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  1. i heart Deadpool

  2. Hmmm, this might be interesting.

    I have no interest in Deadpool at all, but I’m picking up Thunderbolts…let’s see how I fare with this part two of a story…

  3. I actually haven;t read a Tunderbolts since Civil War but I’m getting this because of the crossover.

  4. @cooper – have you read any of the new ongoing DP?

  5. @Cooper: IMO the Deadpool issue with part 1 of this story was really not that good. It had about 3 pages of story and 19 pages of crap. Hopefully Thunderbolts will make this story line bearable.

  6. Finally!!!!!

    This was suppose to be out last week but instead Marvel gave us a shitty Annual for Deadpool. I really hope Diggle can write Deadpool, cause if he cant….this crossover was all for naught.

  7. yeah dp 8 was not good and that annual was DP blasphemy. I will say it until the day i die…NEW DP READERS…DONT BASE IT OFF THAT PIECE OF SHIT FROM LAST WEEK!!!!! >=)

  8. @Fvckstick I read the first couple of issues and really had no interest. I just am not a fan of the character.

    @drummerman1126 Here’s hoping! I get the impression it’s the sort of crossover where I won’t necessarily HAVE to read it all, just if you want the full, complete story, you know where to find it.

    We shall see.

  9. no De la Torre on pencils? 🙁

    Very excited to see how Diggle write DP.  I think he will do a great job.

  10. I just realized the artist’s name is BONG DAZO

    ….Greatest name ever.

  11. haha, i read it off to my girl last night and we laughed.

  12. Eh this was okay. Doesnt hurt the crossover but it doesnt make me wanting to read anything Diggle.

    I find it ballsy that he jokes about how irrevelent the team is when it’s what….his 3rd issue?

  13. I felt that Deadpool ruined Thunderbolts.

    It completely changed the tone of a book that I was really liking from a mostly dark, "gritty" tone to a wacky tone.

    Diggle should have wrote this completely from the perspective of the Thunderbolts not Deadpool.

  14. Yeah I liked this issue, but only when I view it as an extra issue of deadpool. When taken as an issue of thunderbolts it completely kills all the momentum the past two issues had. But again, as a deadpool issue, totally kick-ass.

  15. The art was awful. The 1st page w/ Deadpool and I just wretched. Hard to follow, too; looked like Axefella (I don’t care what his name is) axed Ghost at one point when I know that’s not what happened. Too bad, I was enjoying Thunderbolts thus far.

  16. Yeah, I wasn’t so huge on art or the change of tone.  Diggle writes a good Deadpool, but I’d much rather be reading T-Bolts, especially the way the the last two issues were, and with De La Torre on pencils.

  17. I feel Deadpool was the best part of this issue.  The issue fell short really short but all in all not really a fan of the new line-up either way

  18. I think I’m dropping this book after the crossover.

  19. Wow. This was bad. Forcing the daft tone of Deadpool upon Thunderbolts was a big mistake. To say that the tones grated seriously does not even cover it.

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