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  1. Isn’t this the one where Peter and Mary Jane do it? From the ever tasteful pen of Brian Michael Bendis – he of both the monkey f&@*ing and cosmic orgasm in Powers – it promises to be a treat for all.


  2. I can’t resist

  3. If you had to guess….do you think this issue will be included in the trades or should I pick it up now?? I’m reading this series in trades.

  4. i would pick it up, they usually trade all the annuals together, if you don’t wanna buy that then get it now


    Okay I got your attention, now let’s talk about the plot of this issue….What is it again? Oh yes: SEX!!

    Seriously though this should be a good annual. I havent been a fan of USM since this recent Symbiote arc. But this should be a nice and heart warming annual

  6. Bendis doing a chatty relationship issue?  Right up his alley.

  7. Peter and MJ take a field trip to the Bronx Zoo. See monkeys doing it. Decide to wait.

  8. @south:

    ‘Zookeeper Zookeeper! Those monkeys are killing eachother!’-Young Homer

    (Zookeepers wispers in his ear)

    ‘Oh……’-Young Homer (That joke should work for this annual)

  9. @Dez The other two annuals have been in the trades (the first and second in trades fifteen and sixteen, respectively). There’s no reason for this to not come out in trade, but you should be able to pick this up without knowing the current story and be more than fine.

  10. Yeah the USM Annuals have always been important to the ongoing title, so they would absolutley put it in the trade.

     The first annual was when he started dating Kitty, the second annual was the start of the Kingpen/Warriors story.

  11. Groovy pants this issue was.

    Also very heart warming. I actually cried a little when it came to the last page. Seriously.

  12. Ugh…the story was enjoyable, but the artwork ruined it!!!  Spidey looked like one of those horrible Superfriends toys that Mattel is putting out!! Horrible, horrible art!!!

  13. the art was weird, spidey had a huge head.  and I am sorry, but I am pretty sure we did not need to see teenage mary jane in her underwear. 

  14. i enjoyed this issue alot lafuente has a unique style that work well with the story for example look at the cafetiria scene

  15. the art was great on this if Immonen ever leaves I want this guy to draw.

  16. man, Pete is one RESPONSIBLE teenager

  17. you guys are crazy, LaFuente draws a great Spidey

  18. I think LaFuente was born to draw the runaways. after Ramos is done on the series Marvel should get Mr. Lafuente to pencil the hell out of that book

  19. this was excellent and totally in character. The kind of guy who would put on a suit and risk his life everyday is also the kind of guy who wouldn’t pressure his girlfriend into sex. awesome. Still hope peter is getting some "under the bra" action though, he at least deserves that

  20. yeah I liked the story and the story telling, but not a fan of his Peter and Mary Jane

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