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The Dark Angel Saga: part 2

Trapped in the Age of Apocalypse! To acquire their salvation Fantomex must lead a team of X-Men to a distant galaxy and steal the origins of life itself from the god race known as The Celestials! On Earth, within the mysterious floating city know as The Sky, the rest of X-Force fight through an army of twisted versions of Earth’s mightiest beings as they seek a route home. If they do not succeed, and soon, Archangel will become the new Apocalypse!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Mark Brooks & Andrew Currie
Colors by Dean White
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Esad Ribic, Adam Kubert & Justin Ponsor

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Hey, I remember this book!

  2. This will be a year’s worth of these for me. Time to sit down and read them now. 8)

  3. its about time!

  4. At least we know the price.

  5. I’ve seen the cover before. It’s got Fantomex and Psylocke in an embrace.

    Not sure why there such a long delay between issues. We were getting them every 2-3 weeks, and issue #13 will be here the second week of August. Kind of bizarre scheduling.

  6. That FI issue was no subsitute. Glad to have this back

  7. whew! i thought they dropped it.

  8. The last issue had a great last page. Hope the excellence continues

  9. I thought the AoA Gambit was dead.

  10. The last page was the SHIT JUST GOT REAL PAGE. Loved this issue.

  11. Oh Remender how I love what you do. I agree with Bigben2012 the end was pretty awesome. I liked the whole Wolverine and AoA jean interaction, but felt the Fantomex psylocke stuff was out of nowhere. did I miss something.

  12. I haven’t picked this up yet, but the last issue was awesome!!

  13. Eh.  This issue was ok.  A 3 star rating for me. 

  14. They shoulda known that the Sentinel scout attacking them was going to lead to a trap, because why would the scout alert the X-Men that they knew where they were otherwise? Reminded me of when Darth Vader kills that Imperial General with a Force choke for jumping out of hyperspace too close to Hoth, thereby alerting the Rebels that they were discovered, but I don’t think a Sentinel would make the same mistake.

  15. It’s about time. That art was great, and the story was good. can’t wait for the action to kick up!

  16. a little too much soap opera for me, but started to get going towards the end. 

    The art was good, but comparing it to the first batch of issues which was fresh and exciting, this was just a run of the mill, standard comic book. So i guess i was disappointed with it in that respect. A respectable 3 stars all around. 

  17. This is the only Marvel book I’m reading right now and it rarely disappoints.  Remender’s stories and the art have been perfect.  By a close margin this issue was my PotW.

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