The wait is over!! THE most shocking Spider-Man story you will ever read! Young Peter Parker has led a heroic life and tried to live by the simple and powerful philosophy that with great power comes great responsibility, but will that philosophy be enough to save him from the horror that awaits him here? This is easily the most important story in Ultimate Spider-Man history and maybe the most important story in the Ultimate Universe. Who better to illustrate it than Ultimate Spider-Man legend MARK BAGLEY, making his mighty Marvel return!!

Bendis and Bagley back together again and just-in-time!!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mark Bagley
Covers by Mark Bagley

Price: $3.99
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  1. WOW that cover is nice!  Very excited for this.

  2. Yay!

  3. Bagley’s back. I loved Samnee’s work last issue but it feels good being home again. 

  4. Woo hoo. No more prelude.

  5. The prelude was excellent, and it shipped twice a month.  😉  This will also ship twice a month in the final 2 months I believe.  Goig to be excellent.

  6. What a nice cover! The last one for #155 made no sense to me – Sinister Six when they were no where to be found inside the book?

  7. @torippu  That’s what i said. it was a great cover but i would have much rather had a samnee cover of something that happened in the book.

    this might be the best bagley cover i’ve seen in agaes. you can almost feel the speed that peter is moving at

  8. So does this make it official – that Bagley is no longer on JLA?
    He is so much better on Ult Spidey . . . 

  9. @Roi You mean you didn’t enjoy the appearance of the invisible Sinister Six last issue? They were on every page! BEing invisible! 😉

    Loved last issue, but the prelude was about an issue too long (3 issues of Mysterio and Black Cat verbally sniping at each other is only so interesting.)

  10. Aww, I miss the prelude.

  11. First time that I am getting this in a format other than trades. Just wanna get this in issues. Also my theory is that his ‘death’ is actually going to be an indoctrination into the Ultimates, and it will actually be the death of Peter Parker

  12. I wish they brought back the vertical bars that were part of the ‘Ultimate’ line. I LOVED that design.

  13. That Bagley cover rules.  It was in the back of the last Ultimate Spider-Man issue and I lost myself in it for a bit.  Ooooohh Baaaaagleeeey.
  14. dang it, now that it’s 3.99, bi-monthly and lafuente/pichelli are off and it may end tragically (if only temporarily), i might drop this and pretend the 155 was the last issue of USM

  15. Jeeze! I’m trying to cut my comic list down and I don’t need a 3.99 book to get. However Mark Bagley sends me back to cut some more. I haven’t read since Ultimate Mysterio, anything I should know before tomorrow?

  16. @diebenny  same here. i turned that page and did a fist pump because i had forgotten just for a minute that bagley was coming back

  17. @MBurnsOH  Peter and MJ are back together, Gwen, bobby and johnny are all still living in the house with peter and aunt may. pretty much it. Oh and the ultimates are going to be training peter to use his powers better

  18. Thanks.

  19. As much I hate to see lafuente/pichelli go I have to admit Bagley dominated on this! He is a master of art! It almost made my POW but Invincible was just too good this month to not give it POW!

  20. Enjoyed the book a lot.

    However, it felt more like a 616 Spider Man than the Ultimate Spider Man that I have been enjoying since the re-boot/ relaunch over a year ago.

    Also, I miss the old art team.  The return of Bagley did nothing for me. His art is great but it just felt like I had seen it before and enjoyed the new life the other two artists were channeling into the book.

    Also, warning readers: You may get a little lost.  I have been back and forth on the Ultimate line for awhile. I have not read the Ultimate Doom and the rest of that trilogy of books nor have I had any interest in New Ultimates.  Also before the reboot I had been off Ultimate Spider-Man for awhile, so obviously you know what is going on, but there is a ton of plot points all over the place that I feel like unless you were reading EVERYTHING there are going to be some missing pieces but you can still easily follow along.

    Overall: A Good Comic. Enjoyed it a lot. I tried to give it a fair shot, but I am officially on the bandwagon of Why do we need this storyline?

  21. Why do we need any storyline? To see how the hero handles the new adversity. This story is going to be crossing back and forth with Millar’s and Yu’s Ultimates v Ultimates story. It is not really self-contained, or at least that is the impression that I got from the little card that my lcs put in my bag.

    That much having been said, I really liked this. I have been purchasing the trades slowly and this is just as good as I expected it to be.

  22. As great as ever. I guess I was a little disapointed that this wasn’t THE BEST COMIC EVAR, what with all the hype from Bendis and Co., but it was an expertly written start to what promises to be another exciting storyline. Also, how much fun is it to see Bagley draw Peter with the new haircut? I couldn’t stop noticing it.

    Oh, but the connection to the Ultimates vs. Avengers thing seemed super forced. Maybe it’ll pan out to be super important, but at this point it reeks of cash-in stunt.

  23. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW DAMN MAN, Loved this issue.

  24. Well thank God, the Death of Spiderman is happening in the Ultimate Spiderman title rather than the 616 Spiderman…cause  howmuch would that suck if Spiderman got knocked off right after he joined FF filling in the Human Torch’s place?  😉

  25. Oh man this took my back to my first year reading comics. It felt like going home again. Bendis and Bagely KILLED on this so hard. I want Bagely to stay on this title again, and I’ve heard he isn’t which makes me sad because this is where his art belongs

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