud, but none of his marvel work has really grabbed me and said "YOU NEED TO BE READING THIS."

    At this point i’m considering giving up on x-men alltogether given how dull x-men legacy has been. Gimmie my morrison omnibus and my Ashtionishing trades and i’ll be happy with that.

  20. Anyone else get a 1950s Israel thing from this book? I never thought about how the post-Holocaust allegory could be made quite this vividly, but the idea of a "Zion"-like homeland and Cyke’s imperative to reproduce to create more mutants sounds very much like the state the world’s Jewry was left in circa the founding of Israel. Discuss…

  21. @ WilliamKScurryJr: Wow, I don’t know about all that. Maybe reading into things a bit much?

    I’m liking this. It’s a fun read and the end was cool. Come on the fastball special through Nightcrawler’s teleport = awesome. And lets hear it for Emma Frost. Hottest chick in comics. Who do you guys think would be a good actress to play her?


  22. @jforeman I dunno, probably the porn actress that greg land traced would be a good choice.


    cheap shot i know but oh well. 

  23. this is a good book except for the things i dont like

    1. scott only talks to emma when they are in bed.  does she even leave that bed or just sit there and wait for him to come back to her everynight?  i get it  guys, scott is getting a lot!

    2. i feel the book is preaching to me.  the x-men are going green with hybrids and everything, thats cool but not important to the story at all.  so stop hitting me over the head with "we are enviroment freindly"

    3. i felt like i was reading a diffrent kind of comic book with the dominatric sceane towords the end.

    i like the idea where the story is going. beast was great for the first time in years.  and i love pixie.

    is there any chance emma may die thi arc?

  24. @CaptianJack – There is very little chance that Emma is going to die.

  25. @conor- i know.  i think she will be here for a while.  nothing more than wishfull thinking. specaly sence brubaker said that he really likes her.

  26. I’ve been reading the X-Men since Grant Morrison’s run and it’s funny that people complain so much about every writer since Claremont, including Claremont when he came back on the books…has anyone ever actually liked the X-Men in comics form?  Other than me?  I mean, I read through some of the 90’s stories and enjoyed Age of Apocalypse.  I wasn’t a big fan of that arc in Uncanny that brought Chamber back but I didn’t hate everything Austen did.  I liked Morrison’s run.  I was a little confused at Milligan’s run.  Claremont’s new run scared me a little.  Brubaker and Carey have kept me interested, and I liked Joss Whedon on Astonishing.  I’d rather have X-Factor in 2-5 titles instead of the infinite teams of X-Men(Now with MORE Wolverine!), but no one’s drawing the X-Men anime-style or making Belasco Nightcrawler’s father(I know he wasn’t, but come on, that would have made a hell of a lot more sense than the Draco storyline). 



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