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The Dark Angel Saga: Part 3

Years ago, Wolverine helplessly watched as Jean Grey, the love of his life, died before his eyes. Years later, he would lose his best-friend Nightcrawler to a similar fate. In order to save our world, can he allow them to die again? X-Force team up with The Amazing X-Men for the final push against the heir of Apocalypse, in a battle Royale that will force Wolverine to make the hardest choice of his life.

One world must die!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Jerome Opena
Colors by Dean White
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Esad Ribic

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 19.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Jerome Opena? Squee!

  2. so excite!

  3. This could come out every week and I wouldn’t mind it one bit.

  4. Remender & OpeƱa = !!!111!!!

  5. They are supposed to be doing bi-weekly releases soon. I think this is the second one this month?

  6. Opena is back yes. This book just jumped a whole another level. No offense to brooks, Tan and Ribic, but I love Opena more on this book

  7. Wow the art was so great on this issue even for Opena

  8. Wow. This book is always good but when Opena is drawing it is nearly perfect. Remender is writing my ideal X-Men comic and is nailing the characters. Fantomex continues to steal the show.

    Despite my enthusiasm for Flashpoint and the Justice League, Uncanny X-Force is easily my pick of the week.

  9. This was just wow

  10. This book has been fantastic and this issue was no exception. This beat out JLA #1 for my pick of the week.

  11. I plan to hire/kidnap Remender and Opena and have them write a Psylocke ongoing. Who’s with me?

  12. OPENA!

    This book just beat out Justice League for pick of the week.

    Don’t ever leave this book again, sir.

  13. This book is just amazing, pick of the week for me as well. Is it ok for me to be in love with Psylocke?

  14. I loved Justice League, but this was POTW for me as well. Holy Moses, Jerome was so good and I’m not even sure I fully appreciated it. The next four issues with this team are going to be monumental.

  15. This book continues to be nothing but awesome. The best X book currently. BY FAR.

    Remender might think this is no better than his Punisher stuff. But I’m sorry, Rick. That stuff was cool. But this is a whole new level.

    Really love how this team has developed. Pyslocke is a bad ass, Fantomex is stone cold, and Deadpool isn’t annoying. And the big bads really hold some weight. This is the book that I’m most exited to see where it goes.

  16. I think Opena took it to another level this issue.

  17. Dig the opena work and loved the Deadpool dialog (more than the usual crazy guy ramblings and comic puns. He actually had full fledged thoughts)

  18. Theres something so special about opena’s art on this book. Just fits so well. Remenders no slough either though of course.

  19. i’m missing something with this issue or maybe this entire Dark Angel Saga. Its nothing but blandness for me. I really don’t feel like i have a full grasp on whats going on with this storyline. hmm i’ll try reading it again maybe.

    Nice to see Opena’s art back on this.

  20. Wonder why Wolvie took so long to heal, would’ve liked to have seen him recover a bit quicker there. Loved the way Remender has Archangel handling his new status, almost like a magnanimous tyrant.

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