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  1. Another great issue. Loved the clever Escher type sequence with the Trinity and I’m curious what’s the deal with Despero. The second half looks like it will end up addressing some current continuity, to boot, which is interesting. On the art side, Norton and Ordway complement each other quite well – they should absolutely be on a monthly (how about a second JSA title?). Also, this Lee triptych looks stronger than usual – I’m not a huge fan of his these days but these stand out in my eyes.

  2. I’m not sure what is going on with Despero either.

    Did you get the impression that Batman was caught off guard because the personalities/skill sets of the other members of the Trinity are leaking in and his are leaking out?

  3. *notices the pulls of each issue and laughs evilly*

    Slowly but surely, slowly but surely….

  4. @TheNextChampion – Yes, but look at the ratings.  Inverse relationship.  What does that say about the ifanbase?

  5. @Stuclach: That this is good (which is a 3 on here) and not pretty good or amazing like the ratings should be? I mean you guys have praised this book for weeks and it’s stayed at the 3 level for weeks, so I’m guessing people either thought this was just good or are close on the 2 levels.

    Hey this issue fell off the radar anyways, this had barely 100 pulls for like 2-3 straight days then people probably remembered it came out lol

  6. @stulach: Don’t you know how it works in comics? Sales = quality. Fanboys are such a rational and discerning lot that they cut right through any sort of hype and gimmickry and always manage to only support those books with strong art and storytelling. They’d never just buy things based on say, habit, a banner on the front or the fact that it’s a tie-in. Clearly we just like bad comics.

    I never thought of the fact that gaining the others’ personality traits would result in a dilution of their own individual strengths, but that’s a good call. I’m just not sure what that "Overide:X" is in reference to. I didn’t pick up the Hawkman Special that caused all that to-do about a month ago, either, so that’s got me curious, as well.

  7. @Dante: I loved the escher thing too, man I can’t imagine trying to draw those perspectives. It was really cool.

  8. @TheNextChampion – You’re trolling at this point. Next time, those kind of comments get deleted.

  9. …..what is trolling and what did I say that needs to get deleted? Sorry but I was just stating a fact on the last comment…

  10. @TheNextChampion – Average rating is 3.8, which is pretty decent rating for a pretty decent book. No one is saying this is the best book on the stands, but it’s pretty good.

  11. @TheNextChampion – Trolling is coming into a discussion of something you don’t read for the sole purpose of tearing it down and ruining it the experience for others who actually are reading it. The next time your comment will be deleted. 

  12. @conor: There’s an internet slang for everything isnt there? Well sorry for the posts, I’ve been avoiding it I just wanted to comic on the pulls….Wont happen again, sorry folks.

  13. this thread confuses me.

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