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  1. Wow. This is finally coming out. FINALLY. Eugh.

  2. It’s only been 3 months since the last one;) It still amazes me how late comics can be. A week or two sure, but months?

  3. They had so much lead time (like a year and a half) that this being late (especially this late) is insanely unacceptable. The issues came out in December, then February, then March…. Then JUNE… Then now. That’s so insanely ridiculous.

  4. oh god! what’s wrong with me?!?!? why am i buying this??????

  5. I read the first issue and dropped it. I didn’t like this one at all, the art or the story. It is a DRASTIC change from the Ultimates 1 &2, which I loved. I might pick this one up in trade but I dunno. . . . .

  6. The best part of the lateness of this book is that JoeMad had three issues in the can BEFORE the first issue shipped. And, it was a year late when it started.

    Don’t buy this book. Please. You people need to quit enabling Marvel.  And by "you people," I mean me too.

  7. I’m going to say that Joe Mad art, is worth the lateness, IMO.

  8. This is a mockery of comics. It shows no respect at all for the fan base if you ask me… and yet, I am buying it.  I love the art.

  9. didn’t somebody say that the book was intentionally delayed so that it would work better with the start of Ultimatum? I may be completely wrong but w/e. Honestly if i was reading this for the story then i’d be mad ’cause i’d be lost but i’m getting this for the art. I love joe mad’s art and despite the fact that i don’t like the choice they made with the style for the coloring, it still looks amazing. I though i’d never see a joe mad comic again so i just gonna go with the statement better way late than never

  10. I agree with you guys, we are enabling Marvel by buying this, that it’s disrespect to the fans & to comics in general (is it a comic really? Comics have a story, this is a bunch of pin ups) & I agree with MikeGraham saying "what’s wrong with me? why am I buying this?" … and after all that I’ll still buy it. I’m ashamed.

  11. Can’t wait to enjoy Joe Mad’s art like I’m 14 years old again, and can’t wait to ridicule Jeph Loeb’s ridiculous "story".

  12. I don’t like the story, and I don’t like the art – and yet I will buy it too because I am stupid.  Comic book companies love me 🙁

  13. Something I just realized is that while Mad’s work is again three months late, Tommy Lee Edwards’ book (1985) hasn’t skipped a beat (as far as I know). I dunno, I’m just…disenchanted by an extremely cartoony artist being so bloody late. It seems really disrespectful to everyone who wants to read it IMO. I’d be curious to see his workflow though – maybe he can justify such a long production period.

  14. I have hated Ultimates 3 ever step of the way…yet I too will buy it in the desperate hope it will pull out some sort of miraculous finish…or at least because I’m invested in the Ultimate U as a whole and want to be on top of things as we move into Ultimatum.

  15. I was under the impression some of the delays were due to trying to match up with the Ultimatum launch as well.

     I dont have much faith for this book to be redeemed but it’s Loeb so you know there’s going to be some kind of crazy twist.

  16. I picked up the first issue and…well hated it.  I’m not going to trash it any more than that because I honestly get tired of people posting those kinds of post every time.  Also just want to say that you should all be ashamed of yourselves for buying this!! SHAME!!!!  Its because of you that Marvel thinks this book is worth it.  😛


  17. i love the art and hate the story, but hey only one more issue to go. its like i watched a tv show for two seasons that i loved and then the network came out with 5 more episodes that suck balls. i have to finish it to find out where these folks end up but god its painful

  18. The idea that this book has been late in order to "lead into Ultimatum" is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. It shouldn’t matter. What could there possibly be in this issue (or the last one) that would have spoiled the last six months of the entire Ultimate line if they had come out on schedule? This whole "story" seems to be taking place in an awfully short fictional time-span. It’s not like issue 5 of Ultimates 3 is set four months after issue 4, or "on the Eve of Ultimatum" or anything.

  19. This is one of those books that you think is OK in the first issue and wait to see if it gets better. By the time you’ve seen how bad it is, it’s already on the 4th of 5, so you HAVE to get it, if not for the art then for the purpose of at least finishing the story. Here’s hoping Ultimatum bumps this title off the map forever if this creative team wants to continue.

  20. If Joe Mad wasn’t drawing this, I would have dropped it after 2 issues, his pencils are off the planet. But, I can’t say if I hate the story becuase a) I don’t even remember what it’s about & b) when I did remember, I didn’t follow it. Awesome.

  21. @flapjaxx I’m not sure anyone is saying it’s an excuse much less a good one, but it does make more sense for Marvel to want the last issue of this to come out a couple weeks before Ultimatum ships rather than 4 months before Ultimatum ships.

  22. this has just never felt like the Ultimates to me.  It’s a totally different team and characters wearing the other one’s skins.

  23. "This is it, the ending you’ve been breathlessly waiting for!"   The only reason I would be breathless waiting for this is because I was puking my guts out thinking about this book. This book is just a giant slap in the face to Ultimates and Ultimates 2

  24. I flipped through this at my LCS this morning.  Well…it really wasn’t that bad.  I hated the other 4 more.  It had flaws, but was ok.  Makes me interested for Ultimatum, but I probably still won’t pick it up

  25. It definitely felt rushed.

  26. you know it’s funny, i alway thought that i was in this weird state of arrested development, liking the same stupid shit i did when i was young.

     well, i am well and truely over rubbish like this, i guess i’ll go read i leather bound book now 

  27. Good Lord this was completely awful. And by completely awful I mean the art and the fact that they used Ultron were the only two redeeming things about this book. That’s it. Good Christ what the hell happened?

