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  1. If USM ends, i’m done with the Ultimate universe.

  2. It is being relaunched as Ultimate Comics Spider-man with a new number 1. It will have a time jump from the end of Ultimatum to a few months later with a drastically changed status quo.

    I’m guessing you will want to read Ultimatum #4 before this to avoid spoilers.

  3. yeah im following that piece of shit as well. (Not that USM is a piece, i love this book)

  4. Ultimatum #4 and then this?  Is that what we’re going with?

  5. I wonder if this is $3.99 because it is a little extra sized or if it is just because it’s written by the Marvel’s cash cow.

  6. Sad to see this end, can’t wait to see where it picks up (other than with Mysterio as USM new villain). I’m kinda hoping Peter and Kitty get together instead of MJ and Peter.

  7. I would read this one first and then ULTIMATUM.

  8. @Andrew: Both, possibly.

  9. I haven’t been picking up any of the Ultimate stuff and haven’t in a very long time. My pull lists are pretty full but I really have been thinking of getting a few back issues of this and maybe starting with the relaunch. Any suggestions where to start?

  10. All I’m saying is that I’ll have no interest in reading the new series if clone-girl Peter is the "new" Spidey.

  11. Bendis does continue to comment on how it ‘might be a whole new spidey’.

    And he does have a bit of a hard-on for spider woman.

  12. @Conor

    Isn’t the general rule to read the event book before any others that come out that week? Plus it talks about what happened to Spidey in Ultimatum in the solicit and nothing has happened to him in Ultimatum yet.

  13. Templar, I’m with you. I want to read a Spidey book with Peter Parker. If I wanted to read a Spidey book with Spider-Woman, I’ll go read a Spider-Woman book.

     I think it’ll be one of those things where everyone assumes he’s dead because they can’t find a body.

    With that being said, I’m almost positive Peter comes out of this to star in Ultimate Comics Spider-man #1.  With his first villain being Mysterio.  

  14. @Parker: There really isn’t a general rule. Trust me here and read this one first.

  15. @conor Ok important safety tip, thanks Egon


    this is why i love you guys, for little info like this, and the reign of fire references

  16. Maybe i’m alone, but fuck peter clone spider-girl. Ever since that arc, when she shows up i have absolutely no interest in that character. I’m afraid i will drop this title if shes the new USM/W

  17. @ Conor

    I will trust you oh wise one and read this first lol.

  18. I have no problem with the character, but I agree I do not want her being the new Spider-Person.

  19. I guess it’s appropriate that I am speechless with disappointment.

    What a waste.

  20. @Jimski

    ditto. This was completely unnecessary.

  21. Did everyone’s issue have no dialogue or text boxes?  It worked fine, but it did feel like watching a movie on mute.

  22. I loved it, so great. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper.

  23. @krypto: It was a silent issue.

  24. It states it in the beginning of the issue that it’s a silent issue.

  25. I liked the issue, not sure why people dislike the clone, I havn’t found a character in Ultimate Spider-Man that I dislike, I think they’re all fleshed out well.

  26. I feel like I wasted $3.99. Nothing happened in this issue that could’t have happened in the previous one. I guess it’s hard to have any sort of emotional investment in Ultimate characters because they don’t feel "real" and nothing in the Ultimate universe seems like it has any consequence even in the Ultimate U.

  27. Ho-Kay.

  28. GI Joe #21 it ain’t.

  29. I gave it a 4, which I think was charitable; on its own this was a fine issue, but as what’s supposed to be the final issue (before the next volume… which is stupid), not so much. Everyone even as slightly privy to knowledge of Ultimate Spidey’s future as I am feels no consequence in the possible loss of Peter Parker; we know he’s be back sporting some sweet Lafuente-fication in just a bit. Unless Bendis went insane and decides that Ultimate Spider-man v2 will star Ultimate Ben Reilly.

    (As an aside, I don’t dislike Girl-Peter, creepy as stating that may sound, or even Ben Reilly in concept. I think Bendis nailed how to do the clone idea by having her still out there in the Ult. Marvel universe, as opposed to claiming ‘this is the real Spidey!’ as they did w/ Reilly. </tangent>)

  30. I didn’t notice it was $3.99. Its too bad to see a classic book snuffed as "meanwhile" event-fluff. I felt like there was a lot of goodbye material in the back of the book and none in the story.

  31. Regular sized (22 story pages), $3.99, SILENT ISSUE.  RIP-OFF!!  I guess the extra dollar was for the long-assed BMB interview in the back.  After going through the silent story, there’s no way I was going to read that.  Thanks Bendis!!!


  32. @400yrs Silent doesn’t make the book a rip-off.  It was a real nice change of pace to focus on the art and really let the story flow through the pictures.  Enough of Ultimatium is typical Leob big action, noise, and deaths.  This issue maanged to tell an impactful and emotional story in the midst of all the mayhem occuring around the characters.


