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  1. Interesting to see Ultimate Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man on the cover.

    Now we get to see who goes "Permanently Out of Print" in this issue 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for this read. I’m all for the change. Damn I can’t wait. 

  3. It’s been very exciting!

  4. So at this rate we’ll get the end by August right? I’m not sure if it was planned to be this long between issues or if it is a delay, but with the Ultimate X-men finale coming out this week it would make sense for the last issue to have been around now.

    Lateness/long planning aside, I have enjoyed this and I am really intrigued as to what may come from the new titles.

  5. It’s so great reading that big event book and actually having dramatic, sudden and long term events happen so quickly.  It’s been great and I’ve be re-reading the first two.  So excited for part three!

  6. i hope the delay on this book doesnt effect USM!!! I just re-read #2, and i guess im excited. I kinda just want ultimatum over to see if the ultimate universe still interests me.

  7. Does anyone know why MARVEL is releasing Ultimate Spider-man #132 and #133 on the same day (22April2009)?

  8. wow…finally its been so good but so long!!

  9. This series has been crap.  I love the ultimate universe, and this with Carey’s FF are the only runs I haven’t liked.  This is the worst.

  10. Yeah, this has been awful, but I’ve been invested in the Ultimate U. since day one, so I need to see how it ends.

  11. @ActualButt – That is exactly how I feel and the only reason I am buying this.  I usually like Fitch’s art but I am not into this.

    @KickAss – I totally agree.  I loved the whole Ult. FF series except for Carey’s bit.

  12. this is terrible. The only reason I am getting it is to confirm that, yes, its terrible, all the way through the end.

  13. This isn’t that good. I didn’t expect it to be. And the event is kinda slowing down Ultimate Spider-Man.

    But I’m with @ActualButt abd @doomwad, it’s the end of the Ultimate universe therefore I’m picking these up so I can witness it.

  14. I didn’t care much for the 1st to issue but this as picked up some.  The written in this one was pretty good and I really enjoyed the art.

  15. Ok this issue was the worst paced yet I think. I’m confused on Madrox and what his role is in this? who is he working for, are half the dupes on magenetos side?

  16. As a tool to reset the Ultimate Universe, this story line at least works. Is it an enjoyable story? Not in my opinion, but then I only read Ultimate Spiderman.

  17. so… it’s going to be one of those complete universe reboots when this is finished, right?

     they killed too many characters, yeah?


    but there were some cool scene in here

  18. Thor is my favourite Marvel character, and Ultimate Thor is the entire reason for that (mainly due to his high levels of awesome in Ultimates 2 and Ultimate Power), so I am a little pissed to see him "die" here. But, then again, it’s Thor. He’s not dead, he’s just in Valhalla. I’m sure he’ll find a way out. He is a god, afterall.

  19. I feel obligated. thats the only reason i continue to buy this book. Everytime, i start reading it trying to like something about it. But this issue was the worst so far.

     "It was ONLY personal"    –  that line gave me deuche chills.

    that kind of campy writing completely kills my love of comics. 1/5

  20. SPOILERS!!!!


    So here is a list of who is dead so far:

    Professor X






    Multiple Man

    Giant Man


    Professor Storm (Sue and Johnny’s father)


    Captain Britain and the rest of the European Supersoilders

    Emma Frost and the Academy of Tomorrow Student (excluding Havok) 





  21. Left out Daredevil. Anyone else? Possible Dr. Strange?

  22. @super: Now I am not continuing with this series. But let me ask you:

    Do most of these deaths mean anything? Did Loeb focus on these deaths and gave purpose for them to die?

  23. @ TheNextChampion

    lol…no he didn’t. Not one little bit. Only two deaths have meant anything to anyone and that was Dazzler to Angel and Wasp to Hank. Other than that everybody just yells about how Magneto has to pay.

    Some people are saying that not every death has to mean anything. I would have to say if the death of a character (not just random nobodies) doesn’t mean anything to anyone, then what was the point of them dying except to artifically increase the body count?

  24. @Parker: That’s a great point.

    I mean the site did a whole episode on death in comics….but if your gonna have a list that long of people dying…it better be for a purpose other then shock value. Also, I know it would make a comic super long if they focused all that much on many characters dying. But they should have at least a thought balloon or something that at least makes us care about the person dying.

  25. From what I have read, all the deaths will have meaning in the future of the Ultimate Universe. Books like Ultimatum Requiem: Fantastic Four, Ultimatum Requiem: Spider-Man, and Ultimatum Requiem: X-Men will all explore the deaths of these characters.

  26. Reading this thread, I at least understand a bit better why people would like the book. All I see personally is life being treated cheaply and supposedly beloved characters being treated like Kleenex.

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