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  1. I hope this comic is great I want it to be great So lets hope its great.

  2. Hopes are high, but I will say that I don’t appreciate it when issue #1 of a new series is sold in its solicitation as the lead-in for yet another goddamn series. Just… let’s get through this one. Let’s see how that goes.

  3. I have high hopes for this book. Real high cause Bendis rocks and the Guice nailed the art in Captain America so hope he does here. The adds for it in Ultimate Spiderman had to make you interested at least a little!

  4. So is this basically "what we should have done with the Ultimate Universe in the first place?" 


  5. Is it necessary to have read any particular Ultimate Universe books before reading this?

  6. Ultimate Team-ups 2 (I think thats the one) but only if you wanna see were all this started, I think I remember reading that in my friends wizard.

  7. @Guardedmarman It took me way too long to remember that wizard is a magazine. I thought you were saying that your friend had a wizard, inside of whom you were reading Ultimate Team-Ups 2, which I think you’ll agree is a very strange claim to make.

  8. Yes that is a strange claim to make and I guess i should have added magazine to the end, sorry about that.

  9. This is interesting after one issue.  Bendis takes 616 and blends it and comes up with good stuff.

  10. While I know, technically, Weapon X already exists in the Ultimate universe – this looks a lot more like what Ultimate versions of the Weapon X would. Art was fair to good. Story shows some initial promise.

  11. This was alot better than I expected it to be. It’s always nice to be surprised by a comic … in a good way.

  12. Haven’t picked up my books yet, but it sounds like this was a winner.  Go Bendis!

  13. Good issue…but isn’t Ultimate Hulk grey and not green?

  14. @RABinRVA – I never thought about that but you’re totally right.

    Regardless I really enjoyed this book. The art confuse me at one point but overall it was really good.

  15. @Rabinrva/Topgun-Its mentioned and joked about in other Ult. books that Hulk color changes in between grey and green. Ult. Marvel Team Up and Ult. Hulk vs Wolverine he’s green.  Ultimates and Ult. Human he’s grey.


    i am just starting to read Ultimate Spiderman I got the big 2 tpd book, and this is just cool for me, to start with this orgin series.  Different, but cool

  17. This story has potential for sure.  I am a huge fan of the Ultimate Universe and am currently collecting All 4 ongoing series and have most of the mini-series’s too.  (Ultimate X-Men is back to being good by the way, with Coleite at the helm.)  The 616 Universe is good, and the characters original storys are good for the most part but there is a lot of appeal in being able to read, understand and afford to collect all the issues in a given universe.  

    Good issues of comics are remembered by their impact moments, and when you suffer from (and yes suffer is the best word to describe it), suffer from 40 plus years of back story it is impossible to feel anything for the characters because they have died, come back, died again, fallen out of love fallen in love so many times that it becomes meaningless.  Captain America died last year and it received mainstream press because people thought it was suppposed to be a hidden message about loss of support for the government with the Iraq and Afgahny conflicts ongoing.  Most readers do not have the time or money to collect the thousand back issues that you would have to have read in order to care about his death. 

    That is my opinion, and that being said, everyone who has died in the Ultimate Universe has come back (Spoiler alert sorry) so I am going to be flamed on that point for sure, I still like it because it is manageable and the re-invention of the characters is entertaining.

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