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  1. I really liked Diggle on Green Arrow: Year One, so this has me curious. Would this be a good jumping-on point?

  2. this is the deciding issue on if this book keeps getting pulled for me.

  3. Looks like diggle is changing the line on the team so i would think this would be a good jumping on point.

    Plus Bullseye may be able to go back to daredevil if he gets kicked off.

  4. @Viewt: Absolutely. This is a perfect jumping-on point.

  5. Out of at least the Marvel books, this has been or almost has been my POTW every issue since I started reading it.

  6. Oh Sh*t Diggle writing it, this is going to be awsome. I’ve been like his work on Hellblazer.

  7. Ya, i’m gonna pick this up to see if i like it.

  8. De La Torre’s Art is sweeeet. Grity & Dark

  9. Love Diggle, so I’m very excited for this.  Haven’t seen this fellow’s art before though.

  10. The three advance reviews I’ve read of this have been very positive, saying that the book retains Ellis’s original vision while having a somewhat fresh personality due to Diggle.

  11. I want to pick this up, but I am trying to cut down my pull list.  Especially once Dark Reign starts, I think I might be picking up some of the new books then.  Maybe if the iFanbase recommends this highly enough before I head to the comic shop today.

  12. Diggle will keep it nice and action-packed, I bet.

  13. I was gonna drop this book after Ellis left, but decided to wait to drop it until after the Secret Invasion stuff… then I heard Andy Diggle was coming on, so now I can’t drop it… man I need more money.

  14. It seems like I missed out on a good issue. Which is good cause I dropped this because of lack of Ellis and SI was put in this series.

    But what I also keep hearing is that this pretty much spoils SI and reveals the true nature of Dark Reign. Thanks to Templar’s great review, I’m pretty much convinced this Secret Invasion stuff was filler until we get into Dark Reign……At least Thunderbolts is a readable title again…

  15. This actually didn’t feel that different than Ellis’ stuff.  I think Diggle has to tidy up its remnants before he can write it more to his style.

  16. I really enjoy Diggle on this book and am excited to see where this goes. If Gage had stayed on I would have probably droped this.

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