    Think of the silence as letting the story just slip through the holes between the big booms.  


    Plus I’m really look foward to Immomen of Avengers now, his story telling is so strong! 

  33. Yes definitely great stuff from Immomen. You knew exactly what was going on, even without word balloons. Unfortunately the whole thing still felt like a ripoff. Was it really? I dunno, but that’s how I felt in my gut.

  34. I think it would have benefited a lot if the fact that it was a silent issue was put in the solicit in some way. Atleast then we would have had a heads up and not spent $3.99 (or even the old $2.99) on a book that could be "read" in the time it takes for you to walk from the comic wall to the checkout counter.

  35. @PArker: If you’re reading a comic book that fast you’re doing it wrong.

  36. It takes me about 20 minutes to read a comic, I’m always looking at the art and facial expressions of characters***. Then I go back later that night or the next day (or two) and re-read them again. 


    *** Which is one reason I’m not to fond of Immonens’ art. All his faces look the same. Wether it’s Peter or MJ or Kitty or Gwen or even JJJ, they all have the same basic look.

  37. @conor: There’s a mini you could do.

    ‘How to Read Comics the Conor Kilpatrick Way’ 🙂

  38. Im sort of new to the Ifanboy world but is TNC always a jerk?  Conor is right, if you are reading a comic that fast, what is the point?  If you feel the urge to rush through a comic then that might be a sign you might not want to pick it up anymore since you obviously aren’t appreciating the art. 

     Comics arent movies, they are still images that are captured the way they are for a reason.  Take your time, look at them, think about each panel as its own piece of art.

  39. This was pretty good! Not amazing, but good. It takes a talented artist to do a silent issue, and Immonen nailed it.

    My only gripe was that Bendis has done silent issues before hasn’t he? I seem to remember him doing a Daredevil one a while back? As a result I feel as though while this is well done, he is not really covering any new ground as a writer here.

    An interesting exercise, nonetheless.

  40. @ludus: After being a member for practically a year, I need to realize most comic book fans have no sense of humor.

  41. Also, Conor makes a pretty mean remark to Parker by stating (in not so many words) that he reads a comic book the wrong way. But I’m the jerk by countering that remark with a joke of my own….and helping out Parker….but again, it’s been a full year as a member on here so I should know what is going to happen when posting on here.

  42. @ notahiro: I enjoyed the art and the storytelling in the issue very much.  However, the silent issue has been used too much, IMO.  I like them for storytelling about significant events such as 9/11, but that’s about it.

     Why this issue was a rip-off: 1.) the fact that it was a "silent issue" was not on the cover so I didn’t expect it going into the book, 2.) The price hike to $3.99 (always $2.99 before) for a regular sized issue with no words.  At least feeling ripped off helps me in my decision not to purchase the next incarnation of USM.

  43. @ Conor

    I do agree that if that was how long it took me to read a normal book then you would be right about not reading it "right" and actually appreciating the book. However this issue is not the norm and that is my point.

    I am more of a story guy than an art guy. Thats not to say I did not think the art in this issue was good, but you could understand this story in a very short amount of time because there just wasn’t any real substance to it. I have gone back and re-read it and it is what it is, a issue of mostly fighting and then everyone coming together.

    While I do think you can have some great issues with no words this one was not one of those in my opinion. It seemed like it was done just as a gimmick as opposed to actually being the right thing for the story.

    Also, having an issue be mostly a fight makes any book read faster as there just isn’t as much to take in. One of the reasons Spider-man in general can do that so well is because of the excellent dialogue he can have during a fight. So taking that away in an almost all action issue leaves very little to control the pacing of the issue.

    My only real point was the fact that this was a silent issue should have been either in the olicit, on the cover, or both. 

  44. I may be wrong but wasn’t Conor making a joke about a creator (I forget who at this moment, Kirkland? Grant? maybe) talking about if you read a comic in less than 5 minutes you are reading it wrong?


    I wasn’t crazy about this issue mainly because I just expected more from the last Ultimate Spiderman as we know it. According to Bendis twitter this isn’t the last issue, there are 2 more before the relaunch.

  45. @Jediaxle: I wasn’t making a joke, I was agreeing with said creator (it was Kirkman).

  46. All I know is that if you love explosions, then this was an AWESOME issue. 

  47. I’m a little confused by people stating this is a ripoff. The artistic deciison to do a silent issue was in no way a slight to the reader. It gave a chance for the reader to actually "feel" the story at their own pace. The more words in an issue, the greater the tendency is to skip the art. You’re not paying for a set word count for every issue. I thought there was some really strong storytelling going on in this ish. It was far from perfect, but it was a nice lit

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