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Before i actually talk about the issue itself, i want to say that i enjoy Andy Diggle as a writer. His appointment to the marvel bull-pen was exciting and fresh and when he took over the thunderbolts i loved his concept for the team and the direction they were going in.
Now lets talk about the thunderbolts themselves, i’m like Josh a giant West Coast Avengers fan thus a major Hawkeye fan. When he joined the T-bolts back in the day he really helped define the team on their path to redemption. Then the book kinda lost its way and eventually was canceled after a weird experiment in fight club. The book comes back as a traditional super hero comic and attempts to bring new life to the old concept introducing new villians attempting redemption while brining back stalwarts like Mach-1, Songbird and Atlas. This new book had its moments but didn’t really gell with me then they brought back Zemo and then the civil war and then we got Elli’s hero hunters which i througoughly enjoyed espite detraction. Now with a majority of the T-Bolts as Avengers now, i was worried on what the Thunderbolts would become. Diggle introduced a black ops concept which was intresting and i saw potential in.
Now he comes the giant but, why rather then establish the team and get us invested in them would Diggle go head first into a crossover with Deadpool. It doesn’t really make any rational sense, from Deadpool’s side it makes more sense but were not going to talk about Deadpool and how its been killing this crossover. Diggle’s parts have actually be quite good while Deadpool’s have been ridcuolously hard to follow, the Taskmasters involvement wasn’t really thoroughly explained when he showed up i nthat deadpool issue but from the cliffhanger of Diggle’s thunderbolts it made perfect sense. Ron once said “Daniel Way is not a good writer”, and i thoroughly agree and his influence on this crossover and story has destroyed my faith in the new direction of the Thunderbolts

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Sorry, but you cannot blame Way for this failed crossover. Way has written Deadpool brilliantly over the past year.

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