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  1. Suicide is widely considered a selfish act.  It’s a decision made by those that care only about themselves.  So Hank killing himself makes perfect sense to me.

  2. I agree from the standpoint that when they roll the death list out. It is going to seem like they just did a pointless thinning of the herd and many cool, fun, likable super heroes will have been Leob-otimized without giving them the respect they deserve; A Meaningful Death

  3. Dude, what’s the matter, can’t handle death?  Like other reviewer have said… people die- some for a reason and some just die.

     Wasn’t that what the Ultimate universe was suppose to be… a more grainier and grungier depliction of the marvel universe?  Didn’t the Hulk eat people?  So when a tidal wave blasts into New York there are going to be deaths and chaos.


    I personally like the series, and would be disappointed if I start seeing parachutes after every plane gets shot down.

  4. I have no problem with death. Like I said in the review, they could have killed off even more characters, but it did not come off like theur deaths were for a reason. It just came off like they wanted somebody to die to ry and give the event more meaning.

    I wouldn’t expect there to be GI Joe style saves, that would be ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as the random deaths of characters that serve no purpose.

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