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• It Had To Happen – Thunderbolts V. Thunderbolts!

• Years Ago, In The Wake Of The World’s Battle With Onslaught, The Thunderbolts Were Formed To Protect A Planet Devoid Of Heroes – But They Were Villains In Disguise!

• Now, The ‘Bolts Of The Modern Day Come Crashing Into Their Earliest Days – And Will Make A Decision That May Destroy The Marvel U – Or Save It! Parts 1 & 2 Of 3!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Declan Shalvey
Colors by Frank Martin
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Mark Bagley, Mark Farmer, & Chris Sotomayor

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Love the Bagley covers.

    Excited for the story, but extra excited for the interview series in the back…

  2. Last issue was a really great start to this storyline. Shalvey is killing it on art AND making his style look similar to Bagley’s. Looking forward to more of this.

  3. It’s interesting they’re celebrating the 15th anniversary just in time to re-brand the series. All in all it’s pretty impressive how long Thunderbolts stuck to it’s original title and numbering (unless there was a brief reboot I’m not remembering). It’s still a great read for now, we’ll see what happens in a few months.

    • filippod (@filippodee) says:

      It was rebooted with Thunderbolts #76 with a new cast of characters and a different concept but it was canceled with issue 81. It restarted with the old characters as New Thunderbolts #1 and ran 18 issues. Then switched back to Thunderbolts restarting the old numbering with #100. Still a great achievement and I would love it to go back to Thunderbolts at some point if/when the storynline will allow it.

    • They almost have to switch the title back at some point. ‘Thunderbolts’ sounds way cooler than ‘Dark Avengers’.

    • @filippod Ah, thanks. I think I was just getting back into comics right around when it went back to #100 so I may have missed all that.

      @wiski – Yea, it’s a way better name. I’m sure Marvel will use it again just to retain the trademark if nothing else.

  4. I’m predicting a title split and/or a reboot of Thunderbolts after the change.

    Either way, I have about a dozen or two issues of this title piled up to read, and I can’t wait for the weekend that I fianlly get the time. This has consistently been one of my favorite comic books for since Civil War. I jumped on at issue #100 and I’m sticking around till at least issue #200.

    JUSTICE… Like Lightning!

  5. This series is really losing a lot of the grab for me. I’ll stick around to see the Dark Avengers thing because I want more Skaar, but if it doesn’t wow me it looks like this is off my pull.

  6. I’ve been loving this lately — though I have yet to read the previous issue. Moonstone definitely looked her best as Meterorite. Her silver costume is too generic for my tastes.

    I think Dark Avengers is probably Marvel hoping for an influx of readers looking for Avengers-related comics. Seriously doubt that will happen. By this time next year, I hope/think Thunderbolts will be back as the title.

  7. I am not a fan of them introducing this Dark Avengers storyline with Osborns’ goons and Skaar right now, but I love the Underbolts team too much to give up on their time-traveling epic.

  8. I’m hoping they do something cool for the 175th issue and something really cool for the 200th.

    Isn’t there also some kind of anniversary for T-Bolts this year?

  9. This issue had a little TOO much exposition to get everyone on track. But the beginning with the fight and the shocking ending was more then enough for me to enjoy it. Two things that were 5 stars though: Declan Shalvey and Ghost wearing a party hat.


  10. I like the idea of this (I’m a big fan of Suicide Squad) and I liked the first issue I read (the one before last with Songbird’s vacation) but the last issue was pretty much incomprehensible. This doesn’t look much different.

  11. Yes, yes and yes. As a T-Bolts fan from ground zero this is just pure fun-times. Of COURSE they’d just hang out and be evil together!

    And man, do I find that back-matter fascinating.

  12. Man, this arc is ending on a slow thud.

  13. Finally! A 4-star issue! I was getting worried for a second there.

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