Captain America meets his ultimate nemesis — the Captain America of the Vietnam War! As new enemies face off, old secrets from the super soldier project are revealed. A hard-hitting story of one man’s quest to serve his country…and the sacrifices he must make.

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Ron Garney
Covers by Ron Garney and Ed McGuinness

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.4%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. More people need to pick this up. I am not sure why the pull list is so low!

  2. @AmirCat  Dude it’s the 6th highest pulled book on the site plus it’s still early. You gotta give people a chance.

  3. I’m so excited for this book.

  4. @RoiVampire  – haha, ok people will have their chance, but only till end of the week.

  5. Aside from the vampire related stuff, I think that I have been enjoying the Ultimate universe more than the regular universe from Marvel.  I guess that Ultimatum was just a spoonful of bad medicine that had to be taken to feel better.

  6. I read the preview and I wasn’t a fan of Captain America being a jackass.

  7. I think that is how Captain America is in the Ultimate Universe.

  8. Jason Aaron writing a story relating to an evil vietnam era cap????
    Yeah, this story likely deserves more of a marketing push than it has gotten cause it is likely too own.
    And I gotta agree with AmirCat. it’s crazy that more people on this site are pulling Brightest Day than a book like this. But I also just reeeeeeally don’t like Brightest Day personally

  9. Well Ultimate Thor has brought more ‘Ultimate’ comics in my life, and fun.

    So Jason Aaron/Ron Garney doing a Ultimate Cap mini will bring more of that. 

  10. @AmirCat  –this obviously means a lot to you, start buying extra copies and passing them out. I’ll take one! =)

  11. Can’t wait for this! Was thinking of trade waiting like I’m doing with Ultimate Thor (but still read in the shop) but since Marvel is less than fast about getting trades out (plus it’s Jason Aaron writing Veitnam Cap!) I think I’ll be picking this up.

  12. Marvel moves like greased lightening compared to DC when it comes to getting trades out. 

  13. @OttoBott  for reals

  14. @OttoBott  Generally agree, but there is an exception for Vertigo titles

  15. This was…..okay? I don’t know, something about this didn’t click for me. The pacing was weird and it really didn’t make me want to continue. But I still want to for two reasons:

    1) Ron Garney’s art is fantastic
    2) Captain America is still a dick in this universe.


  16. You had me at Ron Garney.

  17. I loved this issue, it really makes me want to tell Marvel to kick Brubaker off Captain America and let Jason Aaron take over with Ron Garney on art and Steve back as Cap.

    This was my POTW, on Cap being a asshole, to him it’s just how he talks. He is a soldier from WWII.

  18. NUKE!

  19. I thought this was excellent and almost my pick of the week.

  20. glad I decided to pick this up.  It’s the first time i’m reading an Aaron superhero book.  He writes a great cranky Cap.  The art was awesome too.  Lovin the Cap vs Cap.  I can’t wait for next issue.

  21. GIMME A RED!!!

  22. Was never a Cap fan but decided to give this a shot….VERY glad that I did! Great art, fun story, interesting characters…will pick up the next!

  23. Love it when N.Koreans are portrayed as the fascist f@#ks that they are.  Impressed by Aaron that he knew how N.Koreans punish the families of insubordinates.

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