• Red Hulk, Venom, Elektra, Deadpool, The Punisher.

• Forget the courts, the jails, the system — this team of Thunderbolts fights fire with fire, targeting the most dangerous and lethal players in the Marvel Universe with extreme prejudice.

• Led by General “Thunderbolt” Ross, AKA the Red Hulk, this hand-picked team of like-minded operatives is going to make the world a better place…by all means necessary.

Story by Daniel Way
Art by Steve Dillon
Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco, Billy Tan, Skottie Young

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. I’m sorry but this is an awesome team! Hopefully Way won’t pooch this title too bad, im really looking forward to this.

  2. Mixed reviews for this book… may wait it out til issue #2

  3. Read some really bad reviews on this, and what I seen so far Dillon’s art style is not the best choice for this-BIG PASS

  4. Good creative team, interesting line up.

    I’ll certainly try the first issue.

  5. Man, I wanna read Thunderbolts again, but this is an easy skip for me. Plus, I heard it’s a fucking mess of a book.

  6. Punisher without a beard! They already messed up. This is like a crime against humanity or something.

  7. great fuckin’ line-up. i gotta give this a shot.

  8. Unfortunately, after 83 issues, I won’t be picking up Thunderbolts this month.

    I don’t really like the art. And the story (in the preview) didn’t grab me much either.

    I will continue to get Dark Avengers.

    What seemed like a cool team and a cool concept has become a Thunderbolts comic book I won’t buy.

    Just when they finally made it available for subscription, too.


  9. I’m curious to hear how this is. Although it doesn’t sound good so far.

  10. I’m pulling this for Deadpool.

  11. This first issue was a bit slow and was all set-up, but at the same time it was a fun and interesting read. I’m very curious as to who the mystery woman is.
    Dillon’s art is great. I don’t care what anyone says. It takes me back to when I was reading preacher. He can draw grievous head wounds better than anyone. And with this team there will be plenty of them.

  12. This was a little slow but I think they did a good job of setting up the story for the next few issues. I really enjoyed the art minus two panels where Electra just looked off. This book was average but enough to pick up #2.

  13. I liked this book. I didn’t think the art was great but I’ll definitely be pulling this for a few issues.

  14. I was really disappointed by this first issue. The art was blah, the story was blah…which really sucks, because the team sounds awesome.

  15. I had fun reading this book. I bought it because of what I heard the line-up of characters would be and I gotta say, I LOVE this line-up of characters. I hope it goes well, because Im buyin!!

  16. Easily best book of the week. Dillon is great (very specific style) Way is great. Fun book. Give it a shot. Sure beats the avengers by hickman wow not seeing what everyone one else is. Avengers was bad (and by bad I mean god awful)

  17. damn. love the line-up, but when i got to my shop tonight and gave it a thumb-through, gotta say, wasn’t at all impressed with the art. so much so that i decided to take a pass.
    HOWEVER, I did the same thing with Animal Man. 2 times and on the 3rd i fell in love after being disgusted with Foreman’s art(now i like him). never hated art so much and then did a total 180. i’ve since dropped, but those first 8-10 issues were glorious.
    perhaps i’ll revisit this in trade form if it gets better reviews. until then, fuck off Dillon.

  18. Love the line up and love the idea. The art was not to my liking and the story… Was virtually non-existent. I don’t mean to be “that nerd” here but… Wow. I am really disappointed.

  19. I grabbed this book even tho I read some really bad reviews, but to my surprise I actual enjoyed it. It’s not ground breaking stuff happening in this first issue, but I see great potential for future stories with this cast of crazy killers. As for the art it’s Dillon, and that’s that, if you hate him you’re not going to like him anymore here. As for Way I enjoyed a lot of his past stuff he did with Ghost Rider,Wolverine, and Deadpool so I’m confident this will be a fun if not guilty pleasure of mine to read.

  20. Grabbed the book on a whim because the line up seemed interesting and Dillon is good……….Just felt it was very blah and disappointing……i’m on the fence for the second issue its gonna be another spur of the moment decision

  21. This was decent, you guys are too hard on this because of Avengers #1 i think.

    Obviously way isn’t hickman and dillon isn’t opena but this was good in its own right.

    Story was decent, the art, kinda meh but at least it wasn’t Bachallo bad lol (so many half read WATXM issues because of him)

    4 stars, will pick up the first arc at least.

    • Wow, I really didn’t think I would see this much positive feedback for this book. I didn’t hate the art I just think it’s the wrong style for this type of book. Thunderbolts will need an artist that’s good with depicting action, the panels just seem too stagnate. Then in comparison to the other Marvel Now stuff that’s been releasing this was a really disappointing first issue in terms of the story. The story didn’t grab my attention anywhere throughout the book.

      I don’t know maybe it will get better but I am not holding my breath, this one will be a pass for me until I hear much better things.

  22. This wasn’t as bad as some made out but it wasn’t great. The team and the premise of the story drew me in so I’ll give it a few issues.

  23. I don’t want to say this was complete garbage, but it was pretty bad. Not like Sentry: Fallen Sun levels of bad where it’s so bad it’s interesting, but rather the boring kind of bad. No story to speak of and Dillon’s art was just bland. I think his art really works for stuff like Preacher, which I think he did an amazing job on, but his style doesn’t work for traditional super hero books. This is just a nonstarter on all fronts.

  24. I really love this team but not the Dillon and Way. I actually stopped reading Deadpool when was on it because he really changed the character. He no longer had a serious side and was all jokes. Plus Dillon has a very odd style that makes almost every character look similar. I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

  25. Wow, what a bad, bad book. I want my money back for this. With the hype and the team that they set up it should have had a better send off than this. No action, very little set up and no real explaination as to how any of these people are going to get together and why. It was pretty bad all around. With pnel after panel of no dialogue I can’t believe that Marvel would allow this to go to print. I would pass on this until the writing and art team are off this book.

  26. This book was bad. The art was actually better than the writing. That is because the writing was bad. This book was dry and riddled with cliche moment after cliche moment. People seem to be excited by the cast of characters, but that is based on what they have seen the characters do in their other books.

    When I first saw punisher, I thought it was Jesse from Preacher. BRUTAL!

    Not buying issue 2, or 3 or anything with this group of creators. Maybe they can relaunch Thunderbolts again in the summer.

  27. Dropping this quick… seems like every time the T-bolts are going a direction I like they get their book yanked out from under ’em and turned into something nasty. (Fightbolts, Orborn’s hit team, this…) The T-bolts is best when it is about a group of mixed personality types working for redeption (for the most part, and something with out even realizing it, or against their basic inclination).

    This… this is the Suicde Squad. Not the same thing…

  28. going to try Issue #2 see whats happens and decide from there. Like dillons work from preacher so interested to see how he does away from vertigo.

  29. The dynamic on the team SHOULD be very entertaining and be something like Secret Six used to be over in the DCU but things need to pick up a LOT or this is going to be a very lame book.

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