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  1. I feel like this has been going on for a long time.  I thought I missed an issue, but no here it is.  Did this thing get delayed or am I just impatient?

  2. Way delayed.  This has been going on forever.

  3. im ready to be done with this. I really hope at the end, my interest in anything Ultimate is revived.

  4. Someone should just delete the ‘Eiser Award winning’ before Jeph Loeb’s name.

    He anit ever gonna win that award again.

  5. For those curious like me what happens after Ultimatum:


    "Loeb also commented that Ultimates will continue as New Ultimates coming out after Ultimatum and that he and Frank Cho will be working on that series. It has also been revealed that Mark Millar, writer of The Ultimates, The Ultimates 2, and founding writer of Ultimate X-Men, will be launching an Ultimate Comics Avengers title with a rotating team of artists to include Leinel Francis Yu and Carlos Pacheco. Ultimate Spider-Man will also be relaunched after the end of the Ultimatum as Ultimate Comics Spider-Man with Brian Michael Bendis writing and art being done by David Lafuente."


  6. Wow … finally. I believe we can thank Mr. Finch for this delay. 

  7. I just want this to be over so I can contemplate whether or not I’ll be picking up any Ultimate books afterwards.

  8. Same^^

  9. I’m so excited and not even ashamed.  The Ultimate line what pulled me back into comics and I’ve been loving this story so far.  I’m actually bummed with the books all ending the way they did but I have been a big fan of this series. 

    All the delay lays at the feet of Finch, but I do love his work so its hard for me to get too mad.  

    Does anyone know which book I should read first this week?  Ultimatum of USM?

  10. Marvel tied all of the Ultimate books together to bring cohesiveness to the universe. But due to the delays, I’m having trouble remembering what happened at the ends of Ultimatum #3, UXM, and UFF. I’m not really caring as much (if at all) as I did back in January and February either.

  11. I’m buying this now just to support the Ultimate line. I have problems.

  12. Why does Loeb get continuously paired with the slow artists??  Joe Mad, Ed McG, now Cho, and I guess that Sale is in that club as well with whatever is going on with Cap: White

  13. @MisterJ: i think they’re just so dejected and disappointed with his script that they can barely bring themselves to drawn a character saying one of his wacky one-liners

  14. @edward

    I thouhgt it was because Finch was tired of drawing people needlessly dying every other page.

  15. Well, thanks to the cover of Ultimate Comics Avengers #1, we now know the Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury all survive Ultimatum.

    Oh, and this’ll be the last time I refer to it as Ultimate Comics. They should have just stuck with Ultimate ____. 

    As far as I can tell, the only to books to be starting out with the relaunch will be Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man. 

  16. The worst Marvel comic of the decade continues!!!

  17. @supertrack: Whoa whoa whoa…..Nick Fury?

    Last time I checked he’s in a whole different universe right now. How the hell is Loeb (or even Millar) gonna write him back into this?

  18. @TNC  maybe since fury keeps popping up in ultimate hulk vs. wolverine and in flashbacks in USM loeb has just forgotten that he’s gone

  19. @Roi: Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine takes place during Ultimates 2….so he has a reason to be in that book.

    It was Loeb who made Fury go into another universe….wouldnt be surprised if he forgot it.

  20. @ i know when hulk vs. wolverine takes place. that was my whole point

  21. or maybe, just maybe it gets explained in the final two issues of Ultimatum

  22. If you remember in Ultimatum #1, Doom, Zarda, and Reed are going to attempt to go get Nick Fury back. Since Zarda is from there, I guess she knows how to get back.

  23. YEAH

  24. huh. how did johnny storm end up in the amulet, what happen to spiderman and when. and when did sue get up

  25. You had to read UFF to find out about Sue and Johnny. We’ll find out about Spider-man in the coming months. Maybe even as late as August with the relaunch.

  26. As much as this book could be better, some cool things are happening. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I like how characters are dying. This is the way it should be when you put your life on the line. I loved it when Hank Pym snapped and bit off The Blobs head. Cause I would want to kill the a$$hole who was eating my wife’s corpse too. 

    I wonder where SHIELD is in this book though? With an event like this, they should be there with all the other heroes, ready to take Magneto down. 

  27. Out of curiosity, what is going on with Fury’s arm?  Is it cut off or not?

  28. @supertrackmonkey Marvel even screws up their Ultimate line events with cross-overs.  I spent this whole issue like I missed a solid part of the story somewhere.  I can’t wait for this to be over and get back to an uninterrupted Ultimate Spidey title.  Bendis had such a good groove on that book I hope he can keep it going with volume 2.


  29. what a stupid piece of shit

  30. Pick of the Week. OK.

  31. Spider-man, no body, no death.

    With a body there is doubt, but no body it’s obvious he’s alive.

    I wanna like this book but it’s got very inconsistent characterizations. Spotty art at many points and why would you send Angel in first? That’s idiotic. The heroes aren’t responding as smart as they should. I think 2 stars is being generous. 

  32. I’m totally fine with characters dying, but when that’s all you’re offering it comes off as totally unimagitive and seems like a bunch of cheap stunts.

  33. Personally I loved this book….big battles, big deaths and great art!!!  If more comics were like this, the industry would not be struggling. Comics are suppose to be fun and this this was just plain fun!!!

  34. This book ruined my day and made me remember why people don’t read comics.  If I were to leave comics this would be my Onslaught

  35. Hulk Smash Mumbo Jumbo……Jezus Christ, that’s Eisner material right there

  36. @ lantern4life – Yes exactly.  This book is complete shit.  Jeph Loeb should be fired from all comics.  Even his current ones need new scripters.

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