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  1. This crossover has been good….not great….at the end of the day I dont see what the point of this was.

    But then again that describes Deadpool as a whole 🙂

  2. Deadpool and Tasky are always a great team-up

  3. this has beena amazing. i love deadpool so much…

  4. Is anything actually developing out of this? (That is an honest question)  It seems like Marvel just wanted to put two of their hot properties together in a books, so–crossover!  I mean, they fight, they fight, they fight and then next story arc… is something else going on here?

  5. i wish this was finishing in Deadpool, those have been the strongest of the crossover

  6. I admit I’m only buying this for deadpool.  Even though I lke Diggle’s other work.

  7. @WoodenSpoonVersusShiv Now this is just speculation, but I think this crossover is just to give Andy Diggle a reason to write Deadpool. He’s gone on record saying how he loves the character and would have had him on the team if Marvel didn’t have any other plans for him, so I think Marvel is placating him by giving him the chance to at least have some fun with him for a little bit.

  8. @wooden: Well to be honest I have no idea what the point of this entire crossover was. I mean Wilson is suppose to be trying to get back at Osborn….but that has fallen off the face of the earth for a plot point of a romantic relationship with Black Widow.

    Considering what I’ve seen advance solicts for Deadpool; I got some idea on where this attack on Osborn is gonna go….But I wont spoil for all of the advance solict haters 🙂

  9.  @Wooden.  Here is my guess.

    Seeing as how the next Deadpool book has Bullseye in it.  My Theory is that The Thunderbolts lose to DP.  So Norman Decides that he’ll send One of his Avengers, Bullseye, to go after the Merc with a Mouth. 

    Which could be intersting seeing as how Deadpool & Bullseye have a history together.

  10. Many thanks comicBOOKchris, TheNextChampion, and MrPopular!  I appreciate the feedback… I really like both of the books (T-Bolts and Deadpool), but I’ve been tradewaiting on this arc. 

    MrPopular, your idea sounds good–I hope they DO lose. I mean, I hope somebody loses; I just don’t want a non-conclusion to this match-up!

  11. This crossover has been bloody terrible. Seriously. And I’m even a fan of Deadpool.

    But having barely begun his run on the title, having Andy Diggle abandon his dark and gritty tone for a new Thunderbolts team, in exchange for this fluff, what a truly Epic Fail. Such a shame.

  12. Agreed. Haven’t read my copy yet but I definitely feel that this crossover ruined the tone on Thunderbolts.

  13. Was enjoying the book until this crossover. I’m not buying Deadpool, not planning to, and I have no idea what’s going on in the parts I missed. Have dropped the book until things go back to normal. I’ll probably be back when Songbird returns.

  14. Wow, did, the artist even know deadpool?? in a panel DP’s mask get’s sliced on the top of his head, and they show hair coming out… since when did DP get hair?

  15. @MrPopular I think some of the earlier artists give him small clumps of hair at times. Though not as much as Dazo gave him, I was a little perplexed when I first saw that too. I’m just guessing its a big patch of random hair.

  16. This was kinda lame but funny at times. A couple chuckles. But if this comic don’t start kicking butt next issue…gonna have to drop this like a deuce on a Saturday morning.

  17. I actually liked this issue. It was perfect, or very good, or average, or terrible.

    It’s a 3 for me on the rating. There was some good jokes in here and I do like Bong Dazo as an artist. It wasnt the best crossover but at least we got this storyline done and Way is still writing Deadpool

  18. EDIT: Ment to say ‘wasnt perfect’

  19. I enjoyed the crossover, but definitely wanted to see Diggle keep up the gritty action he was establishing with T-Bolts.  Perhaps that can happen now.

  20. I would say this comic took about 20 minutes to write, tops. It was pure ass-water.

  21. I would like to say I’ve enjoyed Diggle so far on this title, but I haven’t.  Consider yourself dropped.

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