• Miles’ journey to becoming Spider-Man continues!

• Will Miles live up to Peter Parker’s legacy?

• A mysterious figure from Peter Parker’s past returns!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Sara Pichelli
Cover by Kaare Andrews

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Seems like it’s been forever since the last issue came out. So excited for this!

    • Amen. It seems like the book with the biggest printing gap.

      I’m really gonna miss pichelli on art. One of the main reasons I bought this book.
      Anyone know why she left?

  2. I am enjoying this but there needs to be some action soon.

  3. I’m digging the slow burn. Each issue has something that’s just shocking and I really am good taking my time before a big villain comes in and destroys everything!

  4. They really need to start double shipping this book …

  5. Can we get someone besides Kaare Andrews for the covers for this book? Please?! The art on the inside is sooooooo good. This book really deserves better. Let Andrews have his Ultimates books, and give this book a cover artist that better suits Sara Pichelli. It’s like the Ed McGuinness covers that stained the gorgeous Chris Samnee art in Captain America & Bucky. Does the book no justice, whatsoever.

  6. Ya i dont know… this has been good but slow and i think i might just start trade buying this, ill have to see because i still havent commited it to my pull list but have been buying every issue.

  7. I just yanked Batgirl off of my pull because it was mediocre and I liked Babs a hell of a lot more than I like this new “-Spider-Man.” If I’m not impressed with this issue then I’m done wasting $4 a month on it.

  8. I recently did a marathon catch-up session on Ultimate Spider-Man and absolutely loved it. Bendis’ Peter Parker/Spider-Man was a joy to read and when he died it truely felt like you lost a member of your family.

    And knowing the Ultimate Universe Comics, there is no coming back from death, right?

    Now we have Miles and he is slowly warming his place into our hearts – but that hole left by Peter is a big one.

    • I wouldn’t say that, it’s just a lot harder.
      Professor X, Beast, Norman Osborn, and now apparently Scarlet Witch have been killed and brought back. Now I’m not saying that you’ll be seeing Janet and Blob coming back seeing as they were literally devoured, but “rebirth” is not unheard of in the Ultimate U.

      If they wanted Pete back, I’m sure that there would be some way to pull it off. However it wouldn’t be something done lightly.

    • I’m new the Ultimate U so have yet to read about the rebirths.

      The one thing that I really picked up from the Ultimate line so far is that this world things are a bit more “real” and serious. That makes reading these books all more powerful because events have a lasting impact.

      There is that scene in Ultimate Spider-Man when Captain America is trying to tell Peter Parker/Spider-Man that he needs to realize that being a superhero means putting your life on the line and it’s not all jokes and swinging from webs. His message gets cut short when he is called away because the renagade Ultimates are fucking some shit up over on the bridge. Couple of issues later Peter dies because of him being Spider-Man.

      hell of a job

    • Without a doubt, the Ultimate U is done the way it needs to be done. Aside from the handful of rebirths in it’s 12 going on 13 year life, there is a very serious tone when it comes to life and death. The only rebirth that has disappointed me was Norman Osborn; I understand Bendis wanting to bring the comic full circle for the Death, but it still doesn’t sit well for me. I was in denial that Bendis would actually kill Pete at first but when I realized that he wasn’t kidding and that Peter really was dead, it was powerful stuff (especially since I’ve been reading since 2000).
      Not only have I lost Peter Parker, but we’ve lost his supporting cast as well. No more MJ, Gwen, Aunt May, or Kong (of course we haven’t seen him in a while regardless). Those relationships lost hurt almost as much as losing Pete.
      Now some might say that my negativity towards Miles as Spider-Man is because I’m just pissed that they killed Pete. True, I’m upset about his death but I’ve always had full faith in Bendis. I advocated change in comics and trusted him to do a good job. As of now I’m disappointed with his work.
      I’m getting off on a tangent so I’m gonna stop there.

  9. Hmm… the book is good, but the pace is glacial. Might let a few issues build up, then read a bunch in a row.

  10. i’m with a few others about the slowness of this. I want to like it more, and i really want it to have the same magic as the Peter Parker USM. Its just not quite there for me yet. Make or break issue for me i think.

  11. Wow this was AWESOME! Finally got some action and it was worth the wait! Plus seeing all the other heroes in action was a great bonus as well. 5/5 and possible POTW for me!

  12. Officially on board. This issue was excellent.

  13. This issue removed a lot of doubts I had about the series

  14. Really excited that Miles’ spider-man career can finally start.

    Let the fun begin. Looking forward to seeing more of the Prowler, and hopefully the supporting cast will keep growing

  15. Best issue yet. That last page made me squee with excitement.

  16. Great, great book. Nice origin wrap up.

  17. While I totally loved the content of this issue (5 stars and likely POTW for me), did anyone else feel like the actual book was exceptionally thin? Of course, in a week with Leviathan Strikes everything else feels thin, but even comparing this book to my other Marvel books, it seems like there’s less paper.

    I’m sure there are 20 pages like usual, but do the Ultimate books have fewer ads or something?

  18. I dont know it was good and ive liked it but im still not loving it, not sure if its the slowness or just Bendis as a writer im just not going crazy over it like everyone else it seems.

  19. Best panel: DO you know what this means? …. It means you’re talking to girls now. It means I have to start talking to girls. Can I make it pick of the week based solely on that statement?

  20. I feel like these first 5 issues were like a giant issue #0…but spread out. I hope this means we’ll get started on some actual adventures now. I’m still waiting for the USM magic to grab me again.

  21. Why does my cover not look like this? Spidey on the flag pole cover is kick ass.

  22. Wish the art had kept the quality it had before. Sometimes you couldn’t even tell that it wasn’t all Pichelli, but sometimes it was painfully obvious.

  23. Alright, I was seriously about to drop this book until I read the climax to this arc with Electro. Bendis has bought himself another arc from me.

  24. I’m really disappointed with the art on this one. I’d rather wait a month for Sara Pichelli’s full art than to get this David Messina finishes, ugh! The story is great but it would have been better to have great art too all throughout.

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