  28. You know what truly pisses me off?  Is that there is a good story in there somewhere.  The Ultron bits actually did intrigue me but it was too mucked with continuity errors, bad art, and tieing into a big event.

  29. Also it was completely to god damn confusing and I believe it was confusing on purpose which pisses me off more

  30. What was funny  (and I use the term loosly) was that half-assed explination as to why Pyro was there.

    "I was a good guy.  I used to be with the X-men"  Man…Loeb wasn’t even trying with that one.

  31. Wow, I started reading this and after the first page I had to stop because I couldn’t remember what the hell was going on. Why on Earth did we all buy this.

  32. @lantern4life I completely agree, and that’s what irks me even more. Ultimate Ultron could have been awesome. The Ultimates getting replaced by Ultrons could have been awesome. But no. It wasn’t. It was a complete waste of space.

  33. From Frisky Dingo:

    What is Wrong With You!?-Killface

    My parents never established boundries!-Crews

    That is the quote that constantly pops up when I think to myself why are people still buying this. Now you guys learn your lesson on wasting money.

  34. I think 80% of the people here don’t want to buy it but will anyway. This was really bad..but I’m going to buy the issue anyway. Damn. This was a joke, a stupid joke,

  35. the book I mean, not my comment.

  36. wow..this…this sucked.

  37. It’s like all of Loeb’s books are self-parodies at this point.

  38. I think Loeb’s going through this "kid in a sandbox" phase as a writer. Which you know, if that’s your cup of tea, then rock and roll, but I’ll pass.

  39. @Balefuego: People have actually been using that excuse, or at least passing. And I’m not criticizing them repeating it, but rather whoever thought that was a good excuse to begin with, whatever message board it originally came from. Ultimates 3 was originally supposed to be monthly. Originally all five issues were solicited with the fifth one ending in late April or May. I see your point about how it might be convenient in from a marketing sense if Ulitimates 3 ends just a few months before Ultimatum instead of 6 months before, but…


    Why the heck did we start seeing "Road to Ultimatum" banners on the top of Ultimates 3 #2 in Jan/Feb, then?

    I don’t think there’s anything in this issue, if it had come out on time, that would have ruined the last 3-4 months of all Ultimate comics. It just makes no sense. Is the Ultimatum series itself late, or something? The whole idea is just a logistics nightmare, trying to justify why Ultimates 3 #4 and 5 could have conceivably needed to come out when they did in relation to a hypothetical Ultimatum #1. I feel like the situation would be comparable to if Final Crisis #1 had been pushed back to January ’09 with the excuse that Batman RIP had to conclude first…. but then if the last issues of RIP get delayed, would people justify that by saying "Oh no, everything’s on track. It just has to lead into Final Crisis better." I make the comparison because I doubt Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum will have the same tangential relation that FC and RIP will.

    *deep breath*

    Dude I was totally stoked by the rad mid-’90s style art in this issue.

  40. This was my predictions for this book after issue #3 that I posted then:

    "My predictions: the Tony robots are the Ultrons gone bad–Toney as Ultron, where have we seen that?  Scarlett Witch is actually Wolverine’s daughter in some weird way, and Black Panther and Captain America are one and the same (thus Logan smelled him out)." 

    @ out of 3 ain’t bad as Meatloaf told us. 

  41. Sigh why oh why the hell did i buy this…….becuase i love Joe Mad’s art, but still if the man could for once put out a book on time….idk maybe it would be a sign of the appocalypse. Still the butler did it! really REALLY! ugh and it was " in love" with the Scarlet witch?! Why the hell isnt she allowed to have a normal realationship even by comicbook standard?

  42. Brutal…. so disjointed… the whole thing.  It’s like looking at a multi-fractured arm.

  43. Also, what about how they started the issue with the classic flashback/replay of how it all happened??? So lame. It worked for the Usual Suspects, but not Ultimates. It’s just played out now.

  44. What a mess. What does Ralph Macchio get paid for? Because this was just confusing and unsatisfying junk, and the worst part was it didn’t have to be. Millar set the stage up quite nicely for the next writer and Loeb blew it. I have no idea why he’s so popular. I mean, there are writers that I don’t like but can see why people do (like Bendis, Claremont) but I don’t get the love for him at all. He’s like reading the worst of Image when they glutted the market with derivative superhero comics.  If I could rate a book less than a star I would have.

  45. The best thing about this comic is its done.

  46. What, no one has made this pick of the week? imagine that!

  47. I keep telling you people, Robot Cap wasn’t around until the end of issue #4!!! The whole time prior to that, Cap and Panther were the same person. Didn’t anyone notice that you never see both of them at the same time?!? Cap wasn’t around during the Venom fight and in the trip to The Savage Land because he was dressed as Panther. Panther wasn’t around when Cap was wandering around the mansion because he was dressed as Cap. Get it???

  48. this is pure and simple shit. i hate myself for buying this,

  49. Talk about killing a book.  Totally driven off the rails. 

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