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TORCH #4 (OF 8)

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coltrane6812/04/09NoRead Review


  1. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I like the cover. It’s like a monster attack.

  2. Great cover. Of course it’s Ross so there is bias…

  3. This has been a really good series.

  4. Wow only 63 pulls…..this series has been great people!

  5. Lotta people felt burned by Avengers/Invaders (which should’ve been half as long). Hopefully folks pick it up in trade.


  6. Creepy cover, not the typical Alex Ross.  What makes the series so good?  I haven’t heard much about it.

  7. Well, the return of the original Human Torch and Toro is pretty awesome. Added to that is a story that gives a Geoff Johns Twist to their origin that’s well-paced and interesting. Alex Ross’ love for the Golden Age is well-suited here.


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