What will become of Captain America? Where have all the X-Men gone? And what is up with the new Spider-Man suit? Don’t miss the final chapters of one of the most talked about Ultimate events ever.

Writer: Jonathan Hickman, Brian Michael Bendis, & Nick Spencer
Penciller: Mark Bagley, Sara Pichelli, & Clayton Crain,
Cover: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Despite the last two issues being mixed bags of great and meh, I’m really excited to see how bendis is going to introduce a new spider-man. Also it’s fun to watch these 3 writers cleaning up the ultimate universe for what I hope is going to be an awesome relaunch.

  2. This has been lukewarm but this issue could break that. This cover screams Photoshop Job to me. 

  3. There’s still entirely too many people working on this to not make it an unmitigated disaster. It’s sad though because I genuinely do look forward to certain parts of the book.

  4. Maybe the new Spidey is headless? Judging from how this cover is framed anyways….

  5. @TheNextChampion  Maybe it’s Mysterio!

    Issue 2 was incredibly disappointing and issue three was only moderately better. Hopefully this will be more “fallout” and less “advertisement for future Ultimate reboots.”  

    Still eager to check it out, though. 

  6. anyone know why Amazing Spider-Man 667 isn’t on this week’s list?

  7. @thehangman It looks like it was pushed to next week.

  8. @Highball

    marvel.com and every other source still says august 3rd.

  9. I have never read an ultimates book, but I will pick this one up, and I might be on board for the new Ultimate Spidey relaunch.

  10. @dogprod you wont be disappointed if the relaunch of ultimate spidey is anything like the last 10 years of it. Bendis writing spiderman has been by far the most consistently good comic i’ve ever read. Second place being Invincible.

  11. @thompsonlive I’m also thinking of picking up Nick Spencer’s Ultimate X-Men.  We’ll see, sounds like fun…

  12. This book has me so excited for the future of the ultimate universe

  13. This issue was MUCH more consistent than the last two! Really enjoyed it! Even the the new spider fight and reveal was great I thought the best part was Hickman getting to write about evil Reed Richards! Seriously I think the ultimate universe might get a sinister future foundation thanks to hickman!

  14. @thompsonlive  Gald to hear it!

  15. Also glad about it, too.

  16. Check out my review of Ultimate Fallout #4 at ScienceFiction.com

  17. Just like Ultimate Spider-Man 160, this book rated another “Meh” from me. I’m sorry, but the over-hyped reveal did nothing for me. We don’t know this person, we don’t know their story, etc. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. We will find out more in (another) Ultimate Spider-Man #1.

    Seriously though, if the issue is polly-bagged and Marvel announces all the new details to the press the day before, I will not buy any more Ultimate titles (and I have purchased every Ultimate title post-Ultimatum relaunch).

  18. I thought the Spider-Man story was great: 5 for art, 5 for writing. I’ll definitely continue picking up Ultimate Spidey when it relaunched. The other two stories were both intriguing. I’m looking forward to this relaunch.

  19. Hickma is writing evil, scarred Ultimate Reed Richards in this?

    I have to go back to the store.

  20. Oh god, the Hickman story was good.

  21. I love that despite how much media coverage there is for thos comic, nobody made it their potw. I read it and totally understand why, but I still find it amusing.

  22. Loved the Spidey story.  The rest … I’m in wait & see mode.  But at least it looks like they’re putting some thought into the Ultimate Universe.

  23. This should have been issue 2. This sets a good tone for where the ultimate-verse goes from here.

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