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Should you care about this title? Well, if you like the Ultimate Universe at all, then short answer: HELL YEP.

Some stuff went down in issue #1.
2 big reveals. Nothing that effects the U.U. as it stand today, but as the title says, it’s origins, and the way I think about it.
When I put it down, I muttered “damn, that was good”.

What more do you need?

Oh, and it was great seeing Butch Guice back in action. I miss his lanky Flash.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1.  What! How are you reviewing this it’s Tue?!

  2. Umm it’s not out yet how could you be reviewed?  Are you from the future?

  3. People with Marvel subscriptions and who work at comic book stores get the books early.

  4. I want this book to be good.  Aside from Ultimate Spider-Man, it’s hard to say good things about anything in the Ultimate Universe.  Although, the first non-Kirkman UXM issue was pretty good.

    Art looks fantastic and Bendis writing Spider-Man is always welcome. 

  5. yup, i work at a comic shop called Comics & More in Pennsylvania..and we get selected books early.

    and no, i’m not from the future, i’m actually from the past, so reviewing books from the future is a bit of a paradox. it’ll be my fault when the universe melts.


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