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When the Fear Itself hammer falls, The Raft is raised by one of its most powerful prisoners with a newfound weapon of the gods! Now the Thunderbolts will begin to learn the true meaning of FEAR ITSELF!

Frank Tieri, Jen Van Meter & Joe Caramanga join series writer Jeff Parker to give us all side of the story as the Thunderbolts try to hold themselves and their world together against tide of anarchy!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Kev Walker
Colors by Frank Martin
Letters by Comicraft & Albert Deschesne
Cover by Kev Walker & Frank Martin

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I really like that cover!

  2. Can Jeff Parker do wrong at this point?

  3. @Minion  not in my eyes

  4. Wait so what is right here? Parker doing a full issue or Tieri and Van Meter and others to fill in?

  5. Is there a backup story by those other people maybe?  That’s definitely a confusing solicit.  Regardless, I hope it’s good.  I think this is the only Fear Itself branded comic I’ll be reading.

  6. maybe it’ll be like the recent Brubaker Cap issues only with different writers on different scenes. or it will effectively be an anthology for the tie-ins

  7. the fear itself tie-in is getting me to buy this but I’ve heard so much praise for this book that if I like it I’ll stay on

  8. Parker and Walker are really outdoing themselves with this book. Each issue is better than the last!

  9. This would have been enjoyable if I didn’t feel like I had already read this.

  10. I know these weren’t really your typical zombies in this, but I think the idea is to not let them get that close to you.  Hard to believe a swarm like that couldn’t get at least just one nibble.

    Sweet Shocker stuff in this.  Remember him in a great episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends on Saturday mornings.

  11. Wasn’t my favorite issue. Still very good storytelling, but the story itself didn’t interest me as much as I thought it would.

    Did they just kill all of the female inmates?

  12. @Minion: It sounds like that but I just feel that isn’t possible or other comic writers won’t care.

  13. This was a great issue in my opinion.. it really captured “the feel” of the prison break, even more so than the original Raft break out that kicked off New Avengers with Bendis way back when.. Parker is on fire!

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