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  1. I find myself looking forward to this more and more every week.

  2. Is that a new WW costume?

  3. @JJ – Anti-matter Universe WW. She’s evil.

  4. Maybe it should be the real Wonder Woman costume.

  5. Jim Lee cover! SWEET. I hope he’s doing more. 🙂

  6. How could Batman stand a chance in this fight?  I love it when he stands up to the "powers", but what is WW’s weakness (anti-matter or otherwise)?  Supes has Kryptonite, but what can he use against WW?  Atheism?

  7. In SuperFriends the villians always just took away her lasso.

  8. This has been getting better, but I still think it is pretty average.

  9. Yea, average. It doesn’t blow me away by any margin, but this is clearly what a weekly book is all about: something clearly fun to look forward to every week.

  10. Nice Jim Lee cover – an action shot instead of a pose, too! Cool. I’m really enjoying the whole Trinity (*cough* Justice League *cough*) vs. the CSA.

  11. You know, it’s really funny – I was watching this movie the other night called DAVE and it was the strangest thing, there were other people in the movie not named Dave.  Weird, right?  I mean, yeah, the story was about Dave, but it also featured other people in his life and stuff, which is odd because the title wasn’t DAVE AND ALL THE PEOPLE IN HIS LIFE INCLUDING SOME RANDOM COP, it was DAVE, so I was mighty confused.  And I kinda wanted my money back because when I see a movie called DAVE I don’t expect to see any one else on the screen.  Unless he has a friend also named Dave, in which case that would be acceptable.

  12. Well said Conor.  My thoughts exactly.

  13. @conor – I saw a movie like that, too.  It was called "Being John Malkovich".  Oh wait, that doesn’t really work.  Good point, though.  I think Trinity has actually benefitted from the increased cast list.  This has become a very solid book.

  14. LOL Conor. That’s disgusting, I hate false advertsing like that.

    Also, if they make DAVE 2, and they stick to the script (title) and only have one person on the screen for the whole movie, Jessica Alba has my vote to play Dave.

  15. There’s a scene in here that should quiet down all of the complainers about the Justice League hanger-ons, as Superman takes on Ultraman, Superwoman, and Owlman all by his lonesome.

    This book just keeps getting better and better.

  16. This was pretty good and now I unerstand whats going on with The Riddler.  This might have been public knowledge but I was pretty damn lost till now.  This is getting better and better.  this one was a 4 out of 5 for me.

  17. The only times I don’t enjoy this series are weeks when Final Crisis is released, and that’s not to say I don’t enjoy it, but I struggle with differentiating the two thanx to their epic DCU spanning quality.

  18. I agree with you guys, this book keeps getting better & better. I’m glad we don’t pay for this comic on a per-character price! But, this is a good thing, I love the amount of DCU characters we get to see in this book, this is kinda what I expected Countdown to be.

    I missed Scotty Mac in the back-up this issue, I hope he’s back next week.

  19. Superman was awesome in this issue.

  20. Once again, Superman goes crazy! This book is definitely the one that I look forward to every week. What did I miss with the Riddler?

    @CharlieBlix, you seem to have figured something out. What is it?

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