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  1. People want a fight?

    Fine, your gonna get a fight….

  2. @TNC-You can’t promise me a fight!  I looked at the preview and all I saw was a panda 😛

  3. @drake: Panda’s are killers man!

    See this scar on my foot? (shows big gash)…..gangland mugging last week in Philly by the Pandas…

  4. loved the twist with she-hulk in the last issue.  It’s been good fun, looking forward to the end, and I guess, this issue since it’s not the end yet…

  5. VERY excited!!

  6. this is like old school Ultimate comics.  makes me want to go and reread Ult. X-Men, Spider-Man, Team-Up, and Ultimates.

  7. @Mikeandzod21 – right on!  This book has that Ultimate magic that seems totally lost now….am hoping Millar will soon reignite the flame.

  8. Dharma Pretzels!!!

  9. haha, damn pretzels!

    So…TNC promised me a fight.  I didn’t get one…he lied 😛

    Anyways, I really enjoyed this issue.  It was a lot of fun and a great twist to Wolverine’s power.  It might not be a big old fight series, but I’m finally OK with it and am glad I stuck around.  Can’t wait for the next one!

  10. @drake: Well in the preview I read; I saw ‘A’ fight.

    Granted it’s a fight between two different species but….it’s ‘A’ fight.

  11. art was hot, but they should of called this Ultimate Wolverine AND Hulk. Not seeing much VS so far.

  12. TNC’s full of shit. get ‘im!

  13. it was nice of SHEILD to give Wolverine a toilet.  cruel joke tho, especially with those claw cuffs he had on.

  14. love. this. book.  and Yu draw the best damn panda ever.  these last two issue have been leaps and bounds better than any of the ultimate books (save Spidey and Ultimate Human) over the past two years.  i wish we could see a prolonged lindeloff written Ultimate X-Men run.

  15. Wow okay; there really was no fight in this issue. (lol)

    Well actually there was Logan vs Panda, and Hulk vs She-Hulk…..the latter being more of sex then fighting but what are ya gonna do?

    I liked this issue overall and Lindelof is certainly making up for the extreme lateness with great writing.

  16. This is the second Ult. book with Hulk having sex.  Why do we need to see this?  I mean "Hulk Horny" in the original Ultimates was funny but this is weird

  17. so if Logan can never be killed what’s the jeopardy of the next issue?

  18. @edward: The plot now seems to be Nick Fury trying to find Bruce and Betty and kill them both.

    I think Logan is going to try and save them